What’s the first thing on your checklist when you know you’ll be heading out into the desert for the day?  Batteries charged?  Check!  PVC from Home Depot?  Check.  Of course none of us thought to bring food or water.  Ha!!!

We spent one day in the desert town of Nelson.  You can see every house from Main Street.  All are on wheels.  Shooting a music video for Hannah Violet was a challenge, but rain and the lack of food and water was not going to stop us!  Our music video crew included Jordan Oplinger, Matt Jeppsen, and Abad Rosa.

We were a little concerned about one of the locals who stopped by and screamed “where’s your license!”  We were not worried because Abad told us under his breath, “If I had a dime for every stranger I’ve buried in the desert. . .”

Working with Hannah was wonderful.  I think she had the hardest time of all.  I mean who wants to work in 40 degree weather in a sun dress?

The day didn’t seem to end.  We spent the night cruising (and shooting) the strip with the DiCicco’s in our pimped out 1958 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.  Yes, with the top down of course.  Who knew Vegas would be 40 degrees?

Then it was off to Red Rock Canyon for a photo shoot with Sofia Negron.

Photography by Jordan Oplinger and Sophia Negron.

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Sometimes our clients come in with a list of questions like “Do you shoot in digital?” or “What type of equipment do you use?”  We realize that these questions might come from a wedding planning web site that has good intentions, but these questions really miss the mark, in our opinion.  The more meaningful questions that determine if a videographer is right for a client in the long run are tougher to answer by many videographers.

I’ve shared my thoughts on this with other professional wedding videographers around the country whom I respect.  We agree that the pitfalls that some clients fall into can be avoided if the right questions are asked. 

Today, some of them have taken this idea and started to run with it.  We hope that all of us can make a dent and help educate clients so that they don’t fall prey to the well-meaning hobbyist who is more interested in having fun and making a quick buck than they are delivering you a high quality video that you will enjoy for years to come.

The 10 REAL Questions You Should Ask Your Videographer

1. How will my movie sound?
2. How do you handle lighting?
3. How do you vary your shots?
4. How do you plan to tell the story of my day?
5. How long will it take to get my finished movie?
6. Are you ‘preferred’ by the other companies I’ve hired?
7. May I see other clients’ movies and read what they had to say about you?
8. How do you get your shots without being ‘in the way’?
9. Why are your services more expensive/less expensive than other companies?
10. What do you do to make sure our movie is unique to our personalities?

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by Sarah DiCicco

The most memorable day of any girl’s life has now become positively unforgettable. For the first time ever, wedding photographer Sarah DiCicco ( has made it possible for newlyweds, along with their family and friends, to relive the love, laughter and emotion of their wedding day in the grandest of fashion offering an exclusive photo presentation of their special day on the movie theater big screen.

With the help of CinemaCake (, DiCicco compiles the wedding day photos, while CinemaCake does its magic by conducting interviews with the bride and groom and family and friends to seamlessly accompany the images allowing clients to relive the wedding day as if it were happening all over again. The bride and groom take home their wedding photographs after the movie premiere allowing them to experience their wedding day again and again and to pass on their special moments to generations to come.  The photo film premiere is exclusively available to DiCicco clients.

Often, wedding photographers present your proofs in a small thumbnail proof book, on CD or with watermarks over your images which are seldom retouched. With Sarah DiCicco, your wedding experience is vastly different with proofs that are final images consisting of up-to 900 to 1200 4 x 6 custom retouched prints displayed in three leather albums. After all of the planning and time that you put into your wedding, the images are what you have to remember your special day.

The photo film premiere is an extraordinary experience for any couple, but it’s an ideal answer for couples whose friends and family weren’t able to attend their destination wedding. The premiere will allow them to experience the couple’s wedding day as if they were guests at the actual wedding.

“I am thrilled to be the first wedding photographer to offer this unprecedented new way to see your wedding day photos,” said wedding photographer, Sarah DiCicco.  “This is so much more than simply pictures put to music. This is truly a production worthy of the big screen.”

Erin Elizabeth Conroy of Newtown, PA and Thomas John Welling Jr. of Bronxville, N.Y recently experienced this star treatment.  They were married February 2, 2008 at St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City, followed by a reception at Manhattan’s Capitale. On June 1st, the couple were greeted by their names displayed on the marquee at the Anthony Wayne Cinema and poster images of the couple inside the theater lobby. Friends and family were on hand to feel all the emotion of the newlywed’s wedding day all over again.

Dave & Sheryl,

I can’t even begin to say how over the top the movie premier was!!!  The reason I tell everyone that you are the best because it is true! Your high level of quality and unwavering ability to create a true piece of art is priceless. Thank you for not just taking the time to work with me on this, but also your friendship and your ability to take it a step further!  Simply Amazing!

With all of our love, Sarah & Tony

Blog photos by Sarah DiCicco, Tony DiCicco and Jordan Oplinger
For a pictorial history of the Anthony Wayne movie theatre, click here.


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