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We finally figured out something worth spreading, so to speak. During these insane and uncertain times, it is crutial to have a good laugh, and what better to do that than our "Love Is A Virus" OutCakes? As my grandfather used to say, "Don't go around with your head hung down." These funny, behind the scenes moments (we call them OutCakes) will put a smile on your face and give you something to laugh at.

Wedding films are not just about the romantic moments. Some of the best moments are unexpected and something you will definitely never see if you don't have your wedding filmed.

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Jamie and Aaron were married on December 31, 2019 at the new Four Seasons Philadelphia.

We love New Year's Eve weddings! Bringing in the new year by filming a huge party for our clients, their friends and family, and our top-notch vendor friends (friendors) is always a blast. For New Year's Eve 2020, we were asked to film at the Four Seasons. This is our fourth event there this year, and we love it more each time.

Our couples love to have a good time, and Jamie and Aaron are a stellar example of making the wedding day fun as well as meaningful. We enjoy it so much when couples take the time to write their own personal vows. Jamie and Aaron brought everyone in on the jokes and stories, sharing the quirks and personality traits that they love about one another. We felt like we'd known them for years.

Our friends at Philip Gabriel Photography joined us for the entire day, bringing some camaraderie and laughter to our job of capturing the important moments. We know it takes a lot of skill to capture the right photo at the right time, and this is even more true on New Year's Eve when the iconic "midnight kiss" photo happens. Philip Gabriel captured the perfect image which you can see below on our Coming Soon Trailer.


The decor and lighting were simply breathtaking in their elegance. For anyone who has ever tried to go out to a club for New Year's Eve, hosting your own event and hiring Evantine Design far outshines any experience you could have outside of a private event. The florals were creative and classic with an undeniable aura of luxury.

Marcus Reid Band took over once the party started, and we can't think of a better performer to ring in 2020. Marcus and his band KILLED IT and led the guests in some intense dancing and singalongs. The only downside of such a great party is that you may get a bit sweaty from having so much fun on the dance floor. All the more reason to grab a drink!

Overall, this was one for the books and we felt like we were a special part of Jamie and Aaron's day as well as their memories for a lifetime. That's what this is really about for us. We love what we do and this was no exception.

Best wishes to Jamie and Aaron for a life filled with happiness!












Watch our Coming Soon Trailer below!


Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Wedding Planner: Gina Sole
Makeup Artist: Beke Beau
Florist: Evantine Design
Venue and Catering: Four Seasons Philadelphia
Entertainment: Hank Lane - Marcus Reid Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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The Union League is without a doubt an ideal match for couples interested in a wedding venue located at the heart of Philadelphia, just steps away from City Hall. 

Founded in 1862 as a patriotic society to support the Union and the policies of President Abraham Lincoln, The Union League of Philadelphia laid the philosophical foundation of other Union Leagues across a nation torn by civil war. The League has hosted US presidents, heads of state, industrialists, entertainers and dignitaries from around the globe and has proudly supported the American military in each conflict since the Civil War. The Union League continues to be driven by its motto, Amor Patriae Ducit or Love of Country Leads.

- The Union League

Lea and Jeff share in their Love Story that they specifically chose the Union League as their venue because Lea is an avid history buff! 

Not only does The Union League have several iconic features like the entrance's spiraling stairs, but their staff is always professional and accommodating for both vendors and couples. CinemaCake is proud to be featured on The Union League's website. Check out our Union League Wedding Sizzle Reel on their page here.  

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The feeling of opening up a new Modern Luxury Magazine to full feature articles of CinemaCake couples never gets old. This season while flipping though the pages, we quickly spotted Lizzie and Zach's lavish spread, filled with vibrant wedding images by Philip Gabriel Photography. The couple's luscious and summery images chosen to show off their wedding day almost made us forget that it's nineteen degrees out. Almost...

Kim Rosen Events turned Lizzie and Zach's dreamy wedding at The Michener Museum into a reality that brides all over the city would soon bookmark in their copies of Modern Luxury. Penncora Productions' floral centerpieces and individual white roses, lit by Synergetic Sound, created a beautiful aesthetic that will influence countless future wedding floral designs.

Watch Lizzie and Zach's Collection to get the full experience of this memorable wedding day and to see the other top notch vendors in action, such as EBE Talent. To read Lizzie and Zach's feature article, go digital in this issue of Modern Luxury, here

Collection: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Betsey and Andrew were married on October 5, 2019 at the new Four Seasons Philadelphia!

Keep reading to see why you need to see the new Four Seasons at the Comcast Center in person!

Betsey and Andrew held their first look in the J.G. SkyHigh Lounge.

The lounge was a stunning backdrop for the lovely couple to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. With views stretching all the way out into the countryside, the relaxed lounge played host to Betsey and Andrew’s joyful reunion. Guests watched with anticipation as they suddenly became firsthand witnesses of the first couple to get married in this brand-new location.

As the day went on, Betsey and Andrew enjoyed spending their day in one of the most beautifully designed new venues in Phildelphia. From the guest rooms to the ballroom, shiny surfaces are everywhere at the new Four Seasons. The multiple balconies and observation decks have railings and walls constructed from clear materials, allowing a wide-angle view of the city and creating an elegant, luxury feel. This can be challenging for someone with a camera to avoid catching their own reflection, but when you have the right experience you can use the reflections to your advantage to create a dreamy, abstract feel. How did we do?

You are in the sky! The ballroom is closer to the ground, but the views from the enormous windows are awe-inspiring to say the least. Philly locals will recognize the views from the other skyscrapers in Center City, but the Four Seasons brings an all-new perspective. The city’s skyline is famous for constantly changing, and this moment has been highly anticipated by all fans of Philly architecture.

For photographer Sarah DiCicco, the new location was a welcome change of pace. As one of Philadelphia’s most highly prized photographers, Sarah has seen the city’s high-end wedding locations so many times she has lost count. It’s nice to try out something new!

All the features of the new Four Seasons have one thing in common: everything looks so clean and new! In the middle of a busy, bustling city, this hotel stands out for all the clean lines, bare surfaces, and smooth textures. Evantine Design showed why they’re Philadelphia’s premier event designer and coordinator. Evantine helped Betsey and Andrew bring out their own style into the ballroom with plenty of white roses, floating candles, and white fixtures. The chuppah was made of clear material, emphasizing the transparent, clean aesthetic. Each couple’s event will look slightly different, and the Four Seasons gives a beautiful canvas for personal style choices.

In their reception, Betsey and Andrew continued the celebration. From the first dance to the cake cutting, Betsey and Andrew were ready to enjoy having their friends and family all in one place. LA Starz Band was busy jazz up the crowd with their infectious sounds. The Four Seasons catering staff ensured that the guests had all the drinks and food they wanted. Andrew even performed a song for Betsey, who watched lovingly as her new husband serenaded her.

Later in the evening, Betsey and Andrew stepped out onto the balcony for an intimate photo session. The dizzying view of the streets and buildings below played counterpoint to Betsey’s shimmering party dress. The evening ended back inside the Four Seasons with plenty of drinks, desserts, and dancing. 

Watch our Coming Soon Trailer below!

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It's not every wedding that a famous country star shows up at a wedding, but CinemaCake has now filmed two of them.

On September 14, 2019, Dana and Matt continued the White family tradition of having a surprise country singer come perform at their wedding. No one but Lisa and Matt's father knew what booked talent would walk out on stage for both of their weddings. Total secrecy!  The suspense was killing us but it was well worth the wait. With red solo cups held high in the air during Dana and Matt's reception, a crowd of guests finally welcomed singer Toby Keith to the reception stage. Toby Keith played "Red Solo Cup" and absolutely killed it. Matt hugged his bride Dana and sang along with their friends and family and oh yeah, TOBY KEITH. Talk about a show of a lifetime. 

It feels like yesterday that we filmed Dana's brother Matt and his bride Lisa on August 27th, 2016. We didn't think any country performer could top their wedding's famous singer Tim McGraw's show, but Toby Keith definitley gave him a run for his money! It was great seeing this family follow two traditions: famous country stars and Cinemacake! 

Watch Toby Keith and Tim McGraw play personal wedding concerts to a couple of happy newlyweds and all of their cheering fans! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Reception Venue: Vie
Caterer: Cescaphe
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers​
Reception Venue: Vie
Catering: Cescaphe Event Group
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Jellyroll and Tim McGraw
Ceremony Venue: Saint Francis of Assisi
Music licensed through

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Jeff and Tyler are a couple that can light up any room they enter. Their energy and personalities are probably the reason that 300 people came to The Bellevue to celebrate their marriage on October 5th, 2019. Before the wedding, Jeff and Tyler came to CinemaCake asking for us to tell their Love Story. They wanted a Love Story that was sentimental, emotional, and would make each of their wedding guests experience their journey as a couple on the night of their wedding. We soon planned out the shoot and spent the day with Jeff and Tyler filming the meaningful locations that represent their lives together. The shoot was spent laughing, telling stories, and by the end of the shoot, it felt like we had been friends for years. Jeff and Tyler made sure to give us photos and videos of their vacations together around the world to include in their Love Story.  They also decided to include photos and videos of friends and family to thank them for their love and support throughout their relationship.

October 5th was an amazing wedding day. From filming Jeff and Tyler process down the streets of Philadelphia to seeing the look on their friends and family's faces as their Love Story played on the big screen during the reception. It was a day packed with love, energy, emotion, happiness, and pride! We are so excited to show you Jeff and Tyler's CinemaGram Trailer and Coming Soon Trailer! #JeffandTyOct5 

CinemaGram and Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Baiada Photography
Event Coordinator: Porch & Pearls - Marian Braccia
Ceremony Venue: St. Mark's
Reception Venue: The Bellevue Hotel
Florist: Carl Alan Floral Designs
Entertainment: Vincent James Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe Artlist 

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Kaitlyn and Kyle were married at The Bellevue on September 7th, 2019. Kaitlyn and Kyle are couple that decided to give something back to their guests on the night of their wedding. During their reception, on the big screen with all of their friends and family around, Kaitlyn and Kyle premiered their Same Day Edit Film.
Same Day Edits are not for the unexperienced in this business. We are proud to say that here at CinemaCake we are level "expert" when it comes to Same Day Edits! With our talented team of shooters and editors, a wedding day transforms from a live event to a film premiere in a matter of hours--like magic! But not really. CinemaCake's detailed pre and post-production process can make even a Same Day Edit a piece of cake! We are excited to work with this family again next year when we film Kaitlyn's sister, Alex's wedding!

Watch Kaitlyn and Kyle's Same Day Edit Film below!

Same Day Film: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Planning: Truly You Events
Venue: The Bellevue
Reception Music: BVT Live-Jellyroll
Ceremony Music: Elegance Quartet
Floral: Petals Lane
Lighting/Staging: Eventions Productions
Photo Booth: PartyCam
Hair and Makeup: Aleksandra Ambrozy
Flower Wall: Nicol Floral
Floral Repurposing: Forget Me Knot
Invitations: The Papery

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Among Philadelphia wedding venues, The Rittenhouse stands alone as an ideal location for couples who seek an elegant and romantic feel both indoors and outdoors.

The Rittenhouse is a perfect venue for those who want to have their wedding in an urban epicenter, while experiencing the lavish greenery and upscale decor offered by this iconic location. 

The Rittenhouse overlooks singular Rittenhouse Square, so choosing this location for portrait sessions is a no brainer for couples. The park's tree-lined pathways are just steps away from The Rittenhouse, making it a convenient walk in a wedding dress or with a bridal party.

Did you know that Rittenhouse Square is partly upkept by a dedicated organization? Friends of Rittenhouse Square makes sure that the park is always nice, manicured, and inviting.

The Cassatt Garden is another hidden gem offered at the Rittenhouse Hotel. An outdoor, intimate space The Rittenhouse is known for, it is an ideal area for couples seeking a touch of greenery in their day. Many couples choose to have cocktail hours and musicians in this beautiful nook. The lighting draped around the trees create a romantic feel that can take any cocktail hour to the next level.

See why we love The Rittenhouse, watch their Wedding Sizzle Reel below. 

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Finley Catering, one of Philadelphia's largest wedding vendors, is well known for their tasty eats and their four different venues. All four are prime locations to have a wedding, and in this article we're sharing specifics on the different character and feel of each location:

The Crystal Tea Room is located just seconds away from the iconic City Hall location for brides and grooms to grab a memorable kiss pic. The soaring glass atrium is an indoor conservatory featuring a fountain and greenery providing a year round “outdoor atmosphere” with no threat of weather. We love the atrium's natural light that shines down on cocktail hour's guests! Guests can make their way into The Crystal Tea Room's elegant ballroom space. The high-capacity ballroom can accomodate the largest of weddings. With hanging crystal chandeliers and classic decor, the Crystal Tea Room is great for a traditional feel. 

The Ballroom at the Ben You may know The Ballroom at the Ben for their scene in Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. The mezzanine level, which overlooks the palatial Ballroom (for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres) is the ideal place to chat with guests before heading downstairs to dance the night away on the floor. The Ballroom at the Ben is a great location for those with a large wedding party. 

Union Trust can be described as a blend of the old, regal Philadelphia infused with a new vibrant pulse. Union Trust is a great venue if you are looking for a piece of old-time Philadelphia history in your wedding day. It's an embodiment of Philadelphia's rich past, having once housed The Union Trust Company Bank (built in 1888). The large arched windows are a MUST for a few bridal party photos or a bridal portrait session. The architectural details are highly impressive and sure to wow your guests. Featuring a more intimate feel, The Union Trust is an elegant luxury venue for small to medium guest lists.

The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve
The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve is the newest of the Finley Catering locations. With classical Greek revival exterior in a green pastoral setting, the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve is located in Delaware County for a quiet, spacious location. It is the perfect venue to have an outdoor ceremony or cocktails, then have the reception indoors. The front staircase is an ideal spot for couples to have a sparkler sendoff with guests. For a relaxed feel and small-to-medium guest lists, the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve has all the space you need. Watch The Ballroom at Ellis-Preserve's Sizzle Reel to experience this venue.

Watch these three Finley Catering venues come to life in the Sizzle Reel:

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The Logan Hotel is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with killer views of both the city of Philadelphia and the Art Musuem. It's no wonder why couples choose The Logan to host their wedding day. Stay tuned for three of our favorite spots in The Logan that can add some life to your wedding day plans!

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

Assembly is The Logan's rooftop bar with a beautiful view that overlooks the Parkway and the Art Museum. Modern decor fills the intimate space, along with plenty of seating. Guests enjoy the fresh air during good weather, and huge glass windows look out onto historic Logan Circle during all weather. Assembly is the perfect place for a first look with a view! 

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is described as a "lush and secluded urban oasis." The terraced levels create depth and intrigue within a deceptively simple layout. An ideal spot to have a wedding ceremony if you are looking for a touch of outdoor greenery to add to your wedding day, The Logan hosts many weddings with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. A public yet private open-air space, couples can host medium to large-capacity guest lists alongside a spectacular modern water feature. 

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is the largest event space at The Logan. Servers and bartenders have easy access to keep the food arriving hot and drinks flowing. Featuring soaring ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and a neutral color palette to suit all your design aesthetics, the Ballroom offers 4,374 square feet of event space ready to host your family and friends.

Check out The Logan's Sizzle Reel to see the modern, sophisticated spaces available to future brides and grooms. 

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Julia and Nick were married on July 13th, 2019. 

Julia and Nick started their wedding day at Loews Hotel Philadelphia for their preparations. The mood was electric as Julia got ready to don her beautiful dress against the backdrop of the city skyline. Julia and her bridesmaids laughed and huddled together on the bed for a few group photos with champagne glasses in hand. Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me" played on repeat as a theme song for the bridesmaids' day. Once Julia finally got into her dress, her bridesmaids couldn't hold back their emotions. 

Julia and Nick wrote cards to each other to share their feelings before they would see each other in the sanctuary of St. John the Evangelist Church.

"To my Nick, I am so excited to take this next step with you and become your wife. You are my everything and my one and only. I love you so much and I will see you at the end of the aisle. Forever and always, Julia." 

After the ceremony, the couple rode over to Cescaphe Vie on their trolley to greet their numerous family and friends in the reception. The huge number of guests wasn't surprising to Julia's sister, who said: 

"You're the kindest person I've ever known, with such genuine love for everyone in your life, I mean look around you, you have more friends than anyone I know."

Our team certainly appreciated Vie's space-- they can always handle a large guest list. FabuFloras decorated Vie's tables and rooms with tons of fresh florals that kept the mood vibrant all night long. Masquerade had a very large crowd to please, and things certainly got rowdy on the dance floor at times. Every guest was jumping and dancing to live music all night long. Julia and Nick even had the mic at one point! 

Julia and Nick had their Coming Soon Trailer ready to watch within days of their wedding. They were ecstatic with the results:

We are obsessed with it!! We have been watching it over and over again! Seriously the coming soon video is amazing and we cannot wait until the full video comes out.

- Julia and Nick 

Congratulations again to Julia and Nick on hosting such a fun wedding with so many enthusiastic guests. The people you surround yourself with make you who you are; Julia and Nick are obviously set up for success!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Jeffrey Vincent Photography
Florist: FabuFloras
Preparations Location: Loews Hotel Philadelphia
Ceremony Venue: St. John the Evangelist Church
Venue and Caterer: Cescaphe Vie
Entertainment: Masquerade
Music licensed through Tracks Music

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It was a beautiful spring day on June 8th, 2019: ideal weather, budding spring florals, and Alyssa and Stephen's wedding had everyone buzzing! Alyssa and Stephen are a detail-oriented couple who wanted nothing more than to have their perfect day shine brightly for everyone to enjoy. Looking back on their wedding day, we felt like there were three details that stood out to us the most we just had to share.

1.) Bridesmaids keep it light (and matching!)
Alyssa's girls wore lightly colored matching pajama sets during preparations, and later matched in their off-white bridesmaid dresses. They matched right down to their nude-colored heels. Nothing says you're a good bridesmaid like coordinating your shoe color with several other people! Alyssa started the day in her singular bright white pajamas during preparations, and later dressed in a stunningly classic white wedding gown. The bridesmaids' being dressed in such light colors so close to the white of the wedding gown is a telling sign about how close Alyssa feels to her girls. 

2.) White peonies
Alyssa's bridesmaids' bouquets were filled with white peonies from Petals Lane, complementing the embroidery on their dresses. At the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, the scene was set with light pink peonies, roses, and white peonies. Even white orchids were used throughout the day. The mood was light, airy, and timeless: just like the romance!

3.) Bright smiles and French fries! 
We can't begin to say how great of a couple Alyssa and Stephen are, and how much our cameras loved them! Their sunny personalities came through every event. When a couple has that "special something," we recognize it and we appreciate it. We especially loved seeing them feed each other French fries in front of the floral wall at the end of the night. It was the perfect combination of glamour, yummy food, and humor all at once!

Alyssa and Stephen celebrated their union at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve with their dear family and friends, dancing the night away to The Sid Miller Dance Band's toe-tapping beats. Finley Catering as always, did an incredible job preparing the finest gourmet dishes for the guests throughout the night. Rafal Ostrowoski Photography was able to not only capture great moments as they happened; but also set up some wonderfully intimate moments between Alyssa and Stephen to create some stunning images they will enjoy for their whole lives. Thanks to The Styled Bride (who always does a great job), the many different ideas the couple had in mind for their wedding day all came together as one vision. 

