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Lizzie and Zach were married on June 1, 2019 at the Michener Museum. Their day featured some of the industry's best and most talented professionals that worked their magic to create Lizzie and Zach's wedding into the spectacular event it was. On that note, here are six reasons why we loved Lizzie and Zach's wedding day! 

  1. We love museum weddings. Having your wedding at a museum gives it such a romantic feel. Museums tend to have beautiful architecture and the Michener definitely has a timeless structure to it that is ideal for bride and groom portraits. Philip Gabriel Photography was with us for every step of Lizzie and Zach's wedding day, capturing those intimate moments! 
  2. Penncora Events did a beautiful job with the flowers. From Lizzie's timeless bouquet of white Calla lilies, to the individual white roses that decorated tables, their attention to detail did not go unnoticed. And let's not forget the white rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle and the flowergirl's rose halo! Bravo, Penncora. Bravo. 
  3. Catering by Design created a four-tier cake that was decorated with delicate white flowers. Lizzie and Zach looked like pros cutting this wedding cake.
  4. The music had every guest up and dancing all night long. EBE Dream Time is a skilled band that we have worked with on countless weddings. They always know how to feel out a crowd and get everyone out of their seats and dancing to the music! 
  5. Every detail was thought out and accounted for. Kim Rosen Events was the glue that created this perfect wedding. Her guidance, planning, coordination, and attention to detail made the day into the production it was. 
  6. Lizzie and Zach were a great couple to film. The camera loved them! Their bright smiles and even brighter personalities were a thrill to film. Can we also acknowledge the fact that their website, created through The Knot, has everything from details about their wedding day to quotes from family and friends? Check out Lizzie and Zach's page here

CinemaGram Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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