Guess what? CinemaCake wins the WeddingWire's Couples' Choice Awards for 2021!


This award definitely has us feeling a little sentimental, probably because the wedding industry still remains one of the most affected by the pandemic. We pride ourselves on being the best when it comes to our pre and post production systems, not to mention, our shooting and editing teams are the best in the city. You're probably thinking, you know all of this and so do our couples--it's why they choose CinemaCake to document one of the most important days of their lives and not their crazy uncle.

This award feels a little more special than the others before it (yes, we are bragging) because our 2020 and 2021 reviews praised us in a few more ways than we mentioned. They speak to our adaptiveness, dependability and the care we've shown our couples and clients during these insane times. We've Zoomed. We've LiveStreamed. We've been there for our couples who've reduced guest lists from 300 to 15, couples that started at the Union League and ended up having an intimate backyard wedding. Needless to say, to our clients who have changed, adapted, and compromised, we first want to brag about your praises, and then we want to THANK YOU.

Take a peek at some of our 2021 client reviews to see why the CinemaCake team is the best!

Ariana + Christopher

A week before my wedding, my original video vendor cancelled on me given the COVID-19 pandemic. It was full panic mode and CinemaCake was one of the vendors recommended from friends + family. Within 24 hours, I was able to interview and hire CinemaCake. Working in the creative industry, it is easy for me to identify quality creatives and I knew I was making the right choice with Dave & his team. They were so responsive and willing to travel 3 hours to my wedding to capture our greatest memory. On the wedding day, I kept saying "where are my videographers?" As great professionals, they knew how to remain out of the scene and capture our moments without interfering with our day. I love our Coming Soon trailer and cannot wait to see the full video! If you are debating reaching out this vendor, have an interview and I promise they'll have options for your needs, you will not regret hiring CinemaCake. Thank you to the full team for turning around my disaster! 

Hilary + Jason

We initially weren't sure about having a videographer for our small, 8 person wedding but after we met with the CinemaCake team and saw their prior work, we were sold. The "ShortCake" is incredible and somehow they managed to capture the day and us so perfectly. I would recommend them a thousand times over. Thank you again, CinemaCake!

Kate + Greg

Greg and I have no regrets with hiring CinemaCake to capture our wedding day. During the midst of a pandemic, we had to not only rearrange our wedding plans once, but twice, and CinemaCake was flexible each step of the way. They were easy to work with from beginning to end. I can rewatch our video over and over again still with tears in my eyes each time. Thank you CinemaCake for allowing us to relive our perfect day for years to come!!!

If you are interested in CinemaCake capturing your wedding day, head to our Contact Page

Our CinemaCake Sampler has had an impact in a very short time.  Here are just some of the reviews from the people who made cameos...


"The talent of these folks never ceases to amaze me!! Forget about sending popcorn with your videos Sheryl and Dave -- you need to send a GIANT BOX OF TISSUES! I just watched this incredible film you made and you guessed it--tears. While I was moved by seeing so many of our brides and grooms in the film, what got me was the way you meshed all of it together to create a moving story. This is what we do and all the emotion you captured is why we all work so hard to create magical memories. Excellent Job! Wishing you continued success!"

Brian Kappra
Evantine Design

"This... is... amazing  ♥  Thanks for the memories. You guys are TRULY the best!"
Jamie (Apody) Coleman


"Thank you, a most original film! I will certainly pass the word."

Sylvia Weinstock (Pictured with Planner, Gina Sole)

"You nailed this one baby. It pulls at every heartstring I have. Think about how lucky we are to be involved in the most special day of our brides and grooms' lives."

Melissa Brannon, Fairy GodMother BadAss
Uncommon Events

"Look and see - 3 years ago Rachel Silver Barten and Garrett Barten - great day. Thanks Cinemacake for including us!"

Ivy Silver
Mother of the Bride

"Hi Dave,

That is a beautiful sampler of your work.  It brought me right back to our lovely day at St. Agnes and Overbrook Golf Club.  Can't believe this June will be 2 years already.  My son-in-law Greg will be remembered for his "all right" among the other special moments he and Liz shared on their wedding day.  Priceless."

Kathy Donze
Mother of the Bride

"Hi Sheryl and Dave,
There should be a warning with your email:  Tissues required.
This is just beautiful. Congratulations on an amazing job!  And I look forward to working with you again soon!"