Congratulations to Alyssa and Stephen on their new marriage and new beginnings! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Rafal Ostrowski Photography 
Ceremony Location: St Agnes Church
Reception Venue: Ballroom at Ellis Preserve
Coordinator: The Styled Bride
Florist: Petals Lane
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Sid Miller Dance Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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July 25, 2019 in

Taylor and Vincenzo were married at Rivercrest Golf Club on June 29th, 2019. 

Taylor and Vincenzo danced the night away under the lights with a dance floor packed with family and friends. Maria Stamy Photography was next to us capturing the happy couple throughout the day, getting those intimate moments on camera. Rivercrest Golf Club's course was the perfect outdoor scenery to film Taylor and Vincenzo, while inside the venue, B&B Light & Sound made sure their guests were out of their chairs and dancing to the music all night long. 

Congratulations Taylor and Vincenzo on your new beginnings!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Maria Stamy Photography
Venue and Event Coordinator: Rivercrest Golf Club
Florist: Stein's
Entertainment: B&B Light & Sound
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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July 22, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Natalie and Jeffrey were married on June 15th, 2019 at The Lucy. For those of you who don't know, The Lucy is Cescaphe's newest venue located on Mt Vernon Street in Philadelphia. Cescaphe has several locations spread throughout Philadelphia. Whether it's The WaterworksVie, or any Cescaphe venue, their catering and party hosting skills are known far and wide as being some of the best in the city. 

Natalie and Jeffrey started their preparations for their big day at The Cambria. Natalie hung with her bridesmaids in her white "bride" robe and toasted with her friends with mimosas. We can't forget about her giant ring pool float she was wearing as she posed for pictures! Bravo, Natalie. Bravo. Jeffrey on the other hand, had Batman cufflinks and matching superhero socks with his groomsmen. We could tell from preparations alone that Natalie and Jeffrey were going to be fun to film!

Ten Pennies Florist worked their floral magic and created a beautiful room of white luscious flowers. EBE Barcelona kept all guests dancing throughout the night and played some incredible songs that kept huge smiles on Natalie and Jeffrey's faces. Phil Kramer always does a great job shooting next to us from start to finish, getting creative shots and being attentive to Natalie and Jeffrey.  Congratulations to Natalie and Jeffrey on your wedding day and starting your forever!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Coordinator: Kaleidoscope Solutions Inc.
Reception: Philadelphia Country Club
Ceremony: St. Christopher's Church 
Florist: Valley Forge Flowers
Entertainment: Renaissance Orchestra
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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July 02, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Amanda and Daniel were married June 1st, 2019 at The Logan Hotel

Surrounded by her sisters and bridesmaids, Amanda stood on the balcony of The Logan Hotel looking out onto Ben Franklin Parkway and Logan Square. Amanda's sisters and bridesmaids cheered and called out down below, shouting to the world that Amanda is getting married! After careful preparations with her team of experts, Amanda was dressed to the nines. Amanda headed up to Assembly Lounge, on top of the Logan for her first look with Daniel. While surprised lunch guests looked on from their tables, Daniel stood ready to see Amanda for the first time..

"Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful," Daniel said to Amanda, looking at her in her wedding dress for the first time. Beke Beau and Amanda D'Andrea certainly created a vision! 

Seats were filled at the ceremony in preparation for Amanda and Daniel's vows. Bridesmaids and guests made sure to take a quick picture in front of Jamie Rothstein Floral Design's ceremony altar, made out of greenery and arranged white roses.

Dan, there's so much I love about you, especially how much you love my big sister. I trust that you will always look out for her, always take care of her, and always recognize the greatness within her.

Amanda's sister 

Gold confetti and sparkles rained down from above on Amanda and Daniel's dancing guests, while Hank Lane Band played like rockstars. Kyle Michelle Weddings made sure every wedding vision came true for the newly married couple. There's nothing like a dessert bar with giant gummy bears to take a wedding to the next level! Sarah DiCicco was right there next to us ready to capture stunning images of every event throughout the day and into the night. 

I've always wanted a little sister, and not only did I get one sister, I got four beautiful sisters.

Daniel's brother

Congratulations Amanda and Daniel! Here's to your new family and your new beginnings! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Event Coordinator: Kyle Michelle Weddings
Hair Stylist: Amanda D'Andrea
Makeup Artist: Beke Beau
Venue: The Logan Hotel
Florist: Jamie Rothstein Floral Design
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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June 19, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Lizzie and Zach were married on June 1, 2019 at the Michener Museum. We were delighted to be a part of this wedding. Their day featured some of the wedding industry's most talented professionals working their magic to create Lizzie and Zach's spectacular event!  

Here are six reasons why we loved Lizzie and Zach's wedding day:

  1. We love the romantic feel of museum weddings. The Michener has beautiful architecture and a timeless structure to it, making it ideal for bride and groom portraits. Philip Gabriel Photography did their usual expert work throughout Lizzie and Zach's wedding day, creating and capturing those intimate moments we love to see! 
  2. Penncora Events handled getting the beautiful flower arrangements in place, making it look easy. From Lizzie's timeless bouquet of white Calla lilies, to the individual white roses that decorated tables, their attention to detail was hard to miss. And let's not forget the white rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle and the flowergirl's rose halo! Bravo, Penncora. Bravo. 
  3. Catering by Design created a four-tier cake decorated with delicate white flowers. Once the guests had spent enough time drooling over the cake, Lizzie and Zach put on what looked like a professional cake cutting show.
  4. The band had every guest up and dancing all night long with timeless classics and unexpected jams. EBE Dream Time is a skilled band that we have worked with on countless weddings. They always know how to feel out a crowd and get everyone out of their seats and dancing to the music! 
  5. An elite planner meant that every detail was thought of and planned for. Kim Rosen Events was the glue that created this perfect wedding. Her guidance, planning, coordination, and attention to detail made the day into the production it was. 
  6. Lizzie and Zach were a great couple to film. The camera loved them! Their bright smiles and even brighter personalities were a thrill to film. Can we also acknowledge the fact that their website, created through The Knot, has everything from details about their wedding day to quotes from family and friends? Check out Lizzie and Zach's page here

CinemaGram Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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June 19, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Austin and David's wedding fell on a warm spring day, the 8th of June, 2019 at The Barnes Foundation
As Austin's father looked at her for the first time in her wedding dress, he told her 

"You will always be my little girl, but the thing that I love about you and that I've always loved about you is that you have the heart of a lion. I love your passion, your intensity, your drive."

The happy couple had a touching ceremony at The Barnes Foundation, where we could literally hear birds singing for their marriage. Once the marriage was official, the two love birds danced the night away with family and friends. Our longtime friends at CTO were on site to play everyone's favorite tunes, and even get the crowd involved in the show. The florists extraordinaire of Longstem provided fragrant, pastel-colored florals to fill out the room. Constellation Culinary's attention to detail and special touches made for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Sarah DiCicco handled the photography, effortlessly capturing every loving moment between Austin, David, family and friends. The nighttime photo shoot was simply magical. After seeing this wedding, we view the Barnes Foundation in a whole new light! 

Congratulations Austin and David, on your beautiful wedding day and your marriage!  

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Venue: The Barnes Foundation
Coordinator: Laurel and Elm- Lora Hurst
Florist: Longstems
Caterer: Constellation Culinary
Entertainment: CTO
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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June 15, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Kristen and Christian strolled alongside the Merchant Exchange Building, looking into each other's eyes as Kristen's veil flowed behind her. That simple look was a visible display of a love between them that was absolutely delightful to capture. The wedding day is a pleasure for us because our vendor friends are experts in their fields. Our friends at Philip Gabriel Photography find it quite natural to create gorgeous photographs, and no less true with the picture-perfect duo of Kristen and Christian. At The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, seats were filled in anticipation of a lovely ceremony. The traditional Catholic service was something both Kristen and Christian will remember for the rest of their lives together. The church was a lovely backdrop for a stunning photo shoot after the ceremony ended. Later on at the reception, the dance floor was packed in The Crystal Tea RoomDon Eaton Band started to play and the guests couldn't help but tap their toes. Before long, every guest in attendance was hearing an old favorite or a fresh jam! 

Finley Catering provided five-star service and plating for all the guests, showing why they are one of the top caterers in Philadelphia. Carl Alan's fragrant bouquets of red roses and white lilies completed the scene for a movie star look. The reception looked like it was too good to be true! The amount of friends and family that came to celebrate Kristen and Christian's union was incredible. From far and wide, people came to celebrate their marriage and dance the night away!

Kristen's father toasted the couple, emphasizing that every guest at the wedding had a significant role in their family's lives and that he couldn't be happier to have them witness the new union.  Kristen and Christian once again walked hand in hand, to their last stop of the night, Broad Street. There's something about the city lights and speeding cars that sets the scene pefectly for one last intimate portrait session.

Congratulations to Kristen and Christian on starting their lives together!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Philip Gabriel Photography
Ceremony Venue: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Reception Venue: Crystal Tea Room
Florist: Carl Alan Floral Design Ltd.
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Don Eaton Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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May 28, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Katie and Ryan were married on May 4, 2019 at the Rodin Museum. Katie's friends and family always knew she would end up getting the things she wanted from life: “Katie is smart, and she is generous, and she is trustworthy, and she is kind, and even ten years ago, living in a dark basement dorm room, we all knew Katie would achieve everything she has today: her dream job, a wonderful life, and the perfect person for her to spend it with."

The Rodin Museum never disappoints; it's easy for us to get great images with the gorgeous grounds and garden in full bloom. Lamsback Floral Decorators created timeless floral centerpieces filled with countless lively pink tulips and blush-colored roses, just to name a few. Let's not forget about the staircase bannister draped in dreamy florals. The floral arrangements created an unforgettable and timeless wedding environment. Finley Catering knocked it out of the park with their spring-inspired cake design. We love the detail work that always goes into their cakes. BVTLive All About Me had every guest up and dancing all night long, and put on a memorable show! Guests were moving and grooving to some of their favorite hits. Sarah DiCicco was there by our side ready to photograph every moment of the action. We always appreciate Sarah's ability to not only seize the shot at a moment's notice, but she is truly talented at creating opportunities for beautiful images. 

Katie and Ryan spent their reception at The Ballroom at the Ben, dancing the night away with family and friends. There's nothing like having everyone you love in one room, just to help enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime party! Congratulations to Katie and Ryan! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Ceremony Venue: Rodin Museum
Reception Venue: Ballroom At The Ben
Photo: Sarah DiCicco
Event Coordinator: Tina Lamsback
Florist: Lamsback Floral Decorators
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: BVTLive All About Me
Music Licensed through Soundstripe

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May 20, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Christan and Leon celebrated their wedding at the Wilmington Country Club on May 4th, 2019. 

The happy couple will be giving them two CinemaBooks so they can relive the wedding celebration over and over. Flowers By Yukie created lovely florals and bouquets. We loved the white Calla lilies!  Wired Up Entertainment knew how to read the crowd and played tunes that kept all guests moving to the music. Wilmington Country Club provided us with the perfect backdrop for Christian and Leon. Their ground are constantly tended to with care and expertise, so the club always looks green and manicured. Kelli Wilke did a wonderful job capturing Christian and Leon's special moments throughout the day and into the night. WCC-Christine Jordan was there for Christian and Leon every step of the way. Her organization and expertise did not go unnoticed! 

Congratulations, Christan and Leon on your beautiful wedding day and your new forever. 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Kelli Wilke
Event Coordinator: WCC-Christine Jordan
Florist: Flowers By Yukie
Caterer: Wilmington Country Club
Entertainment: Wired Up Entertainment
Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph's On The Brandywine
Reception Venue: Wilmington Country Club
Music Licensed Through: Soundstripe

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Stephanie and Mauricio lounged in their New York City apartment, smiling ear to ear, while telling us the story about how they met online. "Our relationship will never work because you are an Eagles fan and I’m a Cowboys fan," Mauricio messaged to Stephanie. Stephanie quickly replied, "Well, we can go out on a date and just break up before football season starts." If you think that’s cute, their Love Story only gets better! We strolled around New York City with the couple, hearing about how they met, what they love about each other, and their awesome proposal.

If Stephanie wasn’t already excited enough about the Eagles winning last year’s super bowl, she was about to be in for another surprise. During the Eagles parade, Mauricio was going to pop the question. He was looking for an opportune moment, but couldn’t find the right time to do it. Later that night, after the parade, Stephanie and Mauricio would have dinner with her parents at the Union League, before they headed back to New York. All dressed in her Eagles attire, with family all around, Mauricio got down on one knee and asked Stephanie if she would marry him. With tears of joy filling her eyes, she happily accepted.

"We are, quite literally, speechless. And we love it! You guys are wizards!" 

- Stephanie and Mauricio 

Stephanie and Mauricio were married at the Ballroom at the Ben on February 23, 2019. “Classy flamingo is my style,” Stephanie explained. From her pink shoes, to her flamingo bouquet detailing, to their gold, flamingo embossed invitations, we couldn’t help but agree that “classy flamingo” is the perfect way to describe Stephanie.

It wasn’t just their flamingo wedding details we loved; the vows Stephanie and Mauricio exchanged were beautiful.

I don’t know what I did to have you in my life, but I am, and will continue to forever be grateful that you and I are best friends.

- Mauricio

Look at where we are look at where we started. You push me, inspire me, fascinate me, balance, and support me, and for that, I promise to love you endlessly. Now and forever. 

- Stephanie

Congratulations to Stephanie and Mauricio and go Eagles!

Love Story and Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Venue: Ballroom at the Ben
Bride Preparations: Loews Hotel Philadelphia
Groom Preparations: Union League
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kaleidoscope Solutions Inc.
Florist: FabuFloras
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Cutting Edge Entertainment
Music Licensed Through Soundstripe

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February 28, 2019 in CinemaCake Films

There’s something about a wedding disaster where you can’t look away. As we read the most recent wedding catastrophe article, “Wedding pictures become nightmare for bride,” we couldn’t help but think about how many brides out there have a wedding vendor horror story.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t had a chance to read the article, we’ll sum it up (however, please do read). A bride books a wedding vendor (because it was cheap) that turns into a total nightmare. The message of this article was clear and simple-you get what you paid for and if you think it’s too good to be probably is! While that all seems like a simple message and one that we’ve heard many times before, we tend to overlook the obvious when we’re excited or just not knowledgeable. And if you’ve never planned a wedding before, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed.

But how can these wedding vendor tragedies be avoided? After 17 years in the wedding industry, we’ve learned a thing or two here at CinemaCake, so here are some of our insider knowledge tips on 5 important things to know when booking your wedding vendors.

1. Look for Client Reviews

Client reviews are the easiest way to tell if a vendor is all they are cracked up to be. One thing we know, is that no bride is recommending a vendor that ended up disappointing her on her wedding day. In fact, she will go out of her way to make sure other brides don’t go through the same experience that they did.  Log into Facebook and search their business page to check the reviews written by real clients or better yet, simply Google them. Type in the name of the vendor and put the word ‘review’ after it. You will find out all kinds of information, both good..and bad. We love to use WeddingWire as a way for clients to document their reviews. With WeddingWire, our brides and grooms can sing their praises and share their CinemaCake experience for all future couples to see, However, you have no control of what people write, so you can see the good, the bad and the downright ugly as these are written by the client, not the vendor. Try searching your vendor on WeddingWire to see what their reviews say.

2. Ask to See Their Previous Work

Bottom line, if a vendor is reputable, they will be happy to show you their work. It’s important to see their previous work, so you can get a sense of what you will receive on your wedding day. Some photographers/videographers may direct you to their image/video gallery, while wedding planners/designers may show you Recap films created just for them. At CinemaCake, we’re happy to send couples our previous works, like our Coming Soon Trailers as well as a fully completed film, that will relate best to their wedding day. Whether it’s films shot at a specific venue, or with a certain vendor, there’s a film we can show you that you can relate to. But be sure to ask for a complete production and work that is recent, not just what is posted on their website or Facebook Page.  

3. Communicate With Your Vendors

We can’t stress enough the importance of being clear to your vendors as to what you are looking for in your final product. Whether it be your florist, your photographer, or your decorator, make sure there is always a clear line of communication. It’s important they understand your wedding day vision, and be able to meet your requirements. If your vendor is a reputable one, they will have no problem guiding you along, and will be prepared to answer all your questions and concerns. Here at CinemaCake, you can contact us through our Contact Page where we ask you a few starter questions. Then, we ask our couples to fill out a more detailed questionnaire in advance, so we can get to know you as a couple even more and to be sure we are the right fit.  We also meet all of our clients in person, whenever possible, to build upon that relationship and further ensure that the wedding day will run smoothly. Having a wedding planner is a great way to keep in contact with all of your vendors, without the stress of doing it yourself. A wedding planner is there to protect you and guide you and ensure that the whole process goes smoothly from the planning process to the wedding day.

4. See Who Vendors Recommend

It’s a good sign when both a florist and a decorator refer you to the same vendor. Your wedding planner may suggest which vendors are right for you as well. Take the time to ask each vendor which companies they tend to work with and whom they trust.

5. Steer Clear of the Everything-in-one Vendors

If you’re being offered a venue, entertainment, photography, cinematography, decor, transportation, catering, and a wedding dress, all in one, in our humble opinion, is probably too good to be true. It’s best to hire a company that has a niche or only works within a couple select fields. You may feel like you’re saving yourself money or the hassle of booking multiple vendors this way, but in our experience, this is not the best approach. Work with vendors who are passionate in their field and who are masters at what they do. The extra work on your part will be worth it!

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March 29, 2018 in CinemaCake Films

It's a chilly Sunday afternoon in Philadelphia and I am heading out of one of the city's premiere wedding venues.  I just spent my morning meeting dozens of newly-engaged couples at a showcase and talking with them all about their wedding day.  I love attending events like this one because it gives me the chance to meet couples at the very beginning of the planning process and offer some advice that I have picked-up from working in this industry.  It also gives me the chance to dispel any rumors and correct the misinformation I still hear about wedding films.  

Over the past few years, I have definitely seen a shift in the wedding industry where more couples are becoming educated and aware of the necessity of having their day filmed.  They get that it's the best way to relive their wedding because they can see and hear all the amazing moments and value the need to have their day captured professionally.  But even with all this new knowledge out there, I still have some couples coming up to me at wedding showcases and asking me if a film is really necessary.  Since I probably won't be able to meet all of you at a showcase, I'm doing the next best thing and sharing my answers to some of your biggest questions about wedding films.

1. I don't really need a wedding film, right?
You may not believe it now, but your wedding day will come and go before you know it.  All the months of hard work and planning will play out over several hours and then it's done!  Once the last piece of cake has been eaten and the last floral arrangement has wilted, all there is to look back on the day are the film and photos.  Of course the photos are a great way to remember special moments, but nothing compares to being able to hear the toasts being given in your honor and see all your guests enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

I have found that in spite of all of my knowledge on the topic, the couples we work with truly say it best.  Here was a review we received from Chris and Sarah after they watched their CinemaCake film for the first time:

"Unsurprisingly, we are blown away by what CinemaCake has created for us. They managed to capture not just the major events of our wedding day, but the feeling, emotion, and atmosphere of the celebration as well. To say that we are impressed would be an understatement and we truly cannot thank them enough. The whole team was fabulous to work with from the start and they not only went above and beyond, but did so in an entirely unobtrusive way, capturing moments without us even realizing they were there. In our opinion, that's the mark of a phenomenal videographer and one we would recommend to anyone who asked. Thank you for all of your hard work and for creating something that will be invaluable to not only us, but our families (and Ella!) as well for years to come."

