May 11, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

What is it about New York?  More and more, New York wedding and event video clients are reaching out to Philadelphia, our city of brotherly love, to bring in CinemaCake.  Why?  First, Manhattan is a short two-hour drive for our Philly-based cinematographers and Long Island is just a little farther.  This means it is easy for our teams to get in and many times we don’t event have to charge travel fees.  Secondly, there are a LOT of New Yorkers and we’re finding that the top local filmmakers get gobbled up pretty quickly.  There is just more demand for our type of films than there is supply.

Because of this new demand, we are developing our local New York team of filmmakers, putting CinemaCake wedding films within reach of even more clients.

Camille and Jim’s Coming Soon Trailer, filmed at Bridgewaters, New York City


We don’t ‘Pay to Play.’  When New Yorkers hire CinemaCake, they don’t have to worry about the higher fees and aggravation that come along with the locals who sometimes must pay a percentage to the venue or a particular planner.  CinemaCake does not ‘pay to play’ and is proud to be a strong opponent to the payola nonsense that is common in New York.  Sure, this means that certain venues may not put us on their published lists, but the folks who do refer us appreciate the honesty of referring a company by merit.  It’s a win-win.

Courtney and Evan’s Coming Soon Trailer.  (See their entire film below)


As CinemaCake celebrates its tenth year in business, we realize our New York and New Jersey relationships are stronger than ever, so much so that I have gotten more involved in their local New York Videographers and New Jersey Videographers professional association, the NJVA.  I joined the NJVA because it has long been known as a leader in education and networking for the videographers and filmmakers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  In fact, the International Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) is holding a conference there next week!

Our CinemaCake teams are just as “at home” in your city as we are in ours, so CONTACT US and order your own CinemaCake.

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April 17, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

We have always believed that the soundtrack makes the film.  I’ll even argue that how a film sounds is more important than how it looks.  Imagine watching TV and the picture is a little fuzzy.  Still watchable, right?  Now imagine that same show with a perfect picture but constant static.  Unbearable.

So what happens with a live band?  Will the energy and great sound come across just the way you remembered it?  It helps if you start with a great band.  Check out the pipes on the lead singer of CTO’s Park Central!

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April 05, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

Recently I attended the ISES REC meeting in Atlantic City.  I was a panelist at two one-hour educational sessions.  In both sessions, I was asked to discuss how a wedding film can tie the guests emotionally to the event.  Unfortunately, what most planners in the audience acknowledged was that “wedding video” was not only seen as a low priority by some clients, but it was even expendable!

Prepared for this discussion, I of course brought along a couple of clips to show the audience.  The first clip was a Same Day Edit we did last year.  I felt this film demonstrated that there is really no better way and no better time to present the highlights of the day than that same night.  This split screen presentation we created after the event shows how the couple and some of the guests at the reception reacted to the film.  But that wasn’t the film that got people asking the most questions.  What did that was much simpler. 

I showed the following Maid of Honor’s three-minute toast.  This very simple scene turned out to be the most cherished moment of that day for the bride and groom, Holly and Bill.

After watching Bill and Holly’s clip, four different wedding professionals came up to me and told me that the “Wedding Film” just moved up their lists as one of the “Must Have” items at a wedding.

So why do some not see the value?  We ask that same question often of clients who say, “I wasn’t going to do video.”  All of us have been to at least one wedding where video cameras were in the way of the guests during the ceremony.  Recently, a photographer friend of mine told me of a wedding where three video cameras on tripods were circling the cake on the dance floor, blocking not only the guests’ view, but made it difficult for even the photographer to get a good shot.  Naturally, most people don’t want that, but it’s pretty much burned into our DNA that this is what a videographer does.  The short films I presented in Atlantic City showed everyone that a well made wedding film is a very different experience, often with guests unaware a film is being made.  It was great to see their reactions!

Even when clients do order a video, they typically are not budgeting as much for video as they are for photos.  Could it be that clients don’t want the same quality in their film as they do in their photographs?  Maybe not, but advice on what a videographer should get paid is everywhere, usually recommending that more be spent on photography.  Even is a little unbalanced with their Wedding Budget Calculator.  TheKnot’s calculator recommends 6%-7% of the entire wedding budget should be set aside for the photographer and only 5% for the videographer.

This misconception is often not realized until AFTER the wedding.  Bill and Holly admitted it would have been a huge mistake to not buy a film.  They “weren’t going to do video” until they found us two weeks before their wedding.  They certainly are glad they changed their minds now.  Check out this email we got from them:

As we began planning for our wedding, we initially thought that our pictures would be enough to take us back to our wedding night and that we didn’t need a video. But when two weeks before the wedding the opportunity arose to have CinemaCake film our special night, we jumped at the chance. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we made. At the end of my wedding night there were so many memories that I wanted to hold on to and I knew that pictures would only tell part of the story. And now that I have our film from CinemaCake, I know it would have been a huge regret to not have it. Our wedding film literally takes me back to those exact moments and emotions. You listened to the things that were most important to me about my night and made sure they were all included in the final product. It truly exceeded my expectations. I cry every time I watch it.


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