Cinematography: Dave Williams and Tamer Tewfik
Preparations, Ceremony, Catering & Reception: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Photography: Sarah DiCicco Photography
Makeup Artist: Béke Beau

Cinematography: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Cinematographers: Dave Williams, Matt Peck, Gino Canella
Audio Engineer: Steve Rudick
Editor: Gino Canella
Event Coordinator: Kaleidoscope Solutions
Photography: Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography
Venue: Water Works
Entertainment: Atlantis and EBE
Floral: Beautiful Blooms
Hair & Makeup: Dina Alon Hair & Makeup Studio

Cinematographers: Dave Williams, Shar Adrias, Caleb Green
Editor: Caleb Green
Event Coordinator: Feastivities
Floral: Savannah’s Garden
Venue: Elkins Estate
Photographer: Susan Stripling Photography
Entertainment: Toner Sound
Make-up: Bella Angel