2. Ok, I get it!  I definitely need a film!  But I can just have my friends film it on their iPhones right?
The old adage, "you get what you pay for" definitely rings true in this scenario.  Sure, having footage just for posterity's sake is good, but you'll probably end up with clips that are blurry or audio you just can't hear.  Having a professional crew, like the teams CinemaCake sends out, ensures that you will have amazing footage from multiple angles and crisp, clear audio from all of the important moments of your day.  Now, you'll truly be able to experience the important moments of your day all over again!  

Surprisingly, a recent survey of more than 750 newlyweds found that 35% of the couples wish they had spent more on their film!  Budgeting for your wedding film is just as important as budgeting for photography and a good rule of thumb is to budget the same amount for both services if you want the same service and quality.  Of course, you want to have beautiful photos of your day, but those images won't let you hear your vows or see your first dance again.  Only a film will let you fully experience your day again and again.   

Can't find the space for your dream cinematographer in your budget?  Why not include a film on your registry! gives couples the ability to create cash funds for your wedding film or any other elements of your day.  You can let your guests gift whatever amount they like or set fixed amounts so multiple guests can split the cost of your item.  Instead of getting more kitchen knick-knacks you'll probably never use, ask your guests for a meaningful gift that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.  

3. Alright, I'm hiring a professional!  How do I find the best company for me?
One of the biggest mistakes couples can make when they are planning their wedding is not doing the research.  It can be hard to figure out who you want to work with or who you can trust to provide the quality and service you are looking for and it's important to educate yourself before you sign any contracts.  First, it's good to talk to other vendors you are already working with and see who they recommend.  Most vendors take recommendations very seriously and will point you in the direction of someone whose work and personality they trust.  

Once you have some names, you will want to start looking online to see what other couples have to say about working with these companies.  By simply Googling "Name of Company" and "Reviews", you can find several websites where clients have shared first-hand accounts of what is was like to work with the company on their wedding day and what the delivery process was like once they got to see their work.  I always recommend couples check out the review site as well and make sure that reviews can't be removed by the company.  It can seem like a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it when you're working with the perfect team on your wedding day!

Planning your wedding can seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be.  If you prioritize the important elements of your day, budget for them or include them in registry, and do the necessary research, you will be able to put together an amazing team.  Your team is going to be with you throughout the biggest day of your life and they will work to make sure you have the best wedding day possible! 

Best of luck with planning and make sure to come visit me at a wedding showcase soon!

December 27, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

To the newly engaged couple:

Picture your ten year wedding anniversary.  Maybe you and your partner are living in a new home across the world or maybe you are both sitting on the same couch as you are right now.  Maybe you are surrounded by family or a couple of kids of your own or maybe you two are just enjoying each other's company as you reminisce on the day you said "I Do."  You are fondly talking about your wedding day, but the details are a little hazy.  What exactly did your maid of honor say in the toast?  What was that hilarious thing that your flower girl did during photo session?  Did you even see the decor you toiled over for weeks in the cocktail space?  Then you press play on your film and are immediately transported back to the day...

Like we discussed last week, your wedding day will breeze by and as the months and years go on, it will be hard to remember all the small details.  Having a film of your wedding day will bring you right back to the moment and will give you the chance to hear your vows again and see your guest's reaction to your first dance.  By keeping the film a manageable length, usually around 20 minutes, our couples can go back and relive their day over and over again.  This also makes the film easy to share with others and something that your guests and people who enter your life in the future will want to enjoy!  Lauren and Philip totally understood the importance of having their film documented in this way and we were so thrilled to receive this review from they happy couple.  

"Prior to our wedding, the single comment most mentioned was how quickly our wedding day will pass. Given so many events and details happening around us that day, it was important to us that CinemaCake capture our wedding day in a way that not only Philip and I, but anyone who views the film, would be able to experience as though they were actually there. When Philip and I viewed the film, we were brought to tears. You have not only documented in film each moment that Philip and I personally experienced, but you somehow were able to bring to life the entire day and events as were experienced through the eyes of our family and friends. From the beautiful ceremony and speeches through the wonderful reception and every special moment in between, CinemaCake perfectly captured our wedding day. Philip and I are so grateful to have this film and the opportunity to forever relive our wedding day and to share with our family and friends.”

Your wedding film will become important not only to you and those closest to you, but to future generations as well! If you have your own children or nieces and nephews in the future, they will be interested and excited to relive these important moments with you. It will be great to show them what they're family was like before they we're alive and allow them to share these incredibly important memories with you. Jamie Apody and her husband Paul just celebrated their 6th anniversary and the sportscaster shared this sweet, personal post on her Facebook page to highlight the day.

"Because I'm sentimental today...6 years ago was a pretty special night. We showed our wedding video to the boys this week. Tanner is still upset and keeps asking why he wasn't there! I told him he was there in our hearts"

As you experience more anniversaries and get further away from your wedding, your film will become an even more treasured heirloom.  It will start to hold new meaning for you as older relatives pass on, but are forever captured dancing and laughing in your film.  Years after we filmed the wedding of Michael McKenna's daughter he reached out with a story so powerful, we had to have him tell it again on camera.  Have a tissue ready for his incredible testimonial.

Your wedding day is going to be incredible and one of the most important days of your entire life.  Be sure that you always have a way to look back and see just how amazing it was.  We wish you all the best with planning and hope to hear from you soon.

December 22, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

To the newly engaged couple:

You may not believe it now, but your wedding day will come and go before you know it.  All the months of hard work and planning will play out over several hours and then it's done!  Once the last piece of cake has been eaten and the last floral arrangement has wilted, all there is to look back on the day with are the film and photos.  Of course the photos are a great way to remember special moments by, but nothing compares to being able to relive your day with a film!  Leila planned an amazing destination wedding to New Orleans and had this to say after seeing her film for the first time:

"EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR WEDDING CAPTURED ON FILM! We had the most amazing time at our wedding weekend in New Orleans! Dave + team were fabulous and truly captured the essence of the weekend and our favorite moments. Pictures are amazing but film is the only way to truly capture these precious moments in time to remember forever. The celebration all goes by so fast and being able to hear your vows and Maid of Honor's toast again and see yourself dancing with your dad is priceless. This is such an important celebration in your life and you put so much time, energy and money into it and you want to be able to relive it forever. We were so fortunate to have had CinemaCake as part of our big day and we are so glad we made it happen. They are the BEST!!!!”

There will be so much of the day that you won't get to see with your partner and watching back these moments will be one of the best post-wedding experiences.  The biggest part of the day you'll experience separately is Bride or Groom prep, when you are each getting ready with your members of the bridal party and family.  These small, special moments make up a lot of our film for a really good reason: your partner won't be there to see any of it!  With your film, he will now get to see your father's expression when he sees you for the first time, and you'll be able to see all the fun he's having with his groomsmen.  Personal moments like these add so much to your film, like the particularly special moment that Janie noted after watching her film several times.

"Every. single. person. could not believe that you were actually present and were capturing the moments that were seen on the film. After the third and fourth viewing, people still commented that they couldn't believe you were there at that particular moment because they just didn't see you. For instance, I clearly remember being surprised with jewelry by Kenny's mom before the ceremony and thinking to myself, "I wish Dave was here to capture this." And you were!!! You and Jimmy blended in so seamlessly with the background that no moment felt staged. Everything was authentic."

Your film will allow you and your partner to experience all the moments you missed later in your day as well.  Now you can see your guests mingling at cocktail hour or enjoying the photo booth.  You will also enjoy the fun, silly moments that we incorporate into our OutCakes chapter at the end of the film!  These bloopers are a favorite among our couples and we often hear that it's the favorite part of the film!  Stephanie and Pat's families loved their OutCakes section of the film and the happy bride even mentioned it in her film review:

"Everything about the outtakes is phenomenal! I love the music, I love the compilation of hysterical clips, and the ending of his grandfather dancing is just epic."

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and you'll want to relive it over and over again.  Having a film that allows you to not only see the people at your wedding, but hear them as well will do just that.  Not only right after the wedding day has passed, but into the future as well.  Next week, we will be wrapping up our series with a look into the future and we will discuss how important your film will be to everyone long term.  Be sure to check back in and until then, happy planning!



December 14, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

To the newly engaged couple:

If you are over the age of 23, then you have experienced WEDDING SEASON.  It's that beautiful time of the year where you could attend anywhere from 2 to 10 weddings in just a couple of months.  This time is filled with love and joy, as well as a couple of blisters from all the dancing!  It's such an honor to be a part of that couple's special day, but sometimes in can turn into a giant blur of beautiful flowers and bridesmaids gowns...

So how do you help set your day apart from all the other beautiful weddings out there?  The key is find ways to personalize your day and make it unique!  There are so many ways to do this and these personalized details will play a huge role in how your guests remember your day, as well as what you look back on.  Our team takes a lot of time before the wedding day, both talking to the couple and meeting in-person, to ensure we know what details are going to stand out the most when the couple looks back on their day.  Kristen, one of our 2013 brides, explains it further in her review of CinemaCake:

"We had a preliminary phone interview to go over details about the wedding, voiceovers, and information about me and my fiancé.  This preliminary part turned out to be so important because the things we discussed were exactly what was captured in the video.  Every wedding has it's own identity and our video displays that perfectly!"

Now the question is: what details can you add to YOUR day to make it stand out?  Some of our clients have brought everyone to tears writing their own, personalzied ceremony, and others have pulled out all the stops with a beautifully choreographed first dance!  We also see couples use decor or the favors they give out at the end of the night to give their evening a personalized flair.  Another great option is to tap your bridal party for help!  Marianna understood the importance of details and the performance her sister gave during the reception is a perfect, memorable example!  Here's Marianna's response to her CinemaCake film after seeing all of the elements included:

"The film was perfect beyond words, somehow capturing EVERYTHING that was personally meaningful about our day while still being artistic, impeccably edited, fresh, and original.  A lot of wedding filmmakers are good -- but there's no other word for it, CinemaCake is MAGICAL."

In spite of all of your hard work and planning, sometimes the special unique moments aren't clear until the wedding day itself!  Our crews are constantly paying attention to everything around them and are ready to catch any sweet moment or planned surprise for the newlyweds!  When Lisa and Paul were married in the summer of 2016, no one had a clue what Lisa's dad had in store for the couple and their guests.  He pulled off one of the best surprises we have ever seen.  You just have to see it to believe it!

Even if you can't get a 3-time Grammy winner to perform at your reception, there are still plenty of unique details you can incorporate to make your day stand out!  Don't worry if you miss them on the wedding day either, because your CinemaCake team will be on site to capture every sweet, beautiful, magical moment to include in your film!  Next week, we'll talk about your actual wedding day and what you'll experience as the newlyweds!  Be sure to check back in and until then, happy planning!


December 08, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

To the newly engaged couple:

Ok, so you have figured out your budget and determined which elements of your day are a priority.  Now, you get to start thinking about who you want to work with on the most important day of your life.  You start Googling and immediately realize there are a lot of wedding vendors out there!  

It can be hard to figure out who you want to work with or who you can trust to provide the quality of service you are looking for and it's important to educate yourself before you sign any contracts.  First, it's good to talk to other vendors you are already working with and see who they recommend.  Most vendors take recommendations very seriously and will point you in the direction of someone whose work and personality they trust.  

Once you have some names, you will want to start looking online to see what other couples have to say about working with these companies.  You want to make sure that past clients have experienced good customer service and that the vendors were pleasant to work with on the wedding day itself.  A great tool to use for this research is WeddingWire.  This site allows couples to rate the vendors in a variety of categories and allows them to speak freely about their experience.  WeddingWire does not allow vendors to take down or hide any negative reviews, so you can feel confident in what you're reading!  Here's an example of a sweet review we received from Sarah after her 2016 wedding:

"Unsurprisingly, we are blown away by what CinemaCake has created for us. They managed to capture not just the major events of our wedding day, but the feeling, emotion, and atmosphere of the celebration as well. To say that we are impressed would be an understatement and we truly cannot thank them enough. The whole team was fabulous to work with from the start and they not only went above and beyond, but did so in an entirely unobtrusive way, capturing moments without us even realizing they were there. In our opinion, that's the mark of a phenomenal videographer and one we would recommend to anyone who asked. Thank you for all of your hard work and for creating something that will be invaluable to not only us, but our families (and Ella!) as well for years to come. -Sarah and Chris Brown”

Once you know which vendors you want to contact, the next step is to learn about their industries and educate yourself on the newest trends or up-to-date technology that's available. We often hear from our couples that they weren't even planning on having a film because they had heard terrifying stories about intrusive videographers with giant cameras and lights on the dance floor. They are afraid that their guests will be bothered or blocked by these vendors all night and would rather forgo one of the most important elements of their day!  These were Susan's concerns when her mom wanted to book CinemaCake for her 2013 wedding.  In the end, the bride was so happy with the team on the day of her wedding and of course, her final film!

"Thank you so much! I've been showing it to everyone and all I can say is wow. The wedding video was one thing that my mother had to talk me into and all I can say is that I am so glad she did. It really gave me the opportunity to look back on the day as a whole as well as each amazing moment.  The film was perfection!  It really did being tears to my eyes."

The truth is, technology has changed so much over the past few years and our teams are now equipped with small, lightweight equipment that look just like photography gear. These enhancements, along with the training our team receives make us completely inconspicuous throughout the day and most people don't even realize we're there! Richard Donze almost missed out on capturing his daughter's beautiful wedding day because of his fears about intrusive camera-men, but thankfully changed his mind just weeks before the event. Hear his entire story in his testimonial film.

There are a lot of different options to consider when you start booking your vendors, but if you do the work and complete the research, you'll find the best team to work with! Next week, we will talk more about planning the details of your wedding and how to make your day unique. Be sure to check back in and until then, happy planning!


November 30, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

To the newly engaged couple:

Congratulations on your engagement!  This is an exciting time for you and your fiancé as you enter a new stage in your relationship and prepare for an even bigger step forward!  Everything is new and romantic as you begin thinking about your wedding day…

...and right at the beginning of planning you have to start dealing with the least romantic thing there is- your wedding budget.  The facts and figures organized in your Google docs that will determine every aspect of your day becomes overwhelming very quickly.  It can be hard to figure out how much you should spend on any one specific aspect of your day.  You never imagined that your wedding would require nearly this much math!

When working on your budget, there are a lot of factors to take into account and having a film of the wedding day should absolutely be at the top of your list!  How else will you, and even future generations, be able to see and hear all of the elements that will make up your day?  Gabriela summed it up nicely in her review, below:

“After initially thinking we wouldn't need a videographer, we booked CinemaCake on somewhat of a whim a few months before our wedding (miraculously, they were still available for a popular date!). It ended up being one of the best decisions we made for the day! They are certainly a bit pricey, but their work is a great example of getting what you pay for- every feature and coming soon trailer I've watched are touching and professional, and ours was no exception! As another vendor asked us, how much would you pay to see a video of your grandparents' wedding? Great-grandparents'? We enthusiastically recommend CinemaCake to other couples looking to capture the aspects of their wedding that photography can't do justice to.”

In the 15 years that CinemaCake has been in business, we have never once had a couple tell us they regret filming their wedding day. In fact, what we do hear is that they are so grateful they filmed their wedding and that it was absolutely the best money they spent on their wedding. If anything, we have couples tell us that they wish they had planned for it and worked it into their budget from the beginning. 

When Jamal found out about CinemaCake Filmmakers, he worked with his bride Marquita and did whatever was necessary to make sure his wedding was captured the right way.  Check out their story, below.

In more recent years, we find that couples make having a film of their day a priority and they find a way to make it work because they realize it’s just too important not to do it.  Planning and budgeting for your wedding day can get stressful, but if you focus on your priorities, you can make it work!  Nikoletta, one of our 2015 brides, has great advice for anyone planning their budget:

“I know that a lot of couples planning a wedding consider not hiring a videographer in an effort to save costs. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a videographer for budgetary reasons, I would suggest trying to save money elsewhere because you will regret not having a wedding video. It was some of the best money that we spent!”


So, when it's time to put your budget together, just grab a glass of wine, take a deep breath, and think about how you want to remember your wedding day (definitely with a film!).  Next week, we'll be talking about the importance of educating yourself as you begin hiring and booking your team for the day.  Be sure to check back in and until then, happy planning!



November 09, 2017 in CinemaCake Films

You may have noticed that our latest Coming Soon Trailers have felt lighter than air!  We have been incorporating aerial cinematography into our films for years now, and soon after the new FAA laws were put into place, CinemaCake passed the test with flying colors.  We recently got our own "birds" named Amelia and Betty White and have started using the aerial footage to help tell the whole story of our couple's wedding day.  The aerial footage we can now capture has become a real hit with our couples and it is rapidly becoming the most popular add-on to their CinemaCake Collections!  Here are our top three reasons to add aerial cinematography to your CinemaCake film!

1. Photo session fun!

Your photo session is a really fun time where you and your bridal party get to relax together before the full reception gets underway.  We often catch some of our best moments during the photo session and now we can get even more from the air!  Jeannie and David's bridal party really knew how to have a good time and created a human love chain around the happy newlyweds.  Check out the fun and more beautiful aerial shots in their aerial-centric CinemaGram trailer!

2. Amazing shots of your wedding location

One of the first and biggest decisions you make about your wedding is where to have your celebration.  It's a huge detail and will often set the style or mood for the rest of your wedding!  Our team captured the entirety of Olga and Tony's wedding weekend, including some beautiful aerial shots of their venue, Crystal Springs Resort.  From the groom's golf outing to the wedding day photo sunset, see if you can spy the aerial shots in their Coming Soon Trailer!

3. Make your day a movie!

CinemaCake films are already cinematic, but aerial cinematography will take your film to the next level!  Our drone can capture your wedding day from a new, unique perspective and help tell the whole story of your celebration, from the ground up.  Yasmina and John's CinemaCake Recap felt like a fairy tale and the aerial shots added a little extra movie magic!

October 30, 2017 in Behind The Scenes

The CinemaCake team is stacked with some pretty talented people!  Sure, everyone here can capture and edit beautiful films, but you may not know about some of the hidden talents different team members bring forward to make our work better.  We have had team members write scripts for some of our favorite Reveal Films and compose original songs for some of our Coming Soon Trailers.  This time around we had a couple of people use their artistic ability to really spruce up the studio!  Our Post-Production Manager, Jessica, along with Dave and Sheryl's daughter, Danielle, designed and created a full wall mural for the entryway of our West Conshohocken studio. 

The entryway wall was completely blank and we wanted to create something that would not only be inviting to guests, but would also represent an iconic spot where our team often works!  To get started, they created an extensive blueprint and several color swatches to give the painting depth, while still maintaining the CinemaCake shades.  Of course, we set up a time-lapse to cover the entire creation and you can check out that film at the bottom of the post!