Lynda Barness
I DO Wedding Consulting

"A simply wonderful video by our friends at CinemaCake Filmmakers! Ash Mill Farms is one, of many, beautiful location this film was shot at but regardless, this 5 minute reel will probably make you tear up! ♥"

Ash Mill Farm

"We are excited to be included in this recent sampler. Beautiful imagery, exceptional sound and a piece that demonstrates flawlessly the art of blending together emotion and timing, the edit. You can hire any number of videographers but there is only one CinemaCake."

Sara and Steve Langdon
Langdon Photography

"Our friends at CinemaCake Filmmakers put together the most beautiful sampler film that showcases their talents- and the remarkable talents of so many of our professional partners- in such a stunning way! MANY THANKS to Dave, Sheryl, and their gang for including Proud to Plan weddings in your film- we (and our couples) are so lucky to get to work with your team!!!"

Erin Proud
Proud to Plan

"One of our favorite videographers to work with - always yields happy brides & grooms! Take a look at some beautiful moments....."

Kathy and Stacey
The Wedding Factor

Kristen was a dream bride to work with.  From the very beginning of the booking process, she was excited to be working with us and to ulitmately have a beautiful CinemaCake film like her brother and sister-and-law had for their wedding.  She really enjoyed every step of the planning process and paid attention to the little details that helped make the wedding day unique.  For example, Kristen and Jim both love the Philadelphia Flyers, so they invited the iconic announcer, Lou Nolan, to introduce their bridal party into the room!  We discussed all of these details with Kristen in our pre-shoot phone call, about two weeks before the wedding, and made sure that each shooter was on the look out to capture these special moments.  The final product, was a beautiful film, that not only captures the love that Kristen and Jim have for one another, but also highlights all of the little ways they made their wedding day a truly personal event!  

We loved Kristen and Jim's CinemaCake film, so were were absolutely thrilled to read Kristen's thoughts in her WeddingWire post:

"Using CinemaCake to film our wedding was an easy choice.

My brother and sister-in-law used CinemaCake for their wedding video in 2010 and I was beyond impressed. When I got engaged they were top of my list for videographer and was so ecstatic that they were able to do our wedding.

Initial contact was seamless, contract and deposit all done electronically through their website, super easy. Our production manager, Taylor, was a pleasure to work with. We had a preliminary phone interview to go over details about the wedding, voiceovers, and information about my fiancé and me. This preliminary part turned out to be so important because the things we discussed were exactly what was captured in the video.

Every wedding has its own identity and our video displays it perfectly. It really tells the story of our wedding without showing the entire day. The camera crew blended in perfectly to our wedding. They were great at coaching my husband and I through our voiceovers.

We opted for additional posterity chapters of the ceremony and first dance as well as all the raw unedited footage (highly recommend). Seeing the raw footage gave me an even bigger appreciation for how good CinemaCake really is at filmmaking. To film edit an entire wedding and tell the story so beautifully is really a challenge and CinemaCake delivered perfection.

The final product is top quality and very professional. No question a videographer is an added expense, but if you're considering it you should go with the best there is. Being able to relive the biggest day of our lives was absolutely worth the price. Thank you CinemaCake, we couldn't be happier with how our video turned out!"

Check out Kristen and Jim's CinemaCake film below!

Cinematography: Brendon Costello and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Reception Venue: Arts Ballroom
Photography: Tania Lezak Photographer
Wedding Planner: Gina Sole
Catering: Stephen Starr Catering
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: EBE Imagine
Bridal Prep Location: Hyatt at the Bellevue
Ceremony Location: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Music licensed through 

We have talked about Stephanie and Pat's wedding a few times in our blog.  From their romantic Love Story Film, to Stephanie's fantastic wedding blog posts and Coming Soon Trailer, we have been following the story of their wedding from the start.  This story is finally coming to a close because Stephanie and Pat received an email just a few days ago with the link to their completed CinemaCake film.  Our team could not wait to hear what they thought and Stephanie did not disappoint!  

"As soon as the email arrived in my inbox, my heart started beating rapidly, and the excitement was too overwhelming not to click the link immediately. I watched it one time through and was so elated, I couldn’t help but forward right away to our parents, my sister, and my best friend Emily, who responded:

  • Best friend: “I made it four minutes in before I started crying. Your high five with Vicki made me loose it. Finally made it to the end! Worth every freakin penny! Cried like a baby. Laughed until I cried. Perfection. The outtakes were great.”

  • Sister: “My face hurts from smiling so much while I watched it! I love it!!!!!!!! The "outtakes" at the end are probably the best part”

  • Mother-in-law: “I love this!  I can't stop smiling and laughing! and loving the beauty of this whole day (or many days). So beautiful and full of life just like the bride and groom and all who surrounded them this day......I'm off to watch it again.” She also left me a 3-minute message of just crying and laughing."

