Cinematography: Brendon Costello, Jonathan Sutton, and Angel Lugo
Editor: Jonathan Sutton
Party Venue: Vie
Catering: Cescaphe Event Group
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Photography: Phil Kramer Photography
Entertainment: Bobby Morganstein Events

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January 31, 2013 in Pennsylvania, Vie, Wedding Films / Permalink

Cinematography: Matt Peck, Tamer Tewfik and Taylor Duscha
Editor: Shane Daniels
All music licensed through
Venue: Vie
Photography: Jordan Brian Photography
Entertainment: EBE Paris
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Officiant: Journeys of the Heart

Filmmakers: Dave Williams, Matt Peck, Tamer Tewfik and Brendon Costello
Editor: Jonathan Sutton
Photography: Ash Imagery
Venue: Vie
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: EBE DJs