Above: CinemaCake editors staying ahead of technology with continuing education.

It’s an exciting time here at CinemaCake and our commercial brand, Media Wave Video Productions ( We are growing again.  With up to four teams now shooting multiple events on a given day, we realize it is time to hire another fantastic editor or two to join our creative team.

In 2004, we held our first editor’s contest.  It was so successful, we did it again in 2007. CinemaCake now employs four full-time editors and now we need to add another member or two to the team. 

The person we hire must be able to keep up with a steady workload and work well under pressure.  Most importantly, our new editor needs to fit into our culture and meet the high expectations of our clients.  Finally, if you can shoot, show us your stuff.  We prefer to hire editors who can shoot, and those who can will be more valuable to us than people who only edit.

Because the position is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we ask that only editors who actually plan to live in the Greater Philadelphia area enter this contest.

Regardless of who we interview,  $500, $300, and $200 respectively will go to the top three editors.

How to enter:

Step 1: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) a little information about yourself, including why you want to be a CinemaCake editor.  Include your basic contact info (Name, Address, Phone, Email).  Describe your level of experience, what editing platform you use, and any special skills.  We’ll then send you the links to download the assets.

Step 2: Edit your film.  Your film should be 3 to 5 minutes in length.

Step 3: Upload the finished film to us HERE.  We’ll upload these films to a gallery for the public to see and comment on. 

All entries are due on Monday, November 21, Noon EST. (See countdown clock below)

We’ll pick our top three favorites* who will be offered an opportunity to interview for a position at CinemaCake.
*CinemaCake reserves the right to interview other contestants who show potential.

Tips From Our Team
Tom: “Build your story with audio before you even think about your visuals.”
John M.: “Know the rules before you break them. Know how to locate a Wawa blindfolded.”
Jordan: “Emotion trumps logic.”
Sheryl: “Make us cry.”
Jimmy: “Make a movie that you would want to watch.”

So if you have the chops, let’s see them!  Become the next Ultimate Editor!  Win money!  Get a Job!

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