July 02, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Amanda and Daniel were married June 1st, 2019 at The Logan Hotel

Surrounded by her sisters and bridesmaids, Amanda stood on the balcony of The Logan Hotel looking out onto Ben Franklin Parkway and Logan Square. Amanda's sisters and bridesmaids cheered and called out down below, shouting to the world that Amanda is getting married! After careful preparations with her team of experts, Amanda was dressed to the nines. Amanda headed up to Assembly Lounge, on top of the Logan for her first look with Daniel. While surprised lunch guests looked on from their tables, Daniel stood ready to see Amanda for the first time..

"Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful," Daniel said to Amanda, looking at her in her wedding dress for the first time. Beke Beau and Amanda D'Andrea certainly created a vision! 

Seats were filled at the ceremony in preparation for Amanda and Daniel's vows. Bridesmaids and guests made sure to take a quick picture in front of Jamie Rothstein Floral Design's ceremony altar, made out of greenery and arranged white roses.

Dan, there's so much I love about you, especially how much you love my big sister. I trust that you will always look out for her, always take care of her, and always recognize the greatness within her.

Amanda's sister 

Gold confetti and sparkles rained down from above on Amanda and Daniel's dancing guests, while Hank Lane Band played like rockstars. Kyle Michelle Weddings made sure every wedding vision came true for the newly married couple. There's nothing like a dessert bar with giant gummy bears to take a wedding to the next level! Sarah DiCicco was right there next to us ready to capture stunning images of every event throughout the day and into the night. 

I've always wanted a little sister, and not only did I get one sister, I got four beautiful sisters.

Daniel's brother

Congratulations Amanda and Daniel! Here's to your new family and your new beginnings! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Event Coordinator: Kyle Michelle Weddings
Hair Stylist: Amanda D'Andrea
Makeup Artist: Beke Beau
Venue: The Logan Hotel
Florist: Jamie Rothstein Floral Design
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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June 19, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Lizzie and Zach were married on June 1, 2019 at the Michener Museum. We were delighted to be a part of this wedding. Their day featured some of the wedding industry's most talented professionals working their magic to create Lizzie and Zach's spectacular event!  

Here are six reasons why we loved Lizzie and Zach's wedding day:

  1. We love the romantic feel of museum weddings. The Michener has beautiful architecture and a timeless structure to it, making it ideal for bride and groom portraits. Philip Gabriel Photography did their usual expert work throughout Lizzie and Zach's wedding day, creating and capturing those intimate moments we love to see! 
  2. Penncora Events handled getting the beautiful flower arrangements in place, making it look easy. From Lizzie's timeless bouquet of white Calla lilies, to the individual white roses that decorated tables, their attention to detail was hard to miss. And let's not forget the white rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle and the flowergirl's rose halo! Bravo, Penncora. Bravo. 
  3. Catering by Design created a four-tier cake decorated with delicate white flowers. Once the guests had spent enough time drooling over the cake, Lizzie and Zach put on what looked like a professional cake cutting show.
  4. The band had every guest up and dancing all night long with timeless classics and unexpected jams. EBE Dream Time is a skilled band that we have worked with on countless weddings. They always know how to feel out a crowd and get everyone out of their seats and dancing to the music! 
  5. An elite planner meant that every detail was thought of and planned for. Kim Rosen Events was the glue that created this perfect wedding. Her guidance, planning, coordination, and attention to detail made the day into the production it was. 
  6. Lizzie and Zach were a great couple to film. The camera loved them! Their bright smiles and even brighter personalities were a thrill to film. Can we also acknowledge the fact that their website, created through The Knot, has everything from details about their wedding day to quotes from family and friends? Check out Lizzie and Zach's page here

CinemaGram Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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June 19, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Austin and David's wedding fell on a warm spring day, the 8th of June, 2019 at The Barnes Foundation.

As Austin's father looked at her for the first time in her wedding dress, he told her 

"You will always be my little girl, but the thing that I love about you and that I've always loved about you is that you have the heart of a lion. I love your passion, your intensity, your drive."

Austin's father has lion statues with bow ties around their necks at the foot of the family driveway, and we gather that lions are a running theme in this household.

In his wedding speech, David's brother explained what makes the groom unique as one of the "Hill boys." 

"For anyone who has been around us Hill boys for extended periods of time, you'll tend to pick up on a few of our unique qualities. We have a poor sense of direction, we tend to get distracted easily, and will usually do something on a regular basis that makes our mom say 'Seriously!?'" 

We love how Austin and David work together as a couple. As they danced their first dance, smiling and laughing, it was plain to see that the newlyweds are perfect for each other. Their words and actions constantly reflect the level of commitment to each other.

Today I get to join my life with yours, as my love, as my family, as my very best friend, as my wife. I promise to love your family as my own, and I'm so thankful for all of the love and support they have shown. 

- David

I promise to love you without condition, to choose you, to choose us every day, I promise to trust and value your opinions, and to always treat you as my equal. 

- Austin

The happy couple had a touching ceremony at The Barnes Foundation, where we could literally hear birds singing for their marriage. Once the marriage was official, the two love birds danced the night away with family and friends. Our longtime friends at CTO were on site to play everyone's favorite tunes, and even get the crowd involved in the show. The florists extraordinaire of Longstem provided fragrant, pastel-colored florals to fill out the room. Constellation Culinary's attention to detail and special touches made for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Sarah DiCicco handled the photography, effortlessly capturing every loving moment between Austin, David, family and friends. The nighttime photo shoot was simply magical. After seeing this wedding, we view the Barnes Foundation in a whole new light! 

Congratulations Austin and David, on your beautiful wedding day and your marriage!  

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Venue: The Barnes Foundation
Coordinator: Laurel and Elm- Lora Hurst
Florist: Longstems
Caterer: Constellation Culinary
Entertainment: CTO
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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