When we first talked with Heather about her wedding, she was so excited about having her perfect day and marrying her then-fiancé, Dave.  She, like many of our brides, had been planning her wedding since she was a little girl and had her venue picked out before she was engaged!  Everything was set for a truly beautiful ceremony at One Atlantic on the New Jersey shore.  10 days before Heather’s wedding, Hurricane Sandy touched down, causing major devastation up and down the East Coast.

While most couples would have been worried about how their wedding day would be altered, Heather and Dave focused more on those suffering around them.  In her pre-wedding questionnaire, Heather wrote the following: “We were so scared about AC being wiped out.  Our area was so fortunate and our heart is still breaking for those who lost so much in the storm so close to us.”  Luckily, their wedding day went off without a hitch and the newlyweds made a contribution to the Red Cross for hurricane relief on behalf of all of their guests. 

Even with all of the problems the storm presented, Heather and Dave still had their perfect celebration and enjoyed their beautiful Same Day Film at the end of the evening.  Check out their film below:


Today, Heather and Dave are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary!  Congratulations from the crew at CinemaCake Filmmakers and we wish this amazing couple all the best in the years to come!

Cinematography: Dave Williams and John M. White of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Jonathan Sutton
Music Licensed through
Venue: One Atlantic
Photography: Kay English Photography
Entertainment: Dynamic Crew

Often we get questions about making a film that has the high, emotional impact our clients have come to expect, but that is more cost effective.  We recommend a Same Day Film. 

A Same Day Film (3-5 minutes) can be shown at the reception and then re-edited into a fuller film, delivered within days of the wedding.

In this film you can see how Heather and David reacted when they saw their film:

Here you can see their final film, delivered within a week after the wedding; the Extended Same Day Film:

It was not until a month or so before our wedding that I finally convinced my husband to agree to a wedding filmmaker. Our budget was stretched to the max and he felt this was an optional vendor. Had we gone with a different company, we would not feel as strongly but to say - you simply can NOT pass up this filmmaker at your wedding.

Speaking with Dave Williams on the phone for the first time was really refreshing. He is so passionate about his industry and approaches a wedding film like a major motion picture. If you look at same of the samples on their website - you will get tears, laugh, and feel like you know some of the couples.

We ended up choosing a Same-Day-Film package. Let me just say - WOW. After the cake was cut, screens came down and an amazing trailer-style film (see below) played for all of our guests to watch. We were in awe from the beginning, but about halfway through, I was completely overcome with emotion. Having the ability to watch the day play before your eyes while you are still in the event is indescribable. We were asked to pre-select family and friends to speak from the heart about us. Their voiceovers along with snippets from important parts of the day made it even more special.

Even two months after our wedding, our guests are still expressing a similar sentiment: the venue, cocktail hour, sunset ceremony, detailing, and more- blew them away but watching the film during the reception is something they can hardly put into words; we feel the same way!

I cannot say enough good things about CinemaCake. The biggest compliment I think I can give is to say that I don’t feel that our wedding day would not have been the same with out CinemaCake. We will cherish this forever.

Heather and David

When we did our first “Same Day Edit” (now referred to as a Same Day Film) 10 years ago, technology was different and we were more limited on what we could do.  Screens were still 4x3 aspect ratio, HD was still a dream, and we had to capture media from tape in real time.  Same Day Films have come a long way, baby!

This year we have been hired to produce more Same Day Films than ever before.  Why?  Here is what our clients tell us:

1 Tunnel Vision  A limited view during the ceremony is common for most guests.  But there is so much more.  They never see some of the most emotional moments that unfold during the day, from the bride’s preparations, to the reactions of the parents in the front row during the ceremony.

2 Back Story  Through the use of voiceovers and other story-telling techniques, the back story adds a level of emotion that simply cannot be achieved with music alone.  Sometimes clients hire us to pre-produce the backstory and use that as a base to build on the day of the wedding.

3 Sharing Online  Friends and family around the world can now enjoy the highlights of the day within hours of them happening.  This means people who cannot travel to the wedding can still enjoy the best moments almost as they occur.

What makes a CinemaCake Same Day Film so special is that we take the time to include the ambient sounds and voices from the day.  It takes more time and is more stressful for the editor, but it adds so much more.

To celebrate our decade of Same Day Films, we will share some of our recent favorites over the coming days, starting with Kristy and Christopher’s Same Day Film, complete with a pre-produced back story.  This is what the guests all watched at the reception on a huge 12 foot screen.