Stephanie and Randall
Married on 11.11.11

  • Although an email will not do justice on my sentiments, I will attempt in an email to express my thanks before we head off to our honeymoon.
Erecca and Lester
Married 5.28.11

  • It really is like our own movie of the happiest day! It really captured the moments and just the feeling of the day...almost as if we were still in it. It was fun to see those moments we had no idea you all got. Can't thank you enough!
Will and Mallory
Married 5.14.11

  • We LOVE our video! I can’t even put into words how wonderful it is and how much it means to us. You’ve both been so wonderful through this whole journey and are beyond thrilled that together we were able to make this work so we could have a video.
Orialys and Cristal
Married 4.30.11

  • Words can not express what we feel right now! That was so beautiful... and moving. The images are beautiful!!! Best wedding present EVER!!! Thank you so much!