August 14, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

imageFor 30 years, human beings have been coming up with credible reasons to leave a friend’s home when they are asked, “Want to watch our wedding video?”.  “Oh it’s only an hour and a half long? That’s awesome - can we do it next time I’m here?  I have to go get a root canal.”

Some people equate ‘Longer’ with ‘Better’, but it’s simply not the case.  In fact, most of our best films have been 20 minutes or less.  Some clients order much longer films and still love them, but over the last couple of years, most of our clients have gravitated to the short film.

Short films are not constrained to telling a story chronologically or in real time.  Like most mainstream films today, our films are dense and layered - therefore more interesting to watch.  Our philosophy is that the viewer should never feel the need to “fast-forward through the boring parts”.  In our short films, every shot is carefully chosen and edited into a story that has real emotional impact.  We find that our clients cannot take their eyes off the screen when a short film is playing.  This is not a film that will be watched once a year on a wedding anniversary.  Instead, it will be watched over and over again, and shared through social media.

Another common myth is that short films don’t take as long to create and should cost less than a feature film.  In fact, more thought and effort goes into a film that time-shifts and tells a story in a non-chronological fashion.  The good news is that regardless of whether CinemaCake clients choose a short or feature film, the price remains the same.

Here are some related myths to watch for as you choose a filmmaker:

One Camera is Enough
The biggest problem with one camera coverage is that there is no way to capture two things happening at the same time.  Imagine all of the moments when the reaction is just as important as the action itself.  Take the Maid of Honor’s Speech at Holly and Bill’s Wedding as an example.  With one camera, the emotional impact of that short speech would not be there.

The Second Camera Does Not Have To Be Manned
An unmanned camera can be used as a wide shot from the balcony for example, or just a static shot down the aisle during the ceremony.  Either way, it’s unmanned so it cannot refocus, re-frame, or move if a shot is blocked.  It’s a static, security-camera looking shot that the videographer can’t count on in a pinch.  A static camera has it’s place, but it is no replacement for a human behind a camera.

See the Difference for Yourself
At CinemaCake, all of our clients get a choice of a Short Film, a Feature Film, or something in-between.  Our films are customized for each client and are always the RIGHT length.  For the clients who choose our short films, all unedited footage is delivered as well, so if one day you DO want to look through all of the footage, you can.

Please comment below with myths that you know about.

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July 10, 2011 in Behind The Scenes

In our 2008 post, The 10 REAL questions you should ask your videographer, I not only offered advice to clients looking for a videographer, but I also offered the list up for any wedding and event filmmaker to repost the list to help educate their clients.  Looking back, we realize how important this list is.  I think it’s important enough to dissect and really delve into each question.  This week, I’ll discuss #7, “May I see other clients’ movies and read what they had to say about you?”.

One of the best parts of wedding and event filmmaking is the ability to show prospective clients what they will be getting.  Almost everyone has access to a high speed internet connection and a myriad of handheld devices.  However, you must be careful to look at the final deliverable production, not just samples, recaps, and short “coming soon” movie trailers.  If the company you are considering cannot or will not show you full productions, move on.  It’s pretty simple for anyone to put together a bunch of eye-candy shots, but without looking at several full films, how can you make a wise decision?  So don’t be afraid to ask for a full production as it was delivered to the client.

Of course, it would be great to know what clients thought of their productions, too.  If a company makes clients happy consistently, they should be receiving calls, notes, emails, or even video messages from their clients from time to time.  Ask to read these letters or ask for references you can call.  In the end, a film should make clients happy about their decision to have their events documented and their stories told in a fun, creative way.

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May 17, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

imageLooking back on our 10 Real Questions to Ask Your Videographer post in 2008, I feel they are all still relevant and worthy of revisiting.  Here’s #5, “How long will it take to get my finished movie?” 

We regularly communicate with wedding videographers through various networks and forums.  Often I learn about videographers who regularly have a final delivery time of 8-12 months, sometimes even longer.  Their clients are understandably concerned that the editing is taking too long.  They worry that something may be wrong, especially when calls and emails about the status of their productions go unanswered as promised delivery dates are missed.

With a relatively quick delivery time (usually less than 12 weeks), CinemaCake clients have input every step of the way.  Each client gets a passcode that allows access to their online portal.:
Through this portal, our clients can be as involved as they want to be.  Our online questionnaires help us communicate with and get to know every client better.  Each project is assigned an online editor who values the input because it allows us to create a film that is more meaningful.

imageCinemaCake also updates a list of productions being edited so clients can follow along with the progress.  As their names float closer to the top each week, clients also have the option to view their Coming Soon Trailer.  Note: Clients who prefer complete privacy will not be listed here, nor will their Coming Soon Trailer be public.

At CinemaCake, we know that our clients’ films will be the only lasting documentary of the motion and sound of their big day.  That is why we work so hard to make it special for each client.  Clear and professional communication with our clients is critical in creating a beautiful film that can be enjoyed over and over again.

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