Some of our favorite weddings have more than one CinemaCake bride in the family. On June 1, 2019, Amanda and her husband, Daniel, were married at The Logan Hotel. They popped bottled on balconies, walked down the aisle outdoors and had a beautiful ballroom reception with a confetti drop and a dessert room. Amanda is a sister of four and was the first of her siblings to tie the knot but on July 10, 2021, Victoria became the newlywed.

There are so many reasons we love filming "all the siblings" weddings. For one thing, we love seeing the different wedding decor, styles and locations. And of course, it makes our hearts grow three times the size when we see a family evolve over the years, we love building family relationships as CinemaCake was built on it.

Victoria's wedding is a great example of how two sisters can have such different tastes--which we love! Instead of having a city wedding in a hotel like Amanda, Victoria's day was held at her at her parents' home. Where Amanda's wedding was filled with whites, golds and spring flowers, Victoria's was covered in deep pinks, browns and moody folliage. Victoria and David originally planned on getting married at The Horticulture Center but like many couples this year they had to go a different route. Although changing directions wasn't ideal, in the end they hosted one the most elaborate backyard weddings of all time and Constellation Culinary Group still catered the event, of course.

We can't decide which style wedding we love more but we know we can't wait to see what the future holds for all four sisters!
With that said, here are some of our favorite siblings that had CinemaCake tell their story. Tell us in the comments which weddings are your favorite!

Victoria + Amanda

Casey + Quinn

Mia + Natalie

Lauren + Ali

Alexandra + Kaitlyn

Rianna + Alyssa + Mikayla in September 2022!

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Melissa and Bob were so excited for their wedding extravaganza with all their family and friends! But like many others who hoped for the perfect event in 2020, their plans were forced to change. 

The team at CinemaCake sprung into action to work with Melissa and Bob and make the most of the situation. We spent as much time as necessary to help all our clients figure out how to get the wedding film they dreamed of, while making sure everyone was safe.

Our friends at Fox & Brazen were on board with us to get the photos and videos lined up. Annabelle from Affairs To Be Remembered stayed in close contact with us to get the schedule ready for everyone. Planning is key with events like this, especially during a pandemic! The staff at Winterthur was at the ready to provide any info we needed so we could spend as much time as possible filming Melissa and Bob’s friends and family.

Finally, the day arrived. Melissa’s bridesmaids were in place to help her get ready and keep the energy high during preparations. After a mimosa or two, everyone was feeling the love and the fun atmosphere. As they headed to Saints Simon and Jude church, the feeling of appreciation for family and friends was undeniable. The guests applauded Melissa and Bob in the ceremony, simply for having the courage and commitment to plan and hold the event safely. We can all attest that things were not so simple to put together during 2020.

Once everyone headed to Winterthur for the reception, it was time to relax. A photo session for the couple, a grand entrance and dinner, then outdoor dancing and partying led by Chris from Shaeffer Sound all paved the way for the later follow-up party to come. There was a sense of making the most of things, but at times it was hard to tell the difference from pre-COVID times. This was mainly due to the loving presence of family and friends, the determination to have fun and enjoy each other, and the hard work of all the planning and vendors involved.

We can’t wait for the main event! For now, check out Melissa and Bob’s Coming Soon Trailer.


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Guess what? CinemaCake wins the WeddingWire's Couples' Choice Awards for 2021!


This award definitely has us feeling a little sentimental, probably because the wedding industry still remains one of the most affected by the pandemic. We pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to our pre and post production systems, not to mention, our shooting and editing teams are the best in the city. You're probably thinking, you know all of this and so do our couples--it's why they choose CinemaCake to document one of the most important days of their lives and not their crazy uncle.

This award feels a little more special than the others before it (yes, we are bragging) because our 2020 and 2021 reviews praised us in a few more ways than we mentioned. They speak to our adaptiveness, dependability and the care we've shown our couples and clients during these insane times. We've Zoomed. We've LiveStreamed. We've been there for our couples who've reduced guest lists from 300 to 15, couples that started at the Union League and ended up having an intimate backyard wedding. Needless to say, to our clients who have changed, adapted, and compromised, we first want to brag about your praises, and then we want to THANK YOU.

Take a peek at some of our 2021 client reviews to see why the CinemaCake team is the best!

Ariana + Christopher

A week before my wedding, my original video vendor cancelled on me given the COVID-19 pandemic. It was full panic mode and CinemaCake was one of the vendors recommended from friends + family. Within 24 hours, I was able to interview and hire CinemaCake. Working in the creative industry, it is easy for me to identify quality creatives and I knew I was making the right choice with Dave & his team. They were so responsive and willing to travel 3 hours to my wedding to capture our greatest memory. On the wedding day, I kept saying "where are my videographers?" As great professionals, they knew how to remain out of the scene and capture our moments without interfering with our day. I love our Coming Soon trailer and cannot wait to see the full video! If you are debating reaching out this vendor, have an interview and I promise they'll have options for your needs, you will not regret hiring CinemaCake. Thank you to the full team for turning around my disaster! 

Hilary + Jason

We initially weren't sure about having a videographer for our small, 8 person wedding but after we met with the CinemaCake team and saw their prior work, we were sold. The "ShortCake" is incredible and somehow they managed to capture the day and us so perfectly. I would recommend them a thousand times over. Thank you again, CinemaCake!

Kate + Greg

Greg and I have no regrets with hiring CinemaCake to capture our wedding day. During the midst of a pandemic, we had to not only rearrange our wedding plans once, but twice, and CinemaCake was flexible each step of the way. They were easy to work with from beginning to end. I can rewatch our video over and over again still with tears in my eyes each time. Thank you CinemaCake for allowing us to relive our perfect day for years to come!!!

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