The idea for the mural was to bring a bit of the city into our studio and recreate a classic Philadelphia scene.  The painting portrays the view of City Hall from South Broad Street, which is an iconic spot for newlyweds to visit during their photo session.  There are even some CinemaCake Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the scene.  See if you can spot them! 

This project took time and dedication and the final product is something our team will treasure for a long time.  Stop by our studio soon and grab your photo in front of this CinemaCake work of art!

August 22, 2017 in

When it comes to planning your wedding reception, every bride wants to make her party stand out!  One of the best ways to wow your crowd is to allow for a couple of surprises and incorproate details that no one would be expecting.  Here are 3 great ways to ensure your wedding is one that people will be talking about for years to come!

1. Put on your dancing shoes!

Every couple should take a couple of dance classes to make sure they don't resort to the middle-school-sway on the dance floor, but if you start your classes early enough you can plan something amazing!  Jackie and Steve wow-ed the crowd when they broke out into an entirely choreographed first dance.

It's not just the first dance that needs to be choreographed either!  Jeff wanted to find a fun way to surprise his new wife Lea at their Union League reception, so he reached out to a dance troupe and planned a fun surprise that no one would forget!


2. Give your bridal party (some) free reign in their toasts

One of the hardest things for brides when they are planning the perfect reception is letting go of some of the control.  You want to make sure that your day is perfect and it can be down right stressful when your bridal party excitedly tells you they have "something" planned.  Just take a breath and remember that you picked your bridal party because these are the people you trust the most and want to have around you on your big day.  Set a couple of parameters and see what they come up with!  You may even be blown away, like Melanie and Joe were during the toasts at their reception.


3. Pick meaningful songs for parent dances

As a bride, it's impossible to prioritize every detail of your day.  There is so much to plan for but you will want to make sure that you give yourself some time to honor the parents during the reception.  The parent dances can be a truly touching moment in the reception and your dear-old-dad will appreciate it if you select a song that is meaningful a lot to both of you!  When Lisa got married, she surprised her dad by picking a Tim McGraw song that was sentimental for both of them.  Her dad then pulled the father-of-all-surprises and blew everyone at the reception away!  

Did you have a fun surprise at your wedding reception?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!
February 22, 2017 in

Eddie Bruce, Sarah DiCicco, and Dave Williams posing outside of the trolley!What do you get when you put a fashionably dressed photographer, a film crew with a lot of GoPros, and a troupe of amazing singers together on a trolley?!  You get Trolley Karaoke of course!

As Valentine's Day eve dawned on Philadelphia, the team of CinemaCake Filmmakers, Sarah DiCicco Photography, and Eddie Bruce Orchestra took to the streets to begin surprising people and asking them to sing a love song with us!  There were several to choose from and with back up singers like CiBon, Charlene, and Eddie Bruce himself, there was nothing to fear.  

Our day started with the team from the Logan Hotel nailing a wonderful rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic, 'I Just Called to Say I Love You'.  From there, we picked up the team at The Union League, who were busily preparing for President's Day activities and celebrations.  They stuck with the Stevie Wonder hits and performed 'Ma Cherie Amour'.  Then it was off to the Ritz-Carlton, where the ladies selected a classic, 'Stop in the Name of Love' by the incomparable Supremes.

Eddie Bruce and Marilyn Maye singing for Trolley Karaoke!We started hearing some more modern love songs as we headed to our next stop up on Market Street. First, we met up with the women of Philadelphia Magazine Events team and Wedding Magazine, who joined Charlene in a rendition of 'Love on Top' by Beyonce.  Jim Weber, from Westin Philadelphia, was unfortunetly out of town, but one brave soul from the Westin staff did hop on and joined us in singing John Legend's 'All of Me'.  The team at the Rittenhouse Hotel brought back the classics by performing 'Stop in the Name of Love' and had a ball on the trolley!  We were all honored to then have the world-class Jazz singer, Marilyn Maye, join us in singing 'Delta Dawn' on the trolley!

After a quick lunch break, the trolley team raced up Broad Street to meet up with the crew at STARR Events.  They changed up the day by singing Bruno Mars' song 'Marry You' and packing the largest group we had seen all day in the trolley!  Our last stop of the day was at the world famous Philadelphia Museum of Art.  The women of the event team boldly jumped on the trolley and performed 'Love will Keep us together' by Captain & Tennille!  The day was a total success and you can check out the full film of our whirlwind adventure, below.

The trolley was generously supplied by Philadelphia Trolley Works and the Valentine's Day holiday decor was courtesy of Nicol Floral Design.  Everyone loved the silk roses that Nicol included as well, and many of our karaoke performers used the flowers as makeshift microphones!  After each group finished their song, they were each given a delicious cupcake, donated from Whipped Bakeshop.  We had a blast surprising everyone with Trolley Karaoke, and who knows?  Maybe you and your team will be next! 


January 13, 2017 in Awards

Thanks so much to Borrowed and Blue for awarding CinemaCake Filmmakers with the Gold Medal in Wedding Cinematography!  We are beyond honored to receive this award and to be listed with some of our favorite vendors in the Philadelphia region.  

Borrowed & Blue’s awards reveal who’s truly the best of the best in the “I do” biz, because they’re exclusively vendor-voted: vendor picks, by the vendors themselves.

You can view the 5 times CinemaCake has been featured.  Check out the list of all of the incredible winners who were honored this year HERE 



September 07, 2016 in Coming Soon Trailers

CinemaCake has captured a lot of fun surprises at weddings in the past.  From our couples breaking out into a perfectly choreographed first dance, to a spontaneous fireworks display, we had thought we had seen it all!  That is, until Lisa and Paul's wedding reception.  This beautiful reception started out with a traditional first dance and a fabulous dinner served to all 500 guests in attendance at Vie.  Then, when the Father-Daughter dance began, everyone was blown away!  Check out the ending of their Coming Soon Trailer, HERE!

"It's WONDERFUL!!! Oh my goodness!!!! It's fantastic!! Thank you so much!! We have been honored to work with you!!"  -Lisa and Paul Getz

Months before her wedding day, Lisa had selected the song "My Little Girl", by famed country singer Tim McGraw, for her first dance with her father, thinking it would be a touching song for the BVTLive!'s JellyRoll to perform.  Little did she know that her dad, Dave, had much bigger plans!  Dave had secretly communicated with the song's co-writer and had McGraw sneak onto the stage and surprise Lisa at the reception!  Alison Conklin was there to snap some beautiful shots and the CinemaCake crew was ready to capture some amazing footage, which you can check out in the sneak peek we released the day after the wedding!

Of course, it isn't every day that a three-time Grammy winner stops by a wedding for an impromptu concert!  Philadelphia Wedding Magazine gave everyone the behind-the scene scoop an interviewed each of the vendors involved in the wedding.  You can check out their article HERE! This story also became national news fast and Lisa and Paul were interviewed by a couple of news outlets about their out-of-this-world reception.  Here is an interview they did with Fox 10 in Phoenix, complete with some of our clips of the jaw-dropping performance!  

McGraw stayed at Lisa and Paul's reception after the Father-Daughter dance and performed a full set of songs for the newlyweds and their guests!  Special thanks to all involved, including Cescaphe Event Group, the amazing team at VieAlison Conklin Photography, Beautiful Blooms, and BVTLive!'s Jellyroll!

August 19, 2016 in Coming Soon Trailers

This summer, CinemaCake has sent crews out all over the "City of Brotherly Love" to work with amazing couples and capture some truly beautiful wedding days.  One of the best parts of filming in Philadelphia is all of the gorgeous and unique spots that this city has to offer.  We have had the chance to film in several beautiful ballrooms, a green house, and even a museum!  Here are some of our favorite trailers from this season of weddings.  

Gabriela and Mike's Timeless Wedding at the Bellevue
Upon first review of Gabriela and Mike's wedding website and their beautiful engagement photos from Paris, we knew right away their wedding day would be nothing short of elegant.  This adorable couple planned a traditional day and added personal elements throughout their reception at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, located in the heart of the city.  Guests were seated at tables named for the couple's favorite Dave Matthew's Band songs and their card box resembled their adorable pooch!  We loved working with Gabriela and Mike and we were thrilled to hear from them after we shared their trailer!

"We LOVE it! I have watched it five times since we first opened the email and keep picking out new things. Thank you so much for capturing our day and personalities so well, we couldn't be happier with the result! We loved working with your team this past Saturday, they were fantastic!"
-Gabriela and Mike

Madeline and Dan's Fun-filled day at the Horticulture Center
When we first met with these high-school sweethearts, they told us that their wedding day would be a fun one; and boy did they deliver!  From a lively morning with Maddie and her bridesmaids during preparations, to the amazing dance moves at the end of the night, this sweet couple had a great time and made sure everyone around them did too!  Maddie and Dan each wrote to us after they saw the trailer for the first time and both sent such heart-felt notes.

"Literally watched it the second I got home for lunch. Dan and I CANNOT stop smiling! Didn't think it could turn out that amazing!!!"
- Madeline

"I wanted to take a second to echo what Maddie said. I know this is only the trailer but we could not be more thrilled with how it came out. Every shot is gorgeous. I also just wanted to say that the film crew on wedding day was incredible. For the most part, we barely even noticed they were there! 
Thanks again for the great work."
- Daniel

Lyndsey and Vincent's upscale affair at the Rodin Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

When Lyndsey and Vincent first reached out to us about filming their day, we knew this was an event that could not be passed up!  They had decided to host their wedding at not one, but two of the most iconic art establishments in the city and their day was sure to be filled with love, beauty and elegance.  The couple said, "I do!" in the gardens of the Rodin Museum and took photos with their guests in front of an enormous and gorgeous flower wall.  From there, everyone traveled to the Perelman Building and each was greeted by traditional Taiko drummers.  The guests then dined at one long, beautifully laid table that stretched nearly the length of the gallery.  They danced to live music performed by a CinemaCake favorite, JellyRoll!  The night was truly a spectacular one and you can check out all the moments in their Coming Soon Trailer, below.  

We didn't just get to film in Philadelphia this summer!  Check out our collection of trailers from the summer and see some of the beautiful weddings we captured throughout PA, the Jersey shore and Delaware!

Our CinemaCake Sampler has had an impact in a very short time.  Here are just some of the reviews from the people who made cameos...


"The talent of these folks never ceases to amaze me!! Forget about sending popcorn with your videos Sheryl and Dave -- you need to send a GIANT BOX OF TISSUES! I just watched this incredible film you made and you guessed it--tears. While I was moved by seeing so many of our brides and grooms in the film, what got me was the way you meshed all of it together to create a moving story. This is what we do and all the emotion you captured is why we all work so hard to create magical memories. Excellent Job! Wishing you continued success!"

Brian Kappra
Evantine Design

"This... is... amazing  ♥  Thanks for the memories. You guys are TRULY the best!"
Jamie (Apody) Coleman


"Thank you, a most original film! I will certainly pass the word."

Sylvia Weinstock (Pictured with Planner, Gina Sole)

"You nailed this one baby. It pulls at every heartstring I have. Think about how lucky we are to be involved in the most special day of our brides and grooms' lives."

Melissa Brannon, Fairy GodMother BadAss
Uncommon Events

"Look and see - 3 years ago Rachel Silver Barten and Garrett Barten - great day. Thanks Cinemacake for including us!"

Ivy Silver
Mother of the Bride

"Hi Dave,

That is a beautiful sampler of your work.  It brought me right back to our lovely day at St. Agnes and Overbrook Golf Club.  Can't believe this June will be 2 years already.  My son-in-law Greg will be remembered for his "all right" among the other special moments he and Liz shared on their wedding day.  Priceless."

Kathy Donze
Mother of the Bride

"Hi Sheryl and Dave,
There should be a warning with your email:  Tissues required.
This is just beautiful. Congratulations on an amazing job!  And I look forward to working with you again soon!"

Lynda Barness
I DO Wedding Consulting

"A simply wonderful video by our friends at CinemaCake Filmmakers! Ash Mill Farms is one, of many, beautiful location this film was shot at but regardless, this 5 minute reel will probably make you tear up! ♥"

Ash Mill Farm

"We are excited to be included in this recent sampler. Beautiful imagery, exceptional sound and a piece that demonstrates flawlessly the art of blending together emotion and timing, the edit. You can hire any number of videographers but there is only one CinemaCake."

Sara and Steve Langdon
Langdon Photography

"Our friends at CinemaCake Filmmakers put together the most beautiful sampler film that showcases their talents- and the remarkable talents of so many of our professional partners- in such a stunning way! MANY THANKS to Dave, Sheryl, and their gang for including Proud to Plan weddings in your film- we (and our couples) are so lucky to get to work with your team!!!"

Erin Proud
Proud to Plan

"One of our favorite videographers to work with - always yields happy brides & grooms! Take a look at some beautiful moments....."

Kathy and Stacey
The Wedding Factor

May 05, 2016 in Behind The Scenes

Well, maybe it wasn't that easy...

Last week, we made a huge announcement and premiered our brand new website!  We have been working on this site tirelessly for months now and we are so happy to finally share it with everyone.  As we were creating the site, we kept coming back and reviewing what would be shared on the first page.  We had space for one film and couldn't come up with the perfect one.  We work with so many beautiful, unique couples!  How could just one day explain everything we are?  

You know the old saying, "a Chef's breakfast is as plain as boiled eggs."  We have made several reels for other companies' marketing efforts, why not make one that highlights our capabilities?  We decided it was time to create our own sizzle reel, which we call our CinemaCake Sampler.  This is where the real work began.  

Since 2001, CinemaCake has had the privilege of capturing over 1,000 beautiful weddings, so when it was time for us to create a film that showed off our work, you can imagine how difficult it was!  Our team spent dozens of hours reviewing trailers, same day edits, and films, to find the right ingredients.  We not only wanted to showcase our work, but tell a story as well, so finding the best card readings, vows, and speeches became crucial.  After everything had been reviewed and organized, we handed hours of footage and clips off to our incredible editor, Rick Stevens, and had him piece the final story together.  

We couldn't be prouder of our CinemaCake Sampler and we feel like it truly showcases what we do in just a few minutes!  We are so happy to be sharing this film with you now and we can't wait to hear your feelings about it in the comments below!  Maybe you'll see something "Popping up" in your mailbox!

April 28, 2016 in Coming Soon Trailers

Wedding Season is officially upon us and our crews have already had a chance to work with some unique and amazing couples!  We were so thrilled when each of our recent brides personalized their CinemaCakes with a Coming Soon Trailer.  They can’t get enough of the cinematic sneak-peeks, which we deliver within just a few days of their wedding celebration.  Here are a few of our latest trailers!

-Lauren and Ben

On March 25th, Lauren and Ben said "I Do" under a whimsical canopy of pink flowers, before dancing the night away in a beautifully adorned ballroom. We shared their Coming Soon Trailer just a few days later and were thrilled to receive the happy couple's simple response:

"We loveeeeeee it!"

Event Designer and Coordinator: Arrangements Unlimited
Photography/Photo courtesy: Baiada Photography
Venue: Westin Hotel Philadelphia
Entertainment: The Stingers
Music licensed through


-Amber and Sean

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, but Amber and Sean took their spring wedding to a whole other level when they were wed in the Horticulture Center greenhouse in Fairmount Park!  We couldn't wait to share their beautiful trailer with the happy couple and they responded almost instantaneously:

"Jess, Craig, Dave and Sheryl, you all did such an amazing job capturing one of the most incredible days of our lives! Not only was your team fun to work with but it seems like they are an extension of our family. Was so great to share the day with you all and even more touching to see what you all shaped from the raw material captured... Excited to see the rest as it come!

Thanks again!

Amber & Sean"

Event Designer and Coordinator: Uncommon Events
Photography/Photo courtesy: Mary Dougherty
Venue: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
Catering: Starr Events
Entertainment: Elan Artists-Nation
Bride Prep Location: Hotel Monaco Philadelphia


-Christina and James

This couple’s day was nothing short of spectacular!  Christina was stunning in her classic gown and tiara as she walked down the aisle of St. Agatha and St. James church to James.  After the couple exchanged vows, they were joined by over 250 guests at the Union League of Philadelphia for a night of dining and dancing to an incredible band.  Check out the happy couple’s response to their trailer:


I was so excited to see your email. While watching the video I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh this trailer is absolutely amazing"! James and I are speechless. We keep watching it over and over again! Thank you so much for sending this to us. We can't wait to see the full video and relive the bet day of our lives.  


Christina and James 

Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony Venue: St. Agatha and St. James Parish
Reception Venue/Catering: The Union League
Event Coodinator: Gina Sole the Wedding Planner
Floral: Kremp Florist
Live Entertainment: Sid Miller Dance Band 



July 29, 2015 in Behind The Scenes

Since 2001 CinemaCake has been bringing all of the excitement of events like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and corporate events to life on film. But like Rome, it wasn't built in a day. 

CinemaCake owner and president, Dave Williams, was recently interviewed by Christian Nachtrieb on team management and growth. In the interview, Dave discussed starting the business, how he found and manages the CinemaCake team, and some of the resources he discovered along the way. 

Dave spent 11 years in pharmaceutical sales with a recreational interest in videography that started with a Super 8 camera in the late seventies. A coworker asked him to film her wedding, which eventually led Dave to discover his passion for filmmaking, and the rest is pretty much history.

Once Dave took the plunge into the world of filmmaking with his wife and CinemaCake co-owner, Sheryl, he quickly discovered that filming, editing, and production were time consuming. He learned to recruit heavily through CinemaCake's editing contests.  

Managing your own business isn't always a walk in the park. Dave shared a lot of the resources and learning experiences he had while developing CinemaCake into a small business. Using cloud services like ShootQ and Basecamp organized communication between team members and clients. Holding the editors contests, having potential employees shadow on shoots, and demonstrating an overall sense of professionalism were just a few of the strategies that Dave and Sheryl implemented to establish the culture at "The Cake".  

Whether its in the studio or on a shoot, you can always find Dave exploring new creative strategies and leading by example. The CinemaCake team is definitely proud to call Dave and Sheryl Williams our fearless leaders. Check out the full interview below:



July 29, 2015 in

There are always times when we wish that we could fast forward; waiting in lines, commercials on TV, or sitting in traffic. While we are still waiting to be able to skip over some boring parts of real life like Adam Sandler could in Click, we have a tool in filmmaking that already does it for video footage. 

Time-lapses can turn days into minutes.  There is a growing demand for these types of films and the fast paced business world is loving fast paced films.  It is an effective and artistic technique used in famous title sequences, like House of Cards, for example.  

One of our most recent corporate time-lapses was for the 250th Celebration of the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. The event was held on the upper deck of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The time-lapse ran from Sunday to Saturday and caught every moment leading up to and during the event: from the construction, to the meal prep, to the fireworks at the end of the night.  

"It's a lot of work that no one can really appreciate until the film is complete.  From the crew on the ground, to our drone in the air and from our editor to our graphic designer, our team worked hard to pull this vision together for all of the vendors involved.", said Dave Williams, Partner at CinemaCake Filmmakers.

Make sure to check out the time-lapse film below!

