The feeling of opening up a new Modern Luxury Magazine to full feature articles of CinemaCake couples never gets old. This season while flipping though the pages, we quickly spotted Lizzie and Zach's lavish spread, filled with vibrant wedding images by Philip Gabriel Photography. The couple's luscious and summery images chosen to show off their wedding day almost made us forget that it's nineteen degrees out. Almost...

Kim Rosen Events turned Lizzie and Zach's dreamy wedding at The Michener Museum into a reality that brides all over the city would soon bookmark in their copies of Modern Luxury. Penncora Productions' floral centerpieces and individual white roses, lit by Synergetic Sound, created a beautiful aesthetic that will influence countless future wedding floral designs.

Watch Lizzie and Zach's Collection to get the full experience of this memorable wedding day and to see the other top notch vendors in action, such as EBE Talent. To read Lizzie and Zach's feature article, go digital in this issue of Modern Luxury, here

Collection: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Betsey and Andrew were married on October 5, 2019 at the new Four Seasons Philadelphia!

Keep reading to see why you need to see the new Four Seasons at the Comcast Center in person!

Betsey and Andrew held their first look in the J.G. SkyHigh Lounge.

The lounge was a stunning backdrop for the lovely couple to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. With views stretching all the way out into the countryside, the relaxed lounge played host to Betsey and Andrew’s joyful reunion. Guests watched with anticipation as they suddenly became firsthand witnesses of the first couple to get married in this brand-new location.

As the day went on, Betsey and Andrew enjoyed spending their day in one of the most beautifully designed new venues in Phildelphia. From the guest rooms to the ballroom, shiny surfaces are everywhere at the new Four Seasons. The multiple balconies and observation decks have railings and walls constructed from clear materials, allowing a wide-angle view of the city and creating an elegant, luxury feel. This can be challenging for someone with a camera to avoid catching their own reflection, but when you have the right experience you can use the reflections to your advantage to create a dreamy, abstract feel. How did we do?

You are in the sky! The ballroom is closer to the ground, but the views from the enormous windows are awe-inspiring to say the least. Philly locals will recognize the views from the other skyscrapers in Center City, but the Four Seasons brings an all-new perspective. The city’s skyline is famous for constantly changing, and this moment has been highly anticipated by all fans of Philly architecture.

For photographer Sarah DiCicco, the new location was a welcome change of pace. As one of Philadelphia’s most highly prized photographers, Sarah has seen the city’s high-end wedding locations so many times she has lost count. It’s nice to try out something new!

All the features of the new Four Seasons have one thing in common: everything looks so clean and new! In the middle of a busy, bustling city, this hotel stands out for all the clean lines, bare surfaces, and smooth textures. Evantine Design showed why they’re Philadelphia’s premier event designer and coordinator. Evantine helped Betsey and Andrew bring out their own style into the ballroom with plenty of white roses, floating candles, and white fixtures. The chuppah was made of clear material, emphasizing the transparent, clean aesthetic. Each couple’s event will look slightly different, and the Four Seasons gives a beautiful canvas for personal style choices.

In their reception, Betsey and Andrew continued the celebration. From the first dance to the cake cutting, Betsey and Andrew were ready to enjoy having their friends and family all in one place. LA Starz Band was busy jazz up the crowd with their infectious sounds. The Four Seasons catering staff ensured that the guests had all the drinks and food they wanted. Andrew even performed a song for Betsey, who watched lovingly as her new husband serenaded her.

Later in the evening, Betsey and Andrew stepped out onto the balcony for an intimate photo session. The dizzying view of the streets and buildings below played counterpoint to Betsey’s shimmering party dress. The evening ended back inside the Four Seasons with plenty of drinks, desserts, and dancing. 

Watch our Coming Soon Trailer below!

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It's not every wedding that a famous country star shows up at a wedding, but CinemaCake has now filmed two of them.

On September 14, 2019, Dana and Matt continued the White family tradition of having a surprise country singer come perform at their wedding. No one but Lisa and Matt's father knew what booked talent would walk out on stage for both of their weddings. Total secrecy!  The suspense was killing us but it was well worth the wait. With red solo cups held high in the air during Dana and Matt's reception, a crowd of guests finally welcomed singer Toby Keith to the reception stage. Toby Keith played "Red Solo Cup" and absolutely killed it. Matt hugged his bride Dana and sang along with their friends and family and oh yeah, TOBY KEITH. Talk about a show of a lifetime. 

It feels like yesterday that we filmed Dana's brother Matt and his bride Lisa on August 27th, 2016. We didn't think any country performer could top their wedding's famous singer Tim McGraw's show, but Toby Keith definitley gave him a run for his money! It was great seeing this family follow two traditions: famous country stars and Cinemacake! 

Watch Toby Keith and Tim McGraw play personal wedding concerts to a couple of happy newlyweds and all of their cheering fans! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Reception Venue: Vie
Caterer: Cescaphe
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers​
Reception Venue: Vie
Catering: Cescaphe Event Group
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Jellyroll and Tim McGraw
Ceremony Venue: Saint Francis of Assisi
Music licensed through

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