Photo: Susan Stripling


We were thrilled to hear that the couple's family and friends loved everything, but we couldn't wait to read Stephanie and Pat's reaction to the film.  Here is the happy couple's response:


"But I had to wait seemingly forever until Pat got back from a work trip for him to see it. I don’t think I could possibly convey how utterly thrilled we are with how you captured the best day of our life, but I’ll try. How cleverly and beautifully edited especially. A few of my favorite things:

  • My flowergirls are certainly a highlight of the entire video and rightfully so. The shot of them walking up the aisle is so absurdly adorable. I love the shot from behind of my niece Aubrey catching up. Amazing! And actually had no idea that’s how it happened.

  • I love how you used the b-roll of me and Pat’s father dancing post-somersault as Pat’s reciting his vows about wanting to goof around with me.

  • One of the things that I think sets you guys apart from so many other videographers is your use of audio. Not only did you capture it brilliantly. It’s so crisp. But I love how it’s utilized throughout the video – from our vows, to our niece screeching, to my goddaughters laughing, to the groomsmen's rather ridiculous getting ready conversations (which are so inherently them). I love Pat’s dad saying “keep pedaling, keep moving forward” with the moving shot of the ceremony – gorgeous and poignant.

  • I love the way our first dance was filmed!

  • The last section before the outtakes, 18:30ish, simply feels magical – like something out of a fairy tale. I feel like it’s our own major motion picture, our own Love Actually. The shot of us slow dancing is exquisitely dreamy. I adore the angle and the music as we walk back down the aisle. And I’m in the love with the concluding shot of us outside walking, smiling at each other – what a perfect ending.

  • Everything about the outtakes is phenomenal! I love the music, I love the compilation of hysterical clips, and the ending of his grandfather dancing is just epic.

Photo: Susan Stripling


I look forward to watching it over and over and over and over again. I, we, are absolutely in love with it. Thank you so, so, so, so, so much.


And I’ll now end my massively long email. I know when I’ve worked on my own video projects for hours, weeks, and months, simply, "I love it" seems a little insufficient. So I just wanted to let you know just how much I love and appreciate everything you’ve done. I think it’s fair to say that in the sea of wedding decisions I made, you guys were my favorite. I frankly can’t imagine our wedding without you.

Thank you so very, very much,

Stephanie & Pat"

Thank you Stephanie and Pat!  It's letters like this that make our jobs worth doing and we hope you enjoy your films for years to come.  For all of our readers out there, we reccomend you do yourself a favor and spend the next 22 minutes watching Stephanie and Pat's CinemaCake Film!

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Jonathan Sutton, and Ryan Bedard of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Craig Hinkle of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Venue and Catering: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Event Coordinator: The Wedding Factor
Photography: Susan Stripling Photography
Florist: Rhodes Garden
Live Entertainment: EBE: L.A. Starz
Paper: The Paper Umbrella

After our crew finished filming Maura and George's wedding, they all noted that this couple were some of the sweetest people they had ever worked with.  Maura and George are both Villanova Alumni and chose to celebrate their wedding mass on campus before celebrating their nuptials at Appleford Estates.  The day really highlighted the love they had for each other and the importance of family in their lives.  Our team worked hard to create a beautiful film for Maura and George and we were thrilled when we received this Testimonial from the happy bride!  Here is what Maura had to say about working with CinemaCake:    

"EXCELLENT service!! The team at CinemaCake really worked with me to get the end result that I wanted. I am so pleased with the moments captured from my special day and the backdrop music that is so perfectly matched to the film. It exceeded my every expectation and I could not be happier. During the day of my wedding, CinemaCake was so skilled that I was barely conscious of their camera. They captured everything that I wanted and even worked with me afterwards to edit out parts that I did not like... The thing I value the most is the way that CinemaCake seamlessly connected special moments throughout the day with a special commentary from my loved ones. This Blu-ray will be an eternal reminder of the day that I married the love of my life and I have CinemaCake to thank for giving this to me."

Take a look at Maura and George's CinemaCake Film below!

Cinematography: Brendon Costello, Jonathan Sutton, and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Stringer Photography
Venue: Appleford
Catering: Perfect Setting
Entertainment: Tom Barrett DJs
Floral: Ilonka Floral Decorator

These days, a newly engaged bride can turn to the web for inspiration on any aspect of her wedding.  From the dress, to the decor, to her vows: many of our brides will go online for inspiration before they start working with a planner.  There are some great bridal sites out there, but nothing helps these engaged gals more than hearing directly from other blogging brides.  When you have a ton of options, it helps to hear a frank opinion from someone who has gone through the exact same thing. 