It was once said that if you love someone, let them go, and if they come back thats how you'll know. This was certainly true for Stefanie and Larry, a couple whose wedding we filmed a little over a year ago. Their wedding was recently featured in The Knot Pennsylvania. From their high school prom to their wedding at Pomme, their love story was just as beautiful as their big day, and we caught it all on film in a love story video

(Photo by Marie Labbancz)

This couple were high school sweethearts. Larry, who is one year older than Stefanie, left to attend college. They broke up and parted ways after two years of dating. Twenty four years later they reconnected on LinkedIn over their shared interest in politics. They picked up right where they left off, this time including their children from previous marriages. Stefanie has two children, Josh and Allie. Larry also has two children, Ethan and Halle. All of their kids are around the same age and formed close friendships, easily blending the two families. And the rest is history. (Photo courtesy of Marie Labbancz)

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Pomme, a secluded woodland mansion in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Their wedding drew inspiration from many of the family's vacations (where thankfully, according to their love story video, nobody forgot their boarding passes). The trendy rustic, wine country theme came from their trips to Napa Valley and Sonoma, California and Tuscany. They featured deep colors such as lavender, green, and red... right down to the Vera Wang wedding dress. 

"We wanted it to feel natural and fresh without being overly rustic," Stefanie said. 

The ceremony took place on the lawn, under the chuppah draped with flowers. Both Stefanie and Larry's children walked their parents down the aisle and served as their attendants, completing the theme of celebrating family. The reception was decorated with soft orange lighting, large wooden farm tables, and all the fragrant flowers you can imagine. Stefanie and Larry along with their family and friends ate, laughed, and danced the night away. The perfect ending to a perfect day.  

More of the setting, decorations, and all the other details that brought their dream wedding to life can be seen in their trailer below. 

June 10, 2015 in Awards

Wondering what is happening in the Greater Philadelphia Area? Look no further than the aptly named Happening List. The Happening List is the Philadelphia People's Choice contest that is published by Philly Happening, a digital magazine. It features a wide variety of people, places, businesses, and events that are all based in and around Philadelphia. 

There are categories on The HappeningList for all types of businesses from restaurants to yoga studios. Our personal favorite is the wedding section, where there are awards that every type of affiliate in the industry is eligible for. We were honored to have received The Wedding Videographer Award before in 2013 and we were also the runner ups last year in 2014. This year CinemaCake was selected for the The Happening List's 2015 Wedding Videographer Award.  

We are excited to see other businesses accept their awards for a job well done. We are always grateful to receive professional awards and would like to thank the The Happening List for recognizing us.  

To read more about The Happening List and the other awards click here.  

June 09, 2015 in Behind The Scenes

It is no secret that we live in an age of rapidly progressing technology. Many industries have been affected by the skyrocketing advancements in electronics, and the filmmaking industry is no exception. While new lenses or editing software is always exciting for us, one of our favorite new high tech tools at CinemaCake are quadcopters, more popularly known as drones. They help get those bird's eye view shots of events and venues. 

The Inquirer recently posted a feature article on the use of drones in this industry. In the article, multiple professionals were interviewed on their opinions of drones including our CinemaCake owner, Dave Williams. In the article, Dave discussed one of our recent projects that incorporated the use of drones; a promo for The Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. The film will promote weddings and other events in Montgomery County. Dave believes it will give the promo a little something extra to encourage engaged couples to choose Montgomery County venues for their weddings. 

"I think that the article was well balanced because it did the most important thing; it promoted professional pilots and safety first. Experienced operators are a must, not only for safety, but for the best shots possible." Dave said. To view the article from The Inquirer click here.   

Below is a still image of a wedding venue where we have filmed and it was taken with a drone. 

We look forward to seeing which kinds of new technology will be released in the future, and how we will be able to utilize them for filmmaking.  

As we say goodbye and good luck to the current Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, Sheryl and I, with the entire CinemaCake team, decided to reflect back on some of the memories we have by watching a collection of films.  

For over a decade, CinemaCake has been shooting films for Four Seasons clients and for the hotel itself.  The people of Four Seasons Philadelphia have been so pleasant to work with, from the doormen who greet us to the entire catering staff.  It has truly been an inspiring experience for us because rarely do we see the level of service and consistency The Four Seasons has demonstrated over the years.

As the Four Seasons moves into the next phase, we look back through our films to celebrate the events and the people who have touched so many lives.

June 03, 2015 in

While filming is our pride and joy, another one of our favorite parts of being in this business is getting to know our clients before their wedding day. Every couple has their own unique, individual story which makes a difference in how our filmmakers approach producing their film. 

A large part of getting to know this part of the wedding involves a pre-production call between a filmmaker who will be on that job, and the clients. Every wedding is different and the pre-production call helps us find out what that something old, something borrowed, something new, and something blue is for each one. 

The discussion often covers details about the wedding such as specific shots that clients may want included, family politics filmmakers should be aware of, and those extra special attributes you don't want missing from the film. 

A couple who shared these parts of their day with us were Julie and Andrew. In their pre-production call and questionnaire, they shared with us some noteworthy sentimentalities of their wedding day. Julie shared her close relationships with her sister and late grandmother. She incorporated them into her wedding wardrobe. She also donned her sister's veil and her sister made her bouquet out of her grandmother's collection of brooches. Her sister also designed and hand made the bridal party's dresses. The couple also exchanged cards and gifts privately before the ceremony. 

Rick Stevens, one of the filmmakers who worked on this wedding, said: "Having spoken to Julie beforehand, I knew which shots were important to this couple. I filmed the card readings and the bouquet before the ceremony, which are in the trailer. I also made sure to get individual shots of the bridesmaids dresses with my macro and wide lenses. I had made it a point to get these shots early in the day so that there wouldn't be any chance of missing them."  

While these can seem like small details, they are part of what makes each of our wedding films a one of a kind film that our clients truly appreciate. Check out Julie and Andrew's trailer below and make sure to notice those extra special parts of their day!

May 26, 2015 in Behind The Scenes

CinemaCake teams always try to capture people in their best light as they get ready in bedrooms, hotel rooms, and bridal suites. One of the most important aspects of filming is finding good light, and sometimes this can be challenging.

After years of filming on corporate sets, Dave has picked up a few tricks of the trade for filming brides, grooms, and family members as they prepare for their big day. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of those tricks.  

Most rooms have regular tungsten bulbs in the lamps on nightstands and in other fixtures.  Tungsten lights are much "warmer" or orange, compared to the sunshine (bluer light) that comes through the window while shooting. This means that subjects and objects are in "mixed light", which is not as flattering as evenly colored light in the room.  Dave discovered a quick and inexpensive (less than $10) solution to this problem and still uses this tactic today. 

If there is a chance of a mixed light situation, he makes sure to grab a pack of four 60W Equivalent Daylight CFL bulbs just in case the lighting clashes. These light bulbs can easily replace the tungsten bulbs in a room and match the color temperature of the sun. Instead of the orange lighting from the tungstens, the daylight bulbs provide a cooler or bluer light that helps make a more attractive picture on camera, avoiding the less flattering "mixed light".

"Tungsten bulbs and sunlight don't mix well. The daylight bulbs are powerful tools. Filmmakers can often feel like lighting is something that is out of our control, but it can suddenly be back in your control for a low price and minimal effort", Dave says. 

Dave has been using this tool so long that he has returned to the same rooms years later to discover the daylight bulbs he installed were still there. 

Below is a film where Dave used this technique. 

Disclaimer: Dave recommends getting permission before changing anyone's bulbs. 


May 22, 2015 in Coming Soon Trailers

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Matt Peck, and Danielle Redenbaugh
Editor: Jason Edelstein
Photography: Sarah DiCicco Photography
Venue: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
Catering: Starr Events
Event Coordinator and Decor: Uncommon Events
Entertainment: Right On Band
Bride Preparations Location: Le Méridien Philadelphia 
Music licensed through

May 20, 2015 in CinemaCake Films

My name is Keira Hackman and I am the new social media intern at CinemaCake for the summer. This is the first installation in my blogging career with CinemaCake and I look forward to writing on their behalf for the next few months.

On the subject of media, last week on Wednesday, May 13th, a blog post in Philadelphia Magazine's wedding section was released featuring our company owner and fearless leader, Dave Williams. Philadelphia Magazine asked Dave five questions related to event filmmaking. The post goes into detail about what Dave's favorite strategies and tools are in the wedding and film industry and how they help him capture "the story" behind weddings. 

CinemaCake would like to take this opportunity to thank Philadelphia Magazine for including Dave in their latest "Five Favorite Things" post, which can be found HERE! They have been a pleasure to work with. Everyone at CinemaCake is thrilled about the post and couldn't be more excited for Dave.  

When asked about the interview, Dave chose to elaborate on the second question:

"When asked about my favorite unexpected things, my mind was flooded with examples, like the time the antique Rolls Royce carrying the bride and groom crashed into the back of a minivan on the Schuylkill Expressway, right in front of us. Our crew was there to capture what ended up being one of the funniest moments of the film because nobody was hurt and we stuffed the bride and groom into our production vehicle and took them to the photo shoot at the Art Museum. The bride and groom took it in stride. I guess that's the beauty of this business. We never know what to expect." 

I look forward to seeing Dave and the rest of CinemaCake continue to turn some of the most unexpected twists and turns of events into pieces of art. 

April 15, 2015 in Coming Soon Trailers

Thanks so much to Style Me Pretty for featuring Liz and Greg’s Coming Soon Trailer in their latest post!  This couple’s wedding was a true family affair, filled with many heartfelt moments, and we could not wait to share their trailer with them.  Here was the happy couple’s response:

“Dave and the CinemaCake team,
The trailer is AMAZING!  We love it and are beyond excited for the film to come out.  Thank you so much!!"
-Liz and Greg

You can see several of the beautiful moments in their cinematic sneak peek, below, and you can check out the full post about their wedding day HERE!

Cinematography: Rick Stevens, Noah Stoner, and Tyler Knight
Editor: Rick Stevens
Reception Venue and Catering: Overbrook Golf Club
Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes Catholic Church 
Photography: mk Photo
Florist: Tish Long Flowers
Entertainment: CTO 5th Ave
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Joseph Anthony Spa and Salon
Music licensed by Songfreedom 

March 21, 2015 in

Angel and Craig reviewing an edit in our CinemaCake Studio

Since 2004, CinemaCake has found its talented editors through an editor's contest. The idea was simple; allow prospective editors to download the same raw footage from one wedding, cut a short recap, and submit it for our review.  Most of our best editors were discovered through these contests!  You can read about the last contest and see the results HERE.

 This year, we're growing again and we're looking for talented editors to show us their stuff!  We love watching all the edits.  It amazes us - every time we do this - how many different ways there are to tell a story.

For more information and to enter our editor contest, visit our Employment Page and fill out the contact form.  Please send any questions about the contest to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Entries are due on April 25th, at which time the CinemaCake Team will get together and review all of the entries in our theater.  We will narrow it down to the top three and publicly show the top edits to the world.  Winners will also interview for editor positions at CinemaCake.  

Some of our editors got together to offer advice for your edit and you can see it all in our testimonial film here:

We are so excited with all of the interest we have received so far.  Stay tuned and good luck everyone!

November 14, 2014 in

CinemaCake is always tweaking our secret recipe to deliver the best films to our brides and grooms.  By adding MediaZilla to the mix, we are now creating a beautiful viewing experience no matter where you want to watch your CinemaCake film! 

MediaZilla is an online media platform that allows you to store multiple video files in one place AND still enjoy the same beautiful navigation you see on our optical media (Blu-rays and DVDs). You can even share this online viewing experience with as many people as you want, eliminating the need for multiple copies of discs.  You also have the freedom to use this navigation on your computer, tablet or smart phone! No more worrying about what kind of optical media you need to order for family members and no more stress about how to share all the chapters of your film.

We have already started sharing our films enriched with MediaZilla and we can't wait to start offering this feature to even more of our couples, families, and friends!  Check out the MediaZilla enriched production we created for Ania and Robert's CinemaCake film.  (Click on the full screen button in the lower right for the best experience)

The great thing about our newest add-on is that it can be added to any CinemaCake film.  If you already received your film and want to keep sharing it, just write to us at for more details.  MediaZilla is the perfect icing on any CinemaCake, so make sure you fortify your film with it today!

September 29, 2014 in Awards

Hi Dave,

Congratulations! Pilot Freight National Meeting has been selected as a finalist for Best Use of Video at an Event in the 2014 BizBash Event Style Awards.

A full list of finalists can be found here

The announcement of the winners will take place during BizBash Live: The Expo New York on Tuesday, October 28 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The winners will be announced in two sessions—half of the categories from 1:00 – 1:45 p.m. and the others from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. We’ll be in touch with further information about when your category will be announced.

Congratulations on this exclusive acknowledgement, and we look forward to seeing you on October 28.

Best Regards,

David Adler
C.E.O. and founder

September 25, 2014 in Coming Soon Trailers

Featured on Style Me Pretty: No doubt about it, The Lord Thompson Manor knows how to throw a wedding. Like the kind that has immaculately manicured grounds, elegantly arranged florals and perfectly personalized details – so yeah, basically the BEST kind. But, don’t take our word for it. Browse Tara Lynn Sen’s beautiful shots in the full gallery and Cinemacake’s sweet film!

June 26, 2014 in Coming Soon Trailers

Since the beginning of May, our team has accomplished some pretty amazing things!  We have filmed a total of 27 weddings and more than half of our couples have ordered and received their Coming Soon Trailers!  Our brides can’t get enough of the cinematic sneak-peeks, which we deliver within just a few days of their wedding celebration.  We can’t fit all of the amazing Coming Soon Trailers into one blog post, so here are just a few of the first films of the season!

Stephanie and Jonathan’s Coming Soon Trailer:

We met Stephanie when we filmed her sister’s wedding last year, and we could’t wait to create a beautiful CinemaCake film for her big day as well!  Stephanie and Jonathan held their wedding at The Reeds, in Stone Harbor, and we delivered their Coming Soon Trailer just a few days later.  Here is Stephanie's response:  "It's amazing!!!! We just watched it 3 times in a row!”

Kristina and Bobby’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Kristina and Bobby celebrated their wedding in May at the Union League of Philadelphia. This day held a special meaning to our team because we had worked closely with this couple on other projects before we arrived to film their wedding. For the past two years, we have created films for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, which is the non-profit organization Bobby's family created in honor of his sister. We were thrilled to be a part of their wedding day and hear that both Kristina and Bobby loved their Coming Soon Trailer!  

Stefanie and Larry’s Coming Soon Trailer:

When we first met Stefanie and Larry, we knew right away that they had an incredible love story (check out their Love Story film in our post: We also knew their wedding day would be a beautiful celebration as they brought their two families together and we couldn't wait to give them a glimpse of their final film. We shared the Coming Soon Trailer and here was the happy couple's response:  

"This trailer is INCREDIBLE! We absolutely love it!!!! The day and night of the wedding flew by so fast (as we knew it would), and now more than anything we're so excited and thankful that we'll have our CinemaCake films to remind us of everything that happened and to bring us right back to that wonderful day---almost as if we were there again---for so many years to come. Between your amazing work on the Love Story and this trailer, you guys are gonna have your work cut out for you to try to top what you've done so far with the final film.....But don't worry, we have faith in you! 

Thank you!!!

Your friends,

Larry and Stef” 

Caitlin and David’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Caitlin and David celebrated their wedding over Memorial Day Weekend and we sent them their Coming Soon Trailer the following week. They had such a beautiful day and we wanted to make sure we included as many perfect moments as possible, so we were thrilled when we received their response:

"Dave! We LOVE the trailer!! It is perfect!!!


Jennifer and Greg’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Jennifer and Greg celebrated their wedding in May and their day featured a great cast of characters, from Tony the Cat to the University of Delaware's mascot, the famous Blue Hen! Even with all the excitement, this couple really shined on their wedding day and our crew had a great time working with them and the rest of their amazing team! They received their trailer within days of the wedding, and this was their response: 

"Sheryl & Dave, thank you guys so much! we love it. We've been in Hawaii & just got back yesterday- what a pleasant surprise! Sooo well done. Thank you guys so so much! I have to say, I really really enjoyed the videographers, they were a lot of fun to be around, very nice guys. Thanks again guys!” 

Be sure to check back for our next set of Coming Soon Trailers soon!

May 21, 2014 in Love Stories

Jeff and Lea met the first day of medical school.  Their relationship developed as they became study partners, tennis rivals, and eventually a couple.  Their first date was on the steps of the Art Museum and Jeff proposed in Washington DC...

Ania and Robert met late one night in Rittenhouse Square.  Robert offered Ania his phone number, but she said if it was meant to happen, they would meet again.  Sure enough, they bumped into each other again one night in Center City and have been inseparable ever since...

Stefanie and Larry started dating in high school, but their relationship ended when Larry left for college.  Years later, they reconnected over their shared interest in politics and now Stefanie and her two kids, Josh and Allie, and Larry, along with his children Halle and Ethan, are starting their new family...

We hear incredible stories from our engaged couple's every day.  Stories about how they first met, challenges they overcame together, their proposals, and moments that really defined them as a couple.  Part of what we do at CinemaCake is find these stories and build them into the couple's film, to truly make the final product unique to them.  

But what about the day of the wedding?  The details of any couple’s story can get lost in the beauty and traditions of their ceremony and reception and guests may leave not really knowing how the couple actually got to the point of getting married!  That’s where your CinemaCake Love Story comes into play!  Check out the stories of these three CinemaCake couples and the films they shared on the night of their wedding.    

Lea and Jeffrey's Love Story:

During our first meeting, Lea talked about finding a way to share the story of her relationship with Jeff and show how important family is to both of them.  We started talking about shooting a piece that would capture both of the things she mentioned and create an exciting and unique way for them to make an entrance at their reception!  She was thrilled with the idea and right away we started talking about all the places we could film their story.  The day of the shoot, our crew chased them all over the city!  From Jefferson’s Medical school, where they are both students, to their favorite tennis courts, on a bike ride across the Schuylkill River, and finally to the Union League, where we filmed their big reveal.  We sent them a link to their film, and almost immediately both Jeff and Lea responded:

"Phenomenal!  That’s really the only way to put it.  You guys did an unbelievable job with it, we both love it!  Again, really fantastic work, it turned out wonderfully… and man you made us look like legit tennis players, haha!!"- Jeff

“Can’t believe how amazing it is.  I cried the first time I watched it and I keep re-watching it for fun!!  Thank you so much for an amazing job!"- Lea

Ania and Robert’s Love Story:

When Ania and Robert first wrote into our website about having us film their wedding, they gave us a little insight into how they met.  After hearing just a short piece of their story, we knew it was Love Story material! We met with Ania and Robert in Rittenhouse Park, where they first crossed paths, and filmed their interviews around the neighborhood.  Then, we went up to the roof of their apartment building and captured some beautiful footage of their first dance with the Philadelphia skyline as a backdrop.  The footage was truly breathtaking.  We couldn’t wait for them to see the final product and were so excited when we received their response:

"Dave, we are thrilled! We love it and don't want to take anything out.  You guys are the best, we can't wait to see what you'll do for us for our wedding video! Thank you so much for all your hard work!"- Ania and Robert

Stefanie and Larry’s Love Story:

This Love Story is one that truly stood the test of time!  Stefanie and Larry met while attending high school and started dating.  They were together for two years and Larry took Stefanie to her Senior Prom!  After Larry went off to college, they broke up, each assuming they would never be a big part of the other person’s life again.  24 years later, they reconnected through LinkedIn and picked up right where they left off!  For this Love Story, we not only wanted to hear from the couple, but from their children as well.  Both Larry and Stefanie have 2 children, and it was great to hear from the kids about how they have come together as a family and their excitement for the Stefanie and Larry’s wedding.  This Love Story is packed with great flashback photos, funny moments, and touching stories from Larry, Stefanie, and the kids.  Check it out!

