We always love shooting our wedding films in St. Thomas and St. John so when we were fortunate to line two of our destination weddings up on the same weekend - only one ferry ride apart from each other - we were thrilled.  It’s too bad we could not stay longer because the US Virgin Islands are just such a magical place to shoot.

Thank you US Airways for not screwing up like you usually do.  With last minute destination shoots like these, we don’t have a lot of travel choices.  Most of the time, flying PHL to STT and back is uneventful, but it’s always risky to try to cut the time too close, ESPECIALLY with US Airways, but Jordan and I had the most enjoyable flight down AND back.  No lines at ticketing, security, OR for the obligatory shot of rum that was handed to us at the airport when we arrived.  Good for you, US Air - keep up the good work!

The Team this weekend included Jordan, Mike, and myself on a non-stop weekend, including waking up before the chickens on Saturday for the sunrise.  Unfortunately, we miscalculated and got up too early.  One hour of waiting in the dark was worth it, though.

Establishing Shots
One of our favorite things to do is to get some establishing shots.  We are like moths to a flame with sunrises, sunsets, and unique cloud cover and lighting situations that will help our clients remember the day as it was.  In St. John, we even caught some amazing rainbows right before the ceremony.

Most of our clients prefer to keep their films private but if we get the green light from our clients, we’ll post a trailer or a highlight reel here on our blog, so stay tuned.

To book your own CinemaCake Destination Wedding Film, contact us online or call toll free, 866-989-0158.  Destination wedding films start at $8900.

Behind the scenes shots by Jordan Oplinger.

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We have been commissioned to shoot Brad and Kate on September 13th as they marry on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, which is part of the exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Yes, the couple will be in costume.

Meet the lucky couple who entered the contest to win this wedding.  Kate is from Phoenixville, PA and Brad is from Denville, NJ.

Hi, we’re Brad & Kate. We met almost three years ago at a Star Trek convention in Chicago, never suspecting we would meet the love of our lives there. Our relationship continued after returning home, and in March of 2008, Brad proposed to me on stage at a Star Trek convention in New Jersey. We began planning our dream wedding in Las Vegas, on the bridge of the Enterprise D. We hesitated because our father would be unable to travel so far. Our decision was made for us when, in the fall of 2008, the Enterprise-D bridge replica was torn down. Then when Brad’s father passed away earlier this year, it became essential for us to make sure my father would be able to attend our wedding in Pennsylvania. We realized it would be impossible for us to live the dream of getting married on the Enterprise bridge. But when we learned of the opportunity being offered at The Franklin Institute, we were ecstatic. Nothing would make us happier than to be able to pledge our lives to each other in the Star Trek universe, among our family, friends, and fellow Star Trek fans.

George Takei (Star Trek’s ‘Sulu’) really enjoys the choices of cakes presented by Frog Catering. (Photo by Faith West)

At the August 20th cake tasting with George Takei, less than a month before the wedding, film crew - Jordan, Dave, and Josh - take a break on the bridge.

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What’s the first thing on your checklist when you know you’ll be heading out into the desert for the day?  Batteries charged?  Check!  PVC from Home Depot?  Check.  Of course none of us thought to bring food or water.  Ha!!!

We spent one day in the desert town of Nelson.  You can see every house from Main Street.  All are on wheels.  Shooting a music video for Hannah Violet was a challenge, but rain and the lack of food and water was not going to stop us!  Our music video crew included Jordan Oplinger, Matt Jeppsen, and Abad Rosa.

We were a little concerned about one of the locals who stopped by and screamed “where’s your license!”  We were not worried because Abad told us under his breath, “If I had a dime for every stranger I’ve buried in the desert. . .”

Working with Hannah was wonderful.  I think she had the hardest time of all.  I mean who wants to work in 40 degree weather in a sun dress?

The day didn’t seem to end.  We spent the night cruising (and shooting) the strip with the DiCicco’s in our pimped out 1958 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.  Yes, with the top down of course.  Who knew Vegas would be 40 degrees?

Then it was off to Red Rock Canyon for a photo shoot with Sofia Negron.

Photography by Jordan Oplinger and Sophia Negron.

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