November 09, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

You may have noticed that our latest Coming Soon Trailers have felt lighter than air!  We have been incorporating aerial cinematography into our films for years now, and soon after the new FAA laws were put into place, CinemaCake passed the test with flying colors.  We recently got our own "birds" named Amelia and Betty White and have started using the aerial footage to help tell the whole story of our couple's wedding day.  The aerial footage we can now capture has become a real hit with our couples and it is rapidly becoming the most popular add-on to their CinemaCake Collections!  Here are our top three reasons to add aerial cinematography to your CinemaCake film!

1. Photo session fun!

Your photo session is a really fun time where you and your bridal party get to relax together before the full reception gets underway.  We often catch some of our best moments during the photo session and now we can get even more from the air!  Jeannie and David's bridal party really knew how to have a good time and created a human love chain around the happy newlyweds.  Check out the fun and more beautiful aerial shots in their aerial-centric CinemaGram trailer!

2. Amazing shots of your wedding location

One of the first and biggest decisions you make about your wedding is where to have your celebration.  It's a huge detail and will often set the style or mood for the rest of your wedding!  Our team captured the entirety of Olga and Tony's wedding weekend, including some beautiful aerial shots of their venue, Crystal Springs Resort.  From the groom's golf outing to the wedding day photo sunset, see if you can spy the aerial shots in their Coming Soon Trailer!

3. Make your day a movie!

CinemaCake films are already cinematic, but aerial cinematography will take your film to the next level!  Our drone can capture your wedding day from a new, unique perspective and help tell the whole story of your celebration, from the ground up.  Yasmina and John's CinemaCake Recap felt like a fairy tale and the aerial shots added a little extra movie magic!

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October 30, 2017 in Behind The Scenes

The CinemaCake team is stacked with some pretty talented people!  Sure, everyone here can capture and edit beautiful films, but you may not know about some of the hidden talents different team members bring forward to make our work better.  We have had team members write scripts for some of our favorite Reveal Films and compose original songs for some of our Coming Soon Trailers.  This time around we had a couple of people use their artistic ability to really spruce up the studio!  Our Post-Production Manager, Jessica, along with Dave and Sheryl's daughter, Danielle, designed and created a full wall mural for the entryway of our West Conshohocken studio. 

The entryway wall was completely blank and we wanted to create something that would not only be inviting to guests, but would also represent an iconic spot where our team often works!  To get started, they created an extensive blueprint and several color swatches to give the painting depth, while still maintaining the CinemaCake shades.  Of course, we set up a time-lapse to cover the entire creation and you can check out that film at the bottom of the post!

The idea for the mural was to bring a bit of the city into our studio and recreate a classic Philadelphia scene.  The painting portrays the view of City Hall from South Broad Street, which is an iconic spot for newlyweds to visit during their photo session.  There are even some CinemaCake Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the scene.  See if you can spot them! 

This project took time and dedication and the final product is something our team will treasure for a long time.  Stop by our studio soon and grab your photo in front of this CinemaCake work of art!

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August 22, 2017 in

When it comes to planning your wedding reception, every bride wants to make her party stand out!  One of the best ways to wow your crowd is to allow for a couple of surprises and incorproate details that no one would be expecting.  Here are 3 great ways to ensure your wedding is one that people will be talking about for years to come!

1. Put on your dancing shoes!

Every couple should take a couple of dance classes to make sure they don't resort to the middle-school-sway on the dance floor, but if you start your classes early enough you can plan something amazing!  Jackie and Steve wow-ed the crowd when they broke out into an entirely choreographed first dance.

It's not just the first dance that needs to be choreographed either!  Jeff wanted to find a fun way to surprise his new wife Lea at their Union League reception, so he reached out to a dance troupe and planned a fun surprise that no one would forget!


2. Give your bridal party (some) free reign in their toasts

One of the hardest things for brides when they are planning the perfect reception is letting go of some of the control.  You want to make sure that your day is perfect and it can be down right stressful when your bridal party excitedly tells you they have "something" planned.  Just take a breath and remember that you picked your bridal party because these are the people you trust the most and want to have around you on your big day.  Set a couple of parameters and see what they come up with!  You may even be blown away, like Melanie and Joe were during the toasts at their reception.


3. Pick meaningful songs for parent dances

As a bride, it's impossible to prioritize every detail of your day.  There is so much to plan for but you will want to make sure that you give yourself some time to honor the parents during the reception.  The parent dances can be a truly touching moment in the reception and your dear-old-dad will appreciate it if you select a song that is meaningful a lot to both of you!  When Lisa got married, she surprised her dad by picking a Tim McGraw song that was sentimental for both of them.  Her dad then pulled the father-of-all-surprises and blew everyone at the reception away!  

Did you have a fun surprise at your wedding reception?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!
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