So, if you and your fiancé want to bring the memorable moments of your relationship to the silver screen, contact our studio and we’ll start creating your CinemaCake Love Story Film today!  

March 19, 2014 in Testimonials

Kristen was a dream bride to work with.  From the very beginning of the booking process, she was excited to be working with us and to ulitmately have a beautiful CinemaCake film like her brother and sister-and-law had for their wedding.  She really enjoyed every step of the planning process and paid attention to the little details that helped make the wedding day unique.  For example, Kristen and Jim both love the Philadelphia Flyers, so they invited the iconic announcer, Lou Nolan, to introduce their bridal party into the room!  We discussed all of these details with Kristen in our pre-shoot phone call, about two weeks before the wedding, and made sure that each shooter was on the look out to capture these special moments.  The final product, was a beautiful film, that not only captures the love that Kristen and Jim have for one another, but also highlights all of the little ways they made their wedding day a truly personal event!  

We loved Kristen and Jim's CinemaCake film, so were were absolutely thrilled to read Kristen's thoughts in her WeddingWire post:

"Using CinemaCake to film our wedding was an easy choice.

My brother and sister-in-law used CinemaCake for their wedding video in 2010 and I was beyond impressed. When I got engaged they were top of my list for videographer and was so ecstatic that they were able to do our wedding.

Initial contact was seamless, contract and deposit all done electronically through their website, super easy. Our production manager, Taylor, was a pleasure to work with. We had a preliminary phone interview to go over details about the wedding, voiceovers, and information about my fiancé and me. This preliminary part turned out to be so important because the things we discussed were exactly what was captured in the video.

Every wedding has its own identity and our video displays it perfectly. It really tells the story of our wedding without showing the entire day. The camera crew blended in perfectly to our wedding. They were great at coaching my husband and I through our voiceovers.

We opted for additional posterity chapters of the ceremony and first dance as well as all the raw unedited footage (highly recommend). Seeing the raw footage gave me an even bigger appreciation for how good CinemaCake really is at filmmaking. To film edit an entire wedding and tell the story so beautifully is really a challenge and CinemaCake delivered perfection.

The final product is top quality and very professional. No question a videographer is an added expense, but if you're considering it you should go with the best there is. Being able to relive the biggest day of our lives was absolutely worth the price. Thank you CinemaCake, we couldn't be happier with how our video turned out!"

Check out Kristen and Jim's CinemaCake film below!

Cinematography: Brendon Costello and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Reception Venue: Arts Ballroom
Photography: Tania Lezak Photographer
Wedding Planner: Gina Sole
Catering: Stephen Starr Catering
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: EBE Imagine
Bridal Prep Location: Hyatt at the Bellevue
Ceremony Location: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Music licensed through 

February 11, 2014 in

Attention wedding photographers and filmmakers:  If you are not already registered for WPPI, then what are you waiting for?!  The conference is only two weeks away and will be packed with great classes and demonstrations to take any wedding professional to the next level.  

The 2014 event also marks the first time that wedding filmmakers are being invited to take part.  WPPI is hosting a a number of presentations specifically for cinematographers and CinemaCake's fearless leader, Dave Williams, will be one of the noted presenters.  Check out Dave's bio along with the other presenters HERE!  

For more information and to register for WPPI, check out  We can't wait for you to be a part of the action at WPPI!

January 28, 2014 in

CinemaCake is proud to once again sponsor Donors Are Heroes: THE Party!  This annual event raises funds and awareness for the Gift of Life Donor Program and helps them to maintain educational programs for local schools and the community.  These programs educate everyone about the importance of organ donation and work to dispel the common myths that surround this topic.  

Donors are Heroes: THE Party is being held at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia on April 4th, 2014, and will feature an array of fantastic food, decor, and entertainment.  We can't wait to work with the amazing co-sponsoring vendors, such as:

Evantine Design
EBE Events and Entertainment
afr Event Furnishings
Wolfgang Puck Catering at ACE Conference Center 
and many more!

This is one party you do not want to miss!  Check out our recap film for last year's event, below:

This year's party promises to be bigger and grander than ever before!  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit  We can't wait to see you there!
January 16, 2014 in CinemaCake Films

Last month, CinemaCake proposed the ultimate challenge for editors: create a film that captures the beauty and joy of one of our couple's weddings, while sticking with our signature style, and keeping the film 3 minutes long.  Our editors had to have their films in yesterday by 11:59pm and our team couldn't wait to see what everyone came up with!

After many hours of review, our team selected the top 6, and finally our winner.  Mary San Agustin sent us her film all the way from San Deigo, CA and we couldn't wait to give her the news that she had won!  We called her under the guise that we wanted to have a Skype meeting with a few of the top winners and then set up the recorder to capture her reaction.  Check out the film below!

Mary wrote to us after our Skype meeting and wrote the following about her experience with the contest:

"I am so ecstatic and honored to be this year’s winner!  I’ve never put my abilities as an editor to the test quite like this before, and I am grateful to CinemaCake for this opportunity!  Joseph and Melanie were such an endearing couple and the genuine love between them oozed out of the footage.  There was just so much rich material to work with, including one of the most emotional first looks I have ever witnessed.  The most challenging part of the contest was condensing their amazing day into only a three minute film.  I tried to show their quirky personalities as much as possible while also including meaningful and sentimental tidbits of their day, like Melanie getting married in her mother’s wedding dress. The cinematographers at CinemaCake did an awesome job capturing such beautiful and emotional moments, and it’s gratifying for me to tell their story through film in a way that touches other people."

Check out Mary's recap of Melanie and Joe's wedding day HERE:

Of the 21 entries, we picked these as our top 7

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C) Mike Kasey

D) Bernie Hipos

I) Kameron Key

N) Bradford DiPietro

P) Peter Liddicoat

Q) Danny Kana

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A) Dheejay Pagsibigan

B) Kim McIntire

E) Harry Amyotte

F) King Morrison

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J) Rob Belfi

K) Brynn Pezzuti

L) Brandon Rice

M) Shannon DeVido

N) Bradford DiPietro

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S) Patrick Janka

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U) Rissa Mataya

December 23, 2013 in Proposals

Growing up, my mom was always giving great advice to me and my siblings.  She would give us tips on everything from how to do well in school to how to act when you meet your significant other's parents for the first time,  but she always had a special piece of advice for my brother: "When the time comes, he needs to plan an amazing proposal."  It's sound advice, because as she pointed out, the guy in a relationship gets one shot at planning an incredible and memorable event.  Once his girlfriend says, "yes" and the engagement ring is on, she takes over planning the wedding (and almost every major event in their lives).  If you want to impress your families and friends and really show your girlfriend she's the one, you have to plan an amazing and thoughtful ask.  

But how is a boyfriend supposed to plan the perfect proposal that will surprise his bride-to-be and have it go off without a hitch?  That's where the professionals come in!  I talked to Melissa Brannon (Fairy Godmother/Bad-Ass, and Owner of Uncommon Events) who gave us the following advice: " are going to pop the question – but how? This is the most important question you will ever “ask” and it should be planned like a military operation!  Having a professional planner involved, you get a fool-proof plan for every moment before the “down on one knee” and after. (The after part is important too!)"

Ok, so you bring in a great event planner and lay out the perfect proposal for your soon-to-be fiancée; it looks like you're off to a great start!  Now you need to figure out how you are going to immortalize the ask.  It will be a big moment for both of you and one you will want to relive with family and friends right away, as well as with your children and grandchildren for years to come!  Melissa agrees that filming your ask is one detail you should not skip.  "Imagine….you captured it on film so she can relive the most personal moment of the beginning of your lives together. Wicked cool."  CinemaCake has created some amazing proposal films to commemorate this huge moment in any couple's lives.  Check out the film that we created for Praveen and Ramya's proposal:  

Praveen "popping the question" to Ramya

CinemaCake and Uncommon Events recently teamed up to make Leila and Rian's proposal an event they will never forget.  Rian wanted to surprise Leila in Philadelphia, so he brought in Melissa and her team to transform a park bench in Rittenhouse Square into a romantic spot for two!  The groom-to-be knew that he wanted to share the moment with their families right away, but he didn't want to ruin the surprise.  Dave Williams (CinemaCake) scouted the location and set up two hidden cameras to catch the whole event without raising any suspicion.  Check out the beautiful ask below:

So, to all the boyfriends out there who are ready to take the next step: it's not hard to plan the perfect ask!  If you bring in the right professionals and capture the ask on film, you will create a memorable moment that will make your bride say "Yes" and make your mother incredibly proud.  My mom will be pretty impressed too!


December 16, 2013 in Testimonials

We have talked about Stephanie and Pat's wedding a few times in our blog.  From their romantic Love Story Film, to Stephanie's fantastic wedding blog posts and Coming Soon Trailer, we have been following the story of their wedding from the start.  This story is finally coming to a close because Stephanie and Pat received an email just a few days ago with the link to their completed CinemaCake film.  Our team could not wait to hear what they thought and Stephanie did not disappoint!  

"As soon as the email arrived in my inbox, my heart started beating rapidly, and the excitement was too overwhelming not to click the link immediately. I watched it one time through and was so elated, I couldn’t help but forward right away to our parents, my sister, and my best friend Emily, who responded:

  • Best friend: “I made it four minutes in before I started crying. Your high five with Vicki made me loose it. Finally made it to the end! Worth every freakin penny! Cried like a baby. Laughed until I cried. Perfection. The outtakes were great.”

  • Sister: “My face hurts from smiling so much while I watched it! I love it!!!!!!!! The "outtakes" at the end are probably the best part”

  • Mother-in-law: “I love this!  I can't stop smiling and laughing! and loving the beauty of this whole day (or many days). So beautiful and full of life just like the bride and groom and all who surrounded them this day......I'm off to watch it again.” She also left me a 3-minute message of just crying and laughing."

Photo: Susan Stripling


We were thrilled to hear that the couple's family and friends loved everything, but we couldn't wait to read Stephanie and Pat's reaction to the film.  Here is the happy couple's response:


"But I had to wait seemingly forever until Pat got back from a work trip for him to see it. I don’t think I could possibly convey how utterly thrilled we are with how you captured the best day of our life, but I’ll try. How cleverly and beautifully edited especially. A few of my favorite things:

  • My flowergirls are certainly a highlight of the entire video and rightfully so. The shot of them walking up the aisle is so absurdly adorable. I love the shot from behind of my niece Aubrey catching up. Amazing! And actually had no idea that’s how it happened.

  • I love how you used the b-roll of me and Pat’s father dancing post-somersault as Pat’s reciting his vows about wanting to goof around with me.

  • One of the things that I think sets you guys apart from so many other videographers is your use of audio. Not only did you capture it brilliantly. It’s so crisp. But I love how it’s utilized throughout the video – from our vows, to our niece screeching, to my goddaughters laughing, to the groomsmen's rather ridiculous getting ready conversations (which are so inherently them). I love Pat’s dad saying “keep pedaling, keep moving forward” with the moving shot of the ceremony – gorgeous and poignant.

  • I love the way our first dance was filmed!

  • The last section before the outtakes, 18:30ish, simply feels magical – like something out of a fairy tale. I feel like it’s our own major motion picture, our own Love Actually. The shot of us slow dancing is exquisitely dreamy. I adore the angle and the music as we walk back down the aisle. And I’m in the love with the concluding shot of us outside walking, smiling at each other – what a perfect ending.

  • Everything about the outtakes is phenomenal! I love the music, I love the compilation of hysterical clips, and the ending of his grandfather dancing is just epic.

Photo: Susan Stripling


I look forward to watching it over and over and over and over again. I, we, are absolutely in love with it. Thank you so, so, so, so, so much.


And I’ll now end my massively long email. I know when I’ve worked on my own video projects for hours, weeks, and months, simply, "I love it" seems a little insufficient. So I just wanted to let you know just how much I love and appreciate everything you’ve done. I think it’s fair to say that in the sea of wedding decisions I made, you guys were my favorite. I frankly can’t imagine our wedding without you.

Thank you so very, very much,

Stephanie & Pat"

Thank you Stephanie and Pat!  It's letters like this that make our jobs worth doing and we hope you enjoy your films for years to come.  For all of our readers out there, we reccomend you do yourself a favor and spend the next 22 minutes watching Stephanie and Pat's CinemaCake Film!

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Jonathan Sutton, and Ryan Bedard of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Craig Hinkle of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Venue and Catering: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Event Coordinator: The Wedding Factor
Photography: Susan Stripling Photography
Florist: Rhodes Garden
Live Entertainment: EBE: L.A. Starz
Paper: The Paper Umbrella

December 04, 2013 in Testimonials

After our crew finished filming Maura and George's wedding, they all noted that this couple were some of the sweetest people they had ever worked with.  Maura and George are both Villanova Alumni and chose to celebrate their wedding mass on campus before celebrating their nuptials at Appleford Estates.  The day really highlighted the love they had for each other and the importance of family in their lives.  Our team worked hard to create a beautiful film for Maura and George and we were thrilled when we received this Testimonial from the happy bride!  Here is what Maura had to say about working with CinemaCake:    

"EXCELLENT service!! The team at CinemaCake really worked with me to get the end result that I wanted. I am so pleased with the moments captured from my special day and the backdrop music that is so perfectly matched to the film. It exceeded my every expectation and I could not be happier. During the day of my wedding, CinemaCake was so skilled that I was barely conscious of their camera. They captured everything that I wanted and even worked with me afterwards to edit out parts that I did not like... The thing I value the most is the way that CinemaCake seamlessly connected special moments throughout the day with a special commentary from my loved ones. This Blu-ray will be an eternal reminder of the day that I married the love of my life and I have CinemaCake to thank for giving this to me."

Take a look at Maura and George's CinemaCake Film below!

Cinematography: Brendon Costello, Jonathan Sutton, and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Stringer Photography
Venue: Appleford
Catering: Perfect Setting
Entertainment: Tom Barrett DJs
Floral: Ilonka Floral Decorator

November 26, 2013 in Coming Soon Trailers

On the night of Sara and Sean’s wedding, there were many speeches given about the happy couple and the attributes each of them possess.  Kevin, Sean’s little brother and Best Man, talked about everything that Sean had accomplished in school and now in the workplace.  Sara’s family talked about her creativity, her determination and her clear love of fashion and design.  Sara’s eye for style was evident throughout the wedding, from her ornate wedding dress, to the time and energy she put into the look of their reception. 

Sara, who has an extensive background in fashion design, not only picked the decor that was used throughout her day, but she actually designed specific pieces as well!  When we asked the couple what they were most looking forward to, Sara wrote the following:  “We are pretty excited about our decor that we have worked closely with Evantine on. I designed three prints that were printed on fabric that was then sewn into the dinner napkins for the ballroom, as well as into a few throw pillows in the lounge area outside of the ballroom.”  She also created the long skirt that each bridesmaid wore over their sequined gowns, giving the dresses a totally new and elegant look.  Throughout their entire Coming Soon Trailer you can see the effort that this couple put into making their day perfect and uniquely their own. 

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Rick Stevens, and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Joseph Storch of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Reception Venue and Catering: The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia
Floral Design: Evantine Design
Event Coordinator: I Do, Wedding Consulting
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony: St. John The Evangelist Philadelphia
Entertainment: Vincent James Band
Hair: The Studio CL
Makeup: Victoria Roggio

November 21, 2013 in SlowMo Cinema Booth

In one of our previous blogs, you heard all about our newest product: the SlowMo Cinema Booth.  Since the debut, we have brought the booth out to several events and have received some fantastic feedback.  Check out this great writeup that was recently posted on Philadelphia Wedding Magazine’s site!

Here is the video we created and shared with the audience that night!


Don’t Forget, the SlowMo Cinema Booth is a great addition to any holiday event!  Give us a call at 610-989-0158 and find out how you can add some SlowMo fun to your next party, reception or corporate event.  Everything is more fun in Slow Motion!

Special thanks to the Philadelphia/ South Jersey/ Delaware Chapter of NACE, everyone who attended the meeting and especially our fantastic participants: Sarah Morrison (All About Events), Matt Blank (Eventions), Nick Waller (Valley Forge Casino), Christiane Lehman (Truly You Events), Gabriel Fredericks (Philip Gabriel Wedding Photography), Scott Goldoor (Signature DJs, Inc.), Bob Mills (Philly Event Group), Michael Sardanopoli and Steve Parsons (EventQuip), Dave Williams and Brendon Costello (CinemaCake Filmmakers), Vincent James (, Katie Thomas (Howl at the Moon), Leah Berry (Pennsylvania Convention Center), Casey Rose (Cricket Catering), Anne-Marie Constable (, Alexandria LaPointe and Joy Dickerson (Widener University Students)

November 08, 2013 in Same Day Films

When we first talked with Heather about her wedding, she was so excited about having her perfect day and marrying her then-fiancé, Dave.  She, like many of our brides, had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl and had her venue picked out before she was engaged!  Everything was set for a truly beautiful ceremony at One Atlantic on the New Jersey shore.  10 days before Heather’s wedding, Hurricane Sandy touched down, causing major devastation up and down the East Coast.

While most couples would have been worried about how their wedding day would be altered, Heather and Dave focused more on those suffering around them.  In her pre-wedding questionnaire, Heather wrote the following: “We were so scared about AC being wiped out.  Our area was so fortunate and our heart is still breaking for those who lost so much in the storm so close to us.”  Luckily, their wedding day went off without a hitch and the newlyweds made a contribution to the Red Cross for hurricane relief on behalf of all of their guests. 

Even with all of the problems the storm presented, Heather and Dave still had their perfect celebration and enjoyed their beautiful Same Day Film at the end of the evening.  Check out their film below:


Today, Heather and Dave are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary!  Congratulations from the crew at CinemaCake Filmmakers and we wish this amazing couple all the best in the years to come!

Cinematography: Dave Williams and John M. White of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Jonathan Sutton
Music Licensed through
Venue: One Atlantic
Photography: Kay English Photography
Entertainment: Dynamic Crew

November 07, 2013 in Coming Soon Trailers

We filmed Ashley and Chris’ wedding in September at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Our crew was really looking forward to this event because over the years, we have produced several films for this family, including weddings, commercials for the family business, and a non-profit film for the American Heart Association.  We have worked with the family so much over the years that Ashley even listed “Seeing our long lost family member, Dave Williams!” as something she was looking forward to most on her wedding day!  Check out the Coming Soon Trailer of Ashely and Chris’ beautiful day below:

Before the end of the reception, we were able to get all of our clients together for a photo.  Just look how many of our brides and brides-to-be were there! From left to right, here are 5 CinemaCake Brides and 2 CinemaCake Brides-to-Be in one place! We love working with this family!