Recently, we learned that some of our brides have joined the “blogosphere” and are sharing their experiences about finding vendors and planning for their wedding online.  We were especially thrilled to hear when they wrote about their experience with CinemaCake Filmmakers!  Check out a couple of our bride’s blogs below:

-Stephanie Genuardi, blogger for Philadelphia Wedding

Stephanie reached out to us when she first began planning her wedding.  We had a great time talking with her about her plans and we cannot wait to be a part of her big day in September 2014!  Be sure to check her blog as she continues planning her beautiful wedding to her high school sweetheart, Dave! 

“Prior to even getting engaged, I stumbled upon CinemaCake filmmakers. After watching one of their films, my fiancé and I both knew immediately they were our number one priority when it came to our vendors. I am so happy with our decision, and look forward to the attention they provide to intricate details that would often go overlooked on such a whirlwind day!”

Donna and Guy, blogged about their wedding on Carats and Cake

We have had a few brides post about their wedding on Carats and Cake and we have seen some great responses!  Megan and Chris celebrated their wedding in January of 2013 and were thrilled when they received their ShortCake film!  Here is what they wrote:

“...We had such a great time with Dave and Matt that day.  I know our film is going to be the envy of our friends, as people up in Boston aren’t lucky enough to know CinemaCake.  Needless to say, we’ve watched it over and over and over again!  Can’t wait to see what’s on the raw footage.”

If you are a blogging bride, leave us a comment and tell us about it!

A picture ONLY tells 1000 words.

As filmmakers, we know that still photos cannot take the place of a moving, talking film.  Many couples don’t realize the value of a great film until AFTER the wedding and by then of course, it’s too late.

When deciding whether or not to hire a cinematographer, consider:

1. Your day will go by in a flash and you will not see or even remember so much of what happens. You can only be in one place at a time. These are moments that each of you will not get to experience and pictures can only give you part of the experience. Hearing what is being said is a completely different experience.

2. You wouldn’t dream of not having your wedding photographed, right? While hiring a photographer is crucial, ask yourself these questions: Will your pictures allow you to hear your vows? Will your pictures capture what your fiancé said the first time he saw you in your dress? Will pictures capture all of the speeches that were given at the reception? Will pictures capture the movement of your first dance?

3. Older generations remember seeing a “videographer” with a big camera and bright lights being very intrusive at an affair they attended. MOST of the filmmakers today work very differently. Cameras are smaller (actually they are the same cameras your photographer uses), they no longer require big lights, and they can shoot from a distance so that there is little to no ‘camera awareness’ from you and your guests. A good wedding film will also not be the two-hour long snore-fest documentary as in years past.

4. A great film really does become a family heirloom. Think about the people who will be at your wedding who may not be around 5, 10, or 20 years from now and think about sharing your film with your future children. What a blessing it would be to have a film that your children can watch AND listen to people whose voices they would not have heard otherwise.

5. You will spend so much to make sure that your wedding day is perfect, but the one thing that will most preserve those memories is a film; a talking, moving film.  We have NEVER had a couple tell us that they regretted getting a film. In fact, they will tell us just the opposite - that it turned out to be the best money they spent on their wedding and worth every penny. They realize that with their film, they can relive the day over and over again, and that is simply PRICELESS!

Hi Everyone,

Many people think that the only people who view our films are couples looking into wedding cinematography.  But that is simply not the case! We get feedback from all over, including other people working in the wedding industry!  Recently, we put together a trailer for Eleanor and Brian’s wedding.  Here is the feedback from the other people who helped make their big day special as well:

“Dave - brilliant and moving, as always.  Can’t wait for the full-length feature!” Béke Beau-
, Makeup Artist

“Absolutely beautiful!”- Lori Maslowski, Director of Catering at the Rittenhouse Hotel

“That was pretty darn awesome. Well done.”- Conrad Erb, Photographer

Check out the trailer to Eleanor and Brian’s film:

Be sure to check back often for more news and updates from CinemaCake!  Thanks for stopping by!


We can’t say thank you enough to Style Me Pretty (and our good friend Mallory!) for featuring Ali and Evan’s Coming Soon Movie Trailer.  Thanks to Susan Stripling for submitting her photos as well.  CLICK HERE to see the Style Me Pretty blog.