Cinematography: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Cinematographers: Dave Williams, Rick Stevens, Joanna Banks Morgan
Editor: Rick Stevens
Venue/Catering: The Grand Sandestine Golf and Beach Resort
Event Planner: Savoir Faire Weddings
Photography: Paul Johnson Photography
Makeup: Paint Me Pretty
Live Entertainment: Bobby and the Aristocats
Music Licensed Through: The Music Bed

October 31, 2013 in Youvie Concept Films

At CinemaCake, we are always eager to please our clients with elements that have never been seen before.  For many of our clients, this starts with a concept meeting in our studio.  From there we script a film that is designed to introduce the Bar or Bat Mitzvah into the party.  Here are a handful of our most recent Reveals.

Julia’s love of soccer was our inspiration for her reveal.

Matthew grew up on his dad’s construction sites.  All he wanted to do in his reveal was “Drive heavy machinery.”  Your wish is our command, Matthew!

Cole’s dream to be a part of the Matrix was realized in this cinematic reveal.

Zoe’s life has many doors.  We walked through several of them with her reveal.

To schedule a concept meeting at our studio and script your own film, Call us at 610-989-0158.

October 29, 2013 in Testimonials

These days, a newly engaged bride can turn to the web for inspiration on any aspect of her wedding.  From the dress, to the decor, to her vows: many of our brides will go online for inspiration before they start working with a planner.  There are some great bridal sites out there, but nothing helps these engaged gals more than hearing directly from other blogging brides.  When you have a ton of options, it helps to hear a frank opinion from someone who has gone through the exact same thing. 

Recently, we learned that some of our brides have joined the “blogosphere” and are sharing their experiences about finding vendors and planning for their wedding online.  We were especially thrilled to hear when they wrote about their experience with CinemaCake Filmmakers!  Check out a couple of our bride’s blogs below:

-Stephanie Genuardi, blogger for Philadelphia Wedding

Stephanie reached out to us when she first began planning her wedding.  We had a great time talking with her about her plans and we cannot wait to be a part of her big day in September 2014!  Be sure to check her blog as she continues planning her beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart, Dave! 

“Prior to even getting engaged, I stumbled upon CinemaCake filmmakers. After watching one of their films, my fiancé and I both knew immediately they were our number one priority when it came to our vendors. I am so happy with our decision, and look forward to the attention they provide to intricate details that would often go overlooked on such a whirlwind day!”

Donna and Guy, blogged about their wedding on Carats and Cake

We have had a few brides post about their wedding on Carats and Cake and we have seen some great responses!  Megan and Chris celebrated their wedding in January of 2013 and were thrilled when they received their ShortCake film!  Here is what they wrote:

“...We had such a great time with Dave and Matt that day.  I know our film is going to be the envy of our friends, as people up in Boston aren’t lucky enough to know CinemaCake.  Needless to say, we’ve watched it over and over and over again!  Can’t wait to see what’s on the raw footage.”

If you are a blogging bride, leave us a comment and tell us about it!

October 06, 2013 in SlowMo Cinema Booth

It started as a viral video and is quickly becoming the hottest thing to have at your event!  The SlowMoCinema Booth ( ) is a fun and unique way to see your guests enjoy your party.  CinemaCake is leading the way with this new reception must-have and you can check out our SlowMoCinema Film below!

Before your guests enter the SlowMoCinema booth, they can select props to amp up their performances.  Once inside, they are directed by our crew, and can do anything from blowing bubbles, to showing off their signature dance moves, to even covering their friends in silly string!  By shooting with a special high-speed camera, we can capture more frames per second than a standard camera ever could.  That means that we can slow down the footage a great deal without missing a single hilarious moment of your guests performances.  The best part of the booth is that we can have your film ready to watch that night!  If you add a Same Day Editor, we can have all of the hilarious footage ready to be viewed by the end of your reception. 

Pricing for our SlowMoCinema Booth can be found on our Investment Page or give us a call.  We can’t wait to bring the party to your reception with the SlowMoCinema Booth!

August 05, 2013 in Coming Soon Trailers

Stephanie and Pat were married on July 20th, but they just saw their Coming Soon Trailer this past weekend.  They had no internet access during their honeymoon and had to wait nearly 3 weeks to see their trailer.  It was definitely worth the wait!  Here was the letter we received after they viewed their film:

Hi Jonathan, Dave, and Sheryl,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so sorry for the huge delay! We didn’t have any reception or internet access while we were away on our honeymoon.

Thank you for enabling us to re-live the best day of our lives. God I can’t wait to see the final product!! This made me so utterly happy. I can’t stop smiling. I just watched it 5 times in a row. I especially loved being able to see the reactions of my family and friends and to see so much captured that I didn’t get the chance to see that night. I love it. Pat loves it. And we’ve only shared it with a few people so far, but they are absolutely crazy about it. I’m outrageously eager to see the final product!

I hope you guys had a good time at the wedding! I hope you were able to have some fun and were entertained by some crazy dancing! The whole day exceeded my expectations and my hopes. I was pretty devastated about the ceremony not being outside in the courtyard as I had planned for and dreamed of, but I think it was incredibly special and intimate inside the ballroom. Our florist, lighting, and the Four Seasons did unbelievable job transforming the room - which you certainly captured. And we worked so hard on writing the script so to speak and our vows for our ceremony, and I think it was all worth it. And then to see how they flipped the room for the reception and the massive amount of time we spent picking out table cloths and glassware and centerpieces - it was more stunning than I could have imagined. Oh, and guests adored our Love Story! So many people commented on it.

I’m so thrilled Kathy (The Wedding Factor) introduced us to you. I’m so happy and honored to have worked with you. And I can’t wait for what’s next!!

Thank you so very much,
Stephanie & Pat

The Love Story that Stephanie refers to above is actually the pre-wedding film we produced and shared with all of the guests at the beginning of Stephanie and Pat’s reception.  Hear the amazing story of this couple’s relationship below!

“I may or may not have watched the trailer at least 15 more times 😊 And everyone who has watched it I think has had a similar tendency. My cousin, my grandmother, and one of my coworkers said they’ve watched it a million times. ” - Stephanie

Planning: The Wedding Factor
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Photography: Susan Stripling Photography
Live Entertainment: EBE LA Starz
Florist: Rhodes Garden
Paper: The Paper Umbrella

July 11, 2013 in Testimonials

A picture ONLY tells 1000 words.

As filmmakers, we know that still photos cannot take the place of a moving, talking film.  Many couples don’t realize the value of a great film until AFTER the wedding and by then of course, it’s too late.

When deciding whether or not to hire a cinematographer, consider:

1. Your day will go by in a flash and you will not see or even remember so much of what happens. You can only be in one place at a time. These are moments that each of you will not get to experience and pictures can only give you part of the experience. Hearing what is being said is a completely different experience.

2. You wouldn’t dream of not having your wedding photographed, right? While hiring a photographer is crucial, ask yourself these questions: Will your pictures allow you to hear your vows? Will your pictures capture what your fiancé said the first time he saw you in your dress? Will pictures capture all of the speeches that were given at the reception? Will pictures capture the movement of your first dance?

3. Older generations remember seeing a “videographer” with a big camera and bright lights being very intrusive at an affair they attended. MOST of the filmmakers today work very differently. Cameras are smaller (actually they are the same cameras your photographer uses), they no longer require big lights, and they can shoot from a distance so that there is little to no ‘camera awareness’ from you and your guests. A good wedding film will also not be the two-hour long snore-fest documentary as in years past.

4. A great film really does become a family heirloom. Think about the people who will be at your wedding who may not be around 5, 10, or 20 years from now and think about sharing your film with your future children. What a blessing it would be to have a film that your children can watch AND listen to people whose voices they would not have heard otherwise.

5. You will spend so much to make sure that your wedding day is perfect, but the one thing that will most preserve those memories is a film; a talking, moving film.  We have NEVER had a couple tell us that they regretted getting a film. In fact, they will tell us just the opposite - that it turned out to be the best money they spent on their wedding and worth every penny. They realize that with their film, they can relive the day over and over again, and that is simply PRICELESS!

July 11, 2013 in CinemaCake Films

There is a new trend in the wedding world that many couples are considering when planning their big day: the First Look.  This means that the couple sees each other before the wedding and it is usually planned by the photographer/filmmaker.  While some couples don’t like the idea of bucking traditions, other couples find that the first look allows them some great benefits.  Here are our top 4 reasons for scheduling a First Look:

1. It can take some of the stress out of the day:  You and your fiancé have been planning this day for months and you are celebrating with of all of your friends and family.  Even though the day is all about your love and commitment to one another, it can still be stressful.  A lot of our couples say that the anxiety of the day is relieved when they see their soon-to-be husband or wife, so why not relax a little before your ceremony!

2. It will allow you and your future spouse to be alone together:  Sure, you will be standing next to him/her the entire day, but between the photos with everyone, the speeches and toasts, and all of the well-wishers, you might not even get a chance to really talk to each other!  The First Look gives you a chance to celebrate your day together before you start celebrating with all your guests!  Take a few minutes to talk, laugh and just be together. 

3. You have more time to enjoy the party you planned: One of the big benefits of the First Look is the flexibility you have with your scheduling.  Most couples will schedule their First Look a few hours before their ceremony.  That way you can take all of your formal photos with your bridal party before the ceremony and you can head straight to the cocktail hour!  You and your fiancé have spent a lot of time planning the hors d’oeuvres, the signature drink and the music being played during your cocktail hour, you should get the chance to enjoy it! 

4. You get to enjoy each other’s excitement: The first time you see each other on your wedding day is really exciting and you should be able to express that joy any way you want.  When a groom sees his bride for the first time at the end of the aisle, he may feel pressured to keep his feelings contained because he is in front of all of your family and friends.  The First Look lets you see your groom’s true emotions that he may not be able to share during the ceremony.  Arielle and Michael’s First Look is the perfect example of their excitement. Take a look at their Same Day Film below:

March 24, 2013 in Same Day Films

Often we get questions about making a film that has the high, emotional impact our clients have come to expect, but that is more cost effective.  We recommend a Same Day Film. 

A Same Day Film (3-5 minutes) can be shown at the reception and then re-edited into a fuller film, delivered within days of the wedding.

In this film you can see how Heather and David reacted when they saw their film:

Here you can see their final film, delivered within a week after the wedding; the Extended Same Day Film:

January 19, 2013 in Same Day Films

It was not until a month or so before our wedding that I finally convinced my husband to agree to a wedding filmmaker. Our budget was stretched to the max and he felt this was an optional vendor. Had we gone with a different company, we would not feel as strongly but to say - you simply can NOT pass up this filmmaker at your wedding.

Speaking with Dave Williams on the phone for the first time was really refreshing. He is so passionate about his industry and approaches a wedding film like a major motion picture. If you look at same of the samples on their website - you will get tears, laugh, and feel like you know some of the couples.

We ended up choosing a Same-Day-Film package. Let me just say - WOW. After the cake was cut, screens came down and an amazing trailer-style film (see below) played for all of our guests to watch. We were in awe from the beginning, but about halfway through, I was completely overcome with emotion. Having the ability to watch the day play before your eyes while you are still in the event is indescribable. We were asked to pre-select family and friends to speak from the heart about us. Their voiceovers along with snippets from important parts of the day made it even more special.

Even two months after our wedding, our guests are still expressing a similar sentiment: the venue, cocktail hour, sunset ceremony, detailing, and more- blew them away but watching the film during the reception is something they can hardly put into words; we feel the same way!

I cannot say enough good things about CinemaCake. The biggest compliment I think I can give is to say that I don’t feel that our wedding day would not have been the same with out CinemaCake. We will cherish this forever.

Heather and David

December 26, 2012 in Behind The Scenes

What’s better than HD?  4K!  My friend Abraham gave me permission to re-post his film (below).  Really interesting (and a little controversial) stuff…  See the full article here.

Originally posted by Abraham Joffe of Untitled Film Works

September 03, 2012 in Same Day Films

When we did our first “Same Day Edit” (now referred to as a Same Day Film) 10 years ago, technology was different and we were more limited on what we could do.  Screens were still 4x3 aspect ratio, HD was still a dream, and we had to capture media from tape in real time.  Same Day Films have come a long way, baby!

This year we have been hired to produce more Same Day Films than ever before.  Why?  Here is what our clients tell us:

1 Tunnel Vision  A limited view during the ceremony is common for most guests.  But there is so much more.  They never see some of the most emotional moments that unfold during the day, from the bride’s preparations, to the reactions of the parents in the front row during the ceremony.

2 Back Story  Through the use of voiceovers and other story-telling techniques, the back story adds a level of emotion that simply cannot be achieved with music alone.  Sometimes clients hire us to pre-produce the backstory and use that as a base to build on the day of the wedding.

3 Sharing Online  Friends and family around the world can now enjoy the highlights of the day within hours of them happening.  This means people who cannot travel to the wedding can still enjoy the best moments almost as they occur.

What makes a CinemaCake Same Day Film so special is that we take the time to include the ambient sounds and voices from the day.  It takes more time and is more stressful for the editor, but it adds so much more.

To celebrate our decade of Same Day Films, we will share some of our recent favorites over the coming days, starting with Kristy and Christopher’s Same Day Film, complete with a pre-produced back story.  This is what the guests all watched at the reception on a huge 12 foot screen.

July 31, 2012 in Testimonials

Hi Everyone,

Many people think that the only people who view our films are couples looking into wedding cinematography.  But that is simply not the case! We get feedback from all over, including other people working in the wedding industry!  Recently, we put together a trailer for Eleanor and Brian’s wedding.  Here is the feedback from the other people who helped make their big day special as well:

“Dave - brilliant and moving, as always.  Can’t wait for the full-length feature!” Béke Beau-
, Makeup Artist

“Absolutely beautiful!”- Lori Maslowski, Director of Catering at the Rittenhouse Hotel

“That was pretty darn awesome. Well done.”- Conrad Erb, Photographer

Check out the trailer to Eleanor and Brian’s film:

Be sure to check back often for more news and updates from CinemaCake!  Thanks for stopping by!


July 11, 2012 in Behind The Scenes

Hi Everyone,

One of the things we pride ourselves on while filming a wedding is our ability to remain unseen.  The crew tries their best to blend in with the crowd and capture moments throughout the day that happen organically.  We have become so good at this over the years that clients sometimes wonder if we managed to capture everything! When they get a chance to see their final film, however, they are often amazed by how many moments we were able to film!  Everyone was reminded of that this week when we received an email from Wendy, the mother of the bride at one of our recent weddings.  She wrote:

“I just wanted to let you know that it looked like your guys did a terrific job.  Most times I even forgot they were there.”

Wendy soon got the chance to see just how much of the day we captured when she received the link to her daughter, Lauren, and new husband, Dixon’s, coming soon trailer.  After watching the film, she wrote us again and said:

“I have now watched the video about 12 times and each time I love it more!  It all went by so fast that it’s so much fun to sit and watch even a small video about the day.  Thanks again- when will I stop crying when I see it?!”

Not only did Wendy contact us to tell us how much she loved the trailer, but we heard from Lauren and Dixon too!  In the middle of their honeymoon they sent us this email to not only tell us how much they liked their film’s trailer, but also to reiterate how great it was to have filmmakers for their big day.  Our happy couple wrote:

“ [We] are on our honeymoon and it was such a nice treat to get the coming soon trailer on Sunday! We were at the beach when we got the email and raced up to our room to watch it. We LOVE it! Your team did such a great job.  It so nice to be able to have a video to look back on the day since it flew by so unbelievably fast. We can’t wait to see the full film! Thanks again!”

Check out the trailer to Lauren and Dixon’s wedding film below!

Be sure to check back often for more news and updates from CinemaCake!  Thanks for stopping by!


June 18, 2012 in CinemaCake Films


This past weekend we had crews staying local and heading to the shore, both filming unique and loving couples.  We’ve asked Taylor to recap of the events for this Behind The Scenes at CinemaCake:

The first wedding this weekend was right in our hometown of Philadelphia.  Our beautiful couple, Beth Anne and Brian, were married in the historic St. Augustine Church.  Film buffs will remember this location from the iconic film “The Sixth Sense”, but our crew did not report any ghostly sightings!  After the ceremony, guests celebrated at the Cescaphe Ballroom, while our couple took the trolley to Washington Square Park for pictures with us and their photographer, Cliff Mautner. Can you think of a nicer spot in the city, especially in early June?!

Cescaphe is renown for their special touches, such as the trademark “Sparklers Entrance” for the bride and groom’s announcement.  Many guests commented on the beautiful decor and table settings, which you can see pictured above. It was clear that Beth Anne and Brian truly enjoyed themselves, dancing the night away with family and friends. The reception ended with a special flambé for the couple, another tradition at Cescaphe.  Our crew had a great time sharing this special day with the happy couple, and everyone around the office is excited to see the first cut of their film! 

Our crew said it best about the next couple: Sarah and Tim had a beautiful day with a lot of love.  It was clear to everyone how much they cared for one another, from their first looks to the letters they read to one another after the ceremony. The wedding took place at St. James Church in Ventnor, New Jersey, conveniently located a block from the beach! We got some great shots of them in innertubes and their wedding party enjoying the shore.  We also filmed the couple practicing their first dance before going to the Great Bay Country Club for the reception.

Sarah and Tim really know how to throw a fun party and everyone clearly enjoyed themselves! People loved the toasts and it was pretty funny when Grandpa Joe ended up catching the garter.  Once Sarah and Tim hit the dance floor, it seemed like the party would never stop!  Our team captured so much but their favorite was Tim’s killer dance moves!

They capped off the evening with a fantastic display of the day’s photography, done by Carley K Photography.  Take a look at the trailer we created for their wedding video:

We shot some great weddings and we are gearing up for another busy weekend of bridal prep, ceremonies and fun receptions. Be sure to check back early next week for more news and updates from CinemaCake!  Thanks for stopping by!


January 01, 2012 in CinemaCake Films

Doing weddings every weekend can be monotonous, right? Not quite. Every wedding is different. Having been a part of three weddings, back to back to back, it’s clear that everyone has their story and every day is unique. I’d like to share a little bit of what I saw at each one; a peek from behind the lens, if you will. Here are some nice tid-bits that stood out for me, someone who has been a part of over a hundred weddings so far.

Karrie + Tim
imageWhat an awesome couple to experience a Same Day Film with. Having a child in their lives years before marriage, Carrie and Tim certainly understood what family was all about, and that really came through during the day. It was a milestone for the CC team as well, as it was the first Same Day Edit to be done without Dave, something we were all a bit nervous about, but we pulled it off without a hitch. And, whoooooooa, there were plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

We had about four locations to cover (one location = easy to get to editor, many locations = nightmare), which we tackled early on by having Jordan edit in the car. “Who’s that guy in the car with you? Is he a shooter?” We were ready for that question, but we were so stealthy that it never came up. The secrecy was only to fulfill Carrie’s request that the SDE be a surprise to everyone, which it was—even Tim didn’t know about it. Everything came together in the end, and Carrie’s big smile as she watched her film was the only validation we needed.

Selena + Andre
imageEnergy, pure energy. Their vibe was apparent right away, and it helped as the city is big and unforgiving. Working in Philly is one thing (I do that every weekend), but to hike up to NYC and have to chase around newlyweds from Times Square to Chinatown is a horse of a different color. And in this case, that color was red, the color of boxing gloves and quick jabs. Who jumps in the ring with their mate, dons gloves and starts fighting? This couple. Selena and Andre made it insanely fun to shoot because they were VERY much into the photos and film. Obviously.

This date also stands out for me as a great collaboration with CinemaCake and our New York friends, Jonathan Armendariz and Shar Adrias. They don’t shoot for us regularly, but when they do, they’re always solid. And in NYC, their knowledge of the city was beyond helpful. 

Janine + Justin
So you’ve seen Goodfellas, right? Imagine a guy just like Ray Liotta, and then take away the ruthless killer part. This guy was a class act, and he wanted to make sure that came through in the single take walkthrough intro that mimicked a scene from Goodfellas. There weren’t boardwalk scenes like in the couple’s trailer where Ray Liotta gave Lorraine Bracco lollipops, but it works for Janine and Justin. It was the kind nature that the couple had and showed for one another that really came through that day.

One Atlantic, sitting on the edge of Atlantic City, provided a beautiful backdrop for a gorgeous day and a sincere couple. I’m not Scorsese, but if he shot wedding films, he’d work for us—all I’m saying.

October 27, 2011 in Behind The Scenes

Above: CinemaCake editors staying ahead of technology with continuing education.

It’s an exciting time here at CinemaCake and our commercial brand, Media Wave Video Productions ( We are growing again.  With up to four teams now shooting multiple events on a given day, we realize it is time to hire another fantastic editor or two to join our creative team.

In 2004, we held our first editor’s contest.  It was so successful, we did it again in 2007. CinemaCake now employs four full-time editors and now we need to add another member or two to the team. 

The person we hire must be able to keep up with a steady workload and work well under pressure.  Most importantly, our new editor needs to fit into our culture and meet the high expectations of our clients.  Finally, if you can shoot, show us your stuff.  We prefer to hire editors who can shoot, and those who can will be more valuable to us than people who only edit.

Because the position is in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we ask that only editors who actually plan to live in the Greater Philadelphia area enter this contest.

Regardless of who we interview,  $500, $300, and $200 respectively will go to the top three editors.

How to enter:

Step 1: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) a little information about yourself, including why you want to be a CinemaCake editor.  Include your basic contact info (Name, Address, Phone, Email).  Describe your level of experience, what editing platform you use, and any special skills.  We’ll then send you the links to download the assets.

Step 2: Edit your film.  Your film should be 3 to 5 minutes in length.

Step 3: Upload the finished film to us HERE.  We’ll upload these films to a gallery for the public to see and comment on. 

All entries are due on Monday, November 21, Noon EST. (See countdown clock below)

We’ll pick our top three favorites* who will be offered an opportunity to interview for a position at CinemaCake.
*CinemaCake reserves the right to interview other contestants who show potential.

Tips From Our Team
Tom: “Build your story with audio before you even think about your visuals.”
John M.: “Know the rules before you break them. Know how to locate a Wawa blindfolded.”
Jordan: “Emotion trumps logic.”
Sheryl: “Make us cry.”
Jimmy: “Make a movie that you would want to watch.”

So if you have the chops, let’s see them!  Become the next Ultimate Editor!  Win money!  Get a Job!

October 05, 2011 in Testimonials

We can’t say thank you enough to Style Me Pretty (and our good friend Mallory!) for featuring Ali and Evan’s Coming Soon Movie Trailer.  Thanks to Susan Stripling for submitting her photos as well.  CLICK HERE to see the Style Me Pretty blog.

September 25, 2011 in Youvie Concept Films

Here is an example of one of our Youvies.  This Youvie was designed to bring Nicole into her jungle-themed party.

Writer: Michael Richards
Cinematographers: Jimmy Shelton, Dave Williams, Jordan Oplinger
Editor: Jordan Oplinger
Prop Girl: Sharon Pollack

August 26, 2011 in Awards

A big, humble “Thanks” to Style Me Pretty for featuring Kate and Luke’s Coming Soon Movie Trailer.  Thanks to Bernadette Uzcategui for submitting her photos as well.  CLICK HERE to see the Style Me Pretty blog.

August 18, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

Sticking with my recent wedding video myth-busting theme, I was reminded of the importance of multiple cameras as I watched a recent film we just delivered.  In this segment of the film, Marianna’s sister sings a song she wrote for the couple.

Watch their entire full length film HERE

As you can see, the reactions are just as important as the action itself.  With one camera, the instant reactions would have been impossible to cover, making this a very different film.

The myths:

One Camera is Enough
Many wedding videographers shoot with only one camera.  If they offer a second camera, it is often un-manned.  As you can see in the example above, multiple manned cameras are necessary to get the action and the reaction, be it during the vows, a speech, or a toast.  Recently, I watched a clip from a videographer who posted online.  He was complaining about guests getting in the way with their point and shoot cameras.  His unmanned second camera in the back of the church was blocked by a guest, so he missed the kiss and other important moments.  With one camera, this is very likely to happen again and again.  A human being must be in control over the camera because with so many snap-happy guests, it is almost guaranteed that a locked off, unmanned shot will be blocked.  You can’t get that back.

More than One Camera is Obtrusive
Some videographers will tell you that fewer cameras are less obtrusive, but the fact is, the more cameras you have, the less those cameras have to move.  Two or three cameras at a ceremony, for example, can get two or three angles at the same time, without having to move.  One person with one camera has to run around to get all those angles, and can never shoot more than one angle at a time.  This means that precious moments and emotional reactions are gone forever.

Speaking of ‘obtrusive’, I can’t gloss over the fact that being unobtrusive has a lot to do with how wedding cinematographers handle themselves.  One video guy with a video light on top of his camera moving around the dance floor with a big tripod on wheels is ten times more obtrusive than three stealthy cinematographers dressed like guests and blending in.  While the number of cameras is important, it is just as important to understand how your filmmaker operates.

Here are other examples of how important it is to have more than one camera:
Holly and Bill
Mallory and Will
Rini and Wayne

August 14, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

imageFor 30 years, human beings have been coming up with credible reasons to leave a friend’s home when they are asked, “Want to watch our wedding video?”.  “Oh it’s only an hour and a half long? That’s awesome - can we do it next time I’m here?  I have to go get a root canal.”

Some people equate ‘Longer’ with ‘Better’, but it’s simply not the case.  In fact, most of our best films have been 20 minutes or less.  Some clients order much longer films and still love them, but over the last couple of years, most of our clients have gravitated to the short film.

Short films are not constrained to telling a story chronologically or in real time.  Like most mainstream films today, our films are dense and layered - therefore more interesting to watch.  Our philosophy is that the viewer should never feel the need to “fast-forward through the boring parts”.  In our short films, every shot is carefully chosen and edited into a story that has real emotional impact.  We find that our clients cannot take their eyes off the screen when a short film is playing.  This is not a film that will be watched once a year on a wedding anniversary.  Instead, it will be watched over and over again, and shared through social media.

Another common myth is that short films don’t take as long to create and should cost less than a feature film.  In fact, more thought and effort goes into a film that time-shifts and tells a story in a non-chronological fashion.  The good news is that regardless of whether CinemaCake clients choose a short or feature film, the price remains the same.

Here are some related myths to watch for as you choose a filmmaker:

One Camera is Enough
The biggest problem with one camera coverage is that there is no way to capture two things happening at the same time.  Imagine all of the moments when the reaction is just as important as the action itself.  Take the Maid of Honor’s Speech at Holly and Bill’s Wedding as an example.  With one camera, the emotional impact of that short speech would not be there.

The Second Camera Does Not Have To Be Manned
An unmanned camera can be used as a wide shot from the balcony for example, or just a static shot down the aisle during the ceremony.  Either way, it’s unmanned so it cannot refocus, re-frame, or move if a shot is blocked.  It’s a static, security-camera looking shot that the videographer can’t count on in a pinch.  A static camera has it’s place, but it is no replacement for a human behind a camera.

See the Difference for Yourself
At CinemaCake, all of our clients get a choice of a Short Film, a Feature Film, or something in-between.  Our films are customized for each client and are always the RIGHT length.  For the clients who choose our short films, all unedited footage is delivered as well, so if one day you DO want to look through all of the footage, you can.

Please comment below with myths that you know about.

July 10, 2011 in Behind The Scenes

In our 2008 post, The 10 REAL questions you should ask your videographer, I not only offered advice to clients looking for a videographer, but I also offered the list up for any wedding and event filmmaker to repost the list to help educate their clients.  Looking back, we realize how important this list is.  I think it’s important enough to dissect and really delve into each question.  This week, I’ll discuss #7, “May I see other clients’ movies and read what they had to say about you?”.

One of the best parts of wedding and event filmmaking is the ability to show prospective clients what they will be getting.  Almost everyone has access to a high speed internet connection and a myriad of handheld devices.  However, you must be careful to look at the final deliverable production, not just samples, recaps, and short “coming soon” movie trailers.  If the company you are considering cannot or will not show you full productions, move on.  It’s pretty simple for anyone to put together a bunch of eye-candy shots, but without looking at several full films, how can you make a wise decision?  So don’t be afraid to ask for a full production as it was delivered to the client.

Of course, it would be great to know what clients thought of their productions, too.  If a company makes clients happy consistently, they should be receiving calls, notes, emails, or even video messages from their clients from time to time.  Ask to read these letters or ask for references you can call.  In the end, a film should make clients happy about their decision to have their events documented and their stories told in a fun, creative way.

May 17, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

imageLooking back on our 10 Real Questions to Ask Your Videographer post in 2008, I feel they are all still relevant and worthy of revisiting.  Here’s #5, “How long will it take to get my finished movie?” 

We regularly communicate with wedding videographers through various networks and forums.  Often I learn about videographers who regularly have a final delivery time of 8-12 months, sometimes even longer.  Their clients are understandably concerned that the editing is taking too long.  They worry that something may be wrong, especially when calls and emails about the status of their productions go unanswered as promised delivery dates are missed.

With a relatively quick delivery time (usually less than 12 weeks), CinemaCake clients have input every step of the way.  Each client gets a passcode that allows access to their online portal.:
Through this portal, our clients can be as involved as they want to be.  Our online questionnaires help us communicate with and get to know every client better.  Each project is assigned an online editor who values the input because it allows us to create a film that is more meaningful.

imageCinemaCake also updates a list of productions being edited so clients can follow along with the progress.  As their names float closer to the top each week, clients also have the option to view their Coming Soon Trailer.  Note: Clients who prefer complete privacy will not be listed here, nor will their Coming Soon Trailer be public.

At CinemaCake, we know that our clients’ films will be the only lasting documentary of the motion and sound of their big day.  That is why we work so hard to make it special for each client.  Clear and professional communication with our clients is critical in creating a beautiful film that can be enjoyed over and over again.

May 11, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

What is it about New York?  More and more, New York wedding and event video clients are reaching out to Philadelphia, our city of brotherly love, to bring in CinemaCake.  Why?  First, Manhattan is a short two-hour drive for our Philly-based cinematographers and Long Island is just a little farther.  This means it is easy for our teams to get in and many times we don’t event have to charge travel fees.  Secondly, there are a LOT of New Yorkers and we’re finding that the top local filmmakers get gobbled up pretty quickly.  There is just more demand for our type of films than there is supply.

Because of this new demand, we are developing our local New York team of filmmakers, putting CinemaCake wedding films within reach of even more clients.

Camille and Jim’s Coming Soon Trailer, filmed at Bridgewaters, New York City


We don’t ‘Pay to Play.’  When New Yorkers hire CinemaCake, they don’t have to worry about the higher fees and aggravation that come along with the locals who sometimes must pay a percentage to the venue or a particular planner.  CinemaCake does not ‘pay to play’ and is proud to be a strong opponent to the payola nonsense that is common in New York.  Sure, this means that certain venues may not put us on their published lists, but the folks who do refer us appreciate the honesty of referring a company by merit.  It’s a win-win.

Courtney and Evan’s Coming Soon Trailer.  (See their entire film below)


As CinemaCake celebrates its tenth year in business, we realize our New York and New Jersey relationships are stronger than ever, so much so that I have gotten more involved in their local New York Videographers and New Jersey Videographers professional association, the NJVA.  I joined the NJVA because it has long been known as a leader in education and networking for the videographers and filmmakers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  In fact, the International Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) is holding a conference there next week!

Our CinemaCake teams are just as “at home” in your city as we are in ours, so CONTACT US and order your own CinemaCake.

April 17, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

We have always believed that the soundtrack makes the film.  I’ll even argue that how a film sounds is more important than how it looks.  Imagine watching TV and the picture is a little fuzzy.  Still watchable, right?  Now imagine that same show with a perfect picture but constant static.  Unbearable.

So what happens with a live band?  Will the energy and great sound come across just the way you remembered it?  It helps if you start with a great band.  Check out the pipes on the lead singer of CTO’s Park Central!

April 05, 2011 in CinemaCake Films

Recently I attended the ISES REC meeting in Atlantic City.  I was a panelist at two one-hour educational sessions.  In both sessions, I was asked to discuss how a wedding film can tie the guests emotionally to the event.  Unfortunately, what most planners in the audience acknowledged was that “wedding video” was not only seen as a low priority by some clients, but it was even expendable!

Prepared for this discussion, I of course brought along a couple of clips to show the audience.  The first clip was a Same Day Edit we did last year.  I felt this film demonstrated that there is really no better way and no better time to present the highlights of the day than that same night.  This split screen presentation we created after the event shows how the couple and some of the guests at the reception reacted to the film.  But that wasn’t the film that got people asking the most questions.  What did that was much simpler. 

I showed the following Maid of Honor’s three-minute toast.  This very simple scene turned out to be the most cherished moment of that day for the bride and groom, Holly and Bill.

After watching Bill and Holly’s clip, four different wedding professionals came up to me and told me that the “Wedding Film” just moved up their lists as one of the “Must Have” items at a wedding.

So why do some not see the value?  We ask that same question often of clients who say, “I wasn’t going to do video.”  All of us have been to at least one wedding where video cameras were in the way of the guests during the ceremony.  Recently, a photographer friend of mine told me of a wedding where three video cameras on tripods were circling the cake on the dance floor, blocking not only the guests’ view, but made it difficult for even the photographer to get a good shot.  Naturally, most people don’t want that, but it’s pretty much burned into our DNA that this is what a videographer does.  The short films I presented in Atlantic City showed everyone that a well made wedding film is a very different experience, often with guests unaware a film is being made.  It was great to see their reactions!

Even when clients do order a video, they typically are not budgeting as much for video as they are for photos.  Could it be that clients don’t want the same quality in their film as they do in their photographs?  Maybe not, but advice on what a videographer should get paid is everywhere, usually recommending that more be spent on photography.  Even is a little unbalanced with their Wedding Budget Calculator.  TheKnot’s calculator recommends 6%-7% of the entire wedding budget should be set aside for the photographer and only 5% for the videographer.

This misconception is often not realized until AFTER the wedding.  Bill and Holly admitted it would have been a huge mistake to not buy a film.  They “weren’t going to do video” until they found us two weeks before their wedding.  They certainly are glad they changed their minds now.  Check out this email we got from them:

As we began planning for our wedding, we initially thought that our pictures would be enough to take us back to our wedding night and that we didn’t need a video. But when two weeks before the wedding the opportunity arose to have CinemaCake film our special night, we jumped at the chance. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we made. At the end of my wedding night there were so many memories that I wanted to hold on to and I knew that pictures would only tell part of the story. And now that I have our film from CinemaCake, I know it would have been a huge regret to not have it. Our wedding film literally takes me back to those exact moments and emotions. You listened to the things that were most important to me about my night and made sure they were all included in the final product. It truly exceeded my expectations. I cry every time I watch it.


November 13, 2010 in

Media Wave captured a three-day time-lapse of the construction and decoration for the opening Gala.

October 06, 2010 in CinemaCake Films

More and more, our productions are going out as digital files on our CinemaCake USB thumb drives (pictured below).  Digital files are easier to share through social media services like Youtube and Facebook.  Digital files can also be easily backed up to many places, making them inherently more secure than a DVD on a shelf (digital files can’t get scratched). 

Also, since digital files can be played on just about any computer, you can watch your film in HD, anywhere, without having to buy a Blu-ray player.

Ask that your next production be delivered digitally.  CinemaCake delivers on all formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, and digital.


September 24, 2010 in Awards

imageToday, My PHL 17 announced the winners.  We are so excited and honored to have been voted Best Videographer in Philadelphia for four years in a row now.  Thank you Philly!  We love you right back!

August 24, 2010 in Awards

On Monday, August 23rd, 2010, Dave Williams was awarded the Bob LeBar Vision Award at the 2010 WEVA Expo in Orlando Florida.

Introduced in 2000, the Bob LeBar Vision Award honors the WEVA member who has made innovative contributions to the development of the professional event video community. This award is given to one person each year who has advanced unique ideas and invoked a keen entrepreneurial spirit, together with a strong sense of professional pride, “raising the bar” for everyone.

June 30, 2010 in Coming Soon Trailers

Often our clients opt for the Coming Soon Trailer which can be delivered online in less than 48 hours of the event.  It just so happens that this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday’s clients wanted that instant gratification.  Here is a peek at both weddings.

If playback stutters, be sure HD IS OFF in the upper right corner of the player.image

[Mobile Version] Sara and Michael’s Coming Soon Trailer from their One-Layer CinemaCake, edited by Jimmy Shelton

If playback stutters, be sure HD IS OFF in the upper right corner of the player.image

[Mobile Version] Cydney and Matt’s Coming Soon Trailer from their One-Layer CinemaCake, edited by Josh Gold

January 18, 2010 in Behind The Scenes

We always love shooting our wedding films in St. Thomas and St. John so when we were fortunate to line two of our destination weddings up on the same weekend - only one ferry ride apart from each other - we were thrilled.  It’s too bad we could not stay longer because the US Virgin Islands are just such a magical place to shoot.

Thank you US Airways for not screwing up like you usually do.  With last minute destination shoots like these, we don’t have a lot of travel choices.  Most of the time, flying PHL to STT and back is uneventful, but it’s always risky to try to cut the time too close, ESPECIALLY with US Airways, but Jordan and I had the most enjoyable flight down AND back.  No lines at ticketing, security, OR for the obligatory shot of rum that was handed to us at the airport when we arrived.  Good for you, US Air - keep up the good work!

The Team this weekend included Jordan, Mike, and myself on a non-stop weekend, including waking up before the chickens on Saturday for the sunrise.  Unfortunately, we miscalculated and got up too early.  One hour of waiting in the dark was worth it, though.

Establishing Shots
One of our favorite things to do is to get some establishing shots.  We are like moths to a flame with sunrises, sunsets, and unique cloud cover and lighting situations that will help our clients remember the day as it was.  In St. John, we even caught some amazing rainbows right before the ceremony.

Most of our clients prefer to keep their films private but if we get the green light from our clients, we’ll post a trailer or a highlight reel here on our blog, so stay tuned.

To book your own CinemaCake Destination Wedding Film, contact us online or call toll free, 866-989-0158.  Destination wedding films start at $8900.

Behind the scenes shots by Jordan Oplinger.