Some of our favorite weddings have more than one CinemaCake bride in the family. On June 1, 2019, Amanda and her husband, Daniel, were married at The Logan Hotel. They popped bottled on balconies, walked down the aisle outdoors and had a beautiful ballroom reception with a confetti drop and a dessert room. Amanda is a sister of four and was the first of her siblings to tie the knot but on July 10, 2021, Victoria became the newlywed.

There are so many reasons we love filming "all the siblings" weddings. For one thing, we love seeing the different wedding decor, styles and locations. And of course, it makes our hearts grow three times the size when we see a family evolve over the years, we love building family relationships as CinemaCake was built on it.

Victoria's wedding is a great example of how two sisters can have such different tastes--which we love! Instead of having a city wedding in a hotel like Amanda, Victoria's day was held at her at her parents' home. Where Amanda's wedding was filled with whites, golds and spring flowers, Victoria's was covered in deep pinks, browns and moody folliage. Victoria and David originally planned on getting married at The Horticulture Center but like many couples this year they had to go a different route. Although changing directions wasn't ideal, in the end they hosted one the most elaborate backyard weddings of all time and Constellation Culinary Group still catered the event, of course.

We can't decide which style wedding we love more but we know we can't wait to see what the future holds for all four sisters!
With that said, here are some of our favorite siblings that had CinemaCake tell their story. Tell us in the comments which weddings are your favorite!

Victoria + Amanda

Casey + Quinn

Mia + Natalie

Lauren + Ali

Alexandra + Kaitlyn

Rianna + Alyssa + Mikayla in September 2022!

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The feeling of opening up a new Modern Luxury Magazine to full feature articles of CinemaCake couples never gets old. This season while flipping though the pages, we quickly spotted Lizzie and Zach's lavish spread, filled with vibrant wedding images by Philip Gabriel Photography. The couple's luscious and summery images chosen to show off their wedding day almost made us forget that it's nineteen degrees out. Almost...

Kim Rosen Events turned Lizzie and Zach's dreamy wedding at The Michener Museum into a reality that brides all over the city would soon bookmark in their copies of Modern Luxury. Penncora Productions' floral centerpieces and individual white roses, lit by Synergetic Sound, created a beautiful aesthetic that will influence countless future wedding floral designs.

Watch Lizzie and Zach's Collection to get the full experience of this memorable wedding day and to see the other top notch vendors in action, such as EBE Talent. To read Lizzie and Zach's feature article, go digital in this issue of Modern Luxury, here

Collection: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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It's not every wedding that a famous country star shows up at a wedding, but CinemaCake has now filmed two of them.

On September 14, 2019, Dana and Matt continued the White family tradition of having a surprise country singer come perform at their wedding. No one but Lisa and Matt's father knew what booked talent would walk out on stage for both of their weddings. Total secrecy!  The suspense was killing us but it was well worth the wait. With red solo cups held high in the air during Dana and Matt's reception, a crowd of guests finally welcomed singer Toby Keith to the reception stage. Toby Keith played "Red Solo Cup" and absolutely killed it. Matt hugged his bride Dana and sang along with their friends and family and oh yeah, TOBY KEITH. Talk about a show of a lifetime. 

It feels like yesterday that we filmed Dana's brother Matt and his bride Lisa on August 27th, 2016. We didn't think any country performer could top their wedding's famous singer Tim McGraw's show, but Toby Keith definitley gave him a run for his money! It was great seeing this family follow two traditions: famous country stars and Cinemacake! 

Watch Toby Keith and Tim McGraw play personal wedding concerts to a couple of happy newlyweds and all of their cheering fans! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Reception Venue: Vie
Caterer: Cescaphe
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers​
Reception Venue: Vie
Catering: Cescaphe Event Group
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Entertainment: Jellyroll and Tim McGraw
Ceremony Venue: Saint Francis of Assisi
Music licensed through

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Among Philadelphia wedding venues, The Rittenhouse stands alone as an ideal location for couples who seek an elegant and romantic feel both indoors and outdoors.

The Rittenhouse is a perfect venue for those who want to have their wedding in an urban epicenter, while experiencing the lavish greenery and upscale decor offered by this iconic location. 

The Rittenhouse overlooks singular Rittenhouse Square, so choosing this location for portrait sessions is a no brainer for couples. The park's tree-lined pathways are just steps away from The Rittenhouse, making it a convenient walk in a wedding dress or with a bridal party.

Did you know that Rittenhouse Square is partly upkept by a dedicated organization? Friends of Rittenhouse Square makes sure that the park is always nice, manicured, and inviting.

The Cassatt Garden is another hidden gem offered at the Rittenhouse Hotel. An outdoor, intimate space The Rittenhouse is known for, it is an ideal area for couples seeking a touch of greenery in their day. Many couples choose to have cocktail hours and musicians in this beautiful nook. The lighting draped around the trees create a romantic feel that can take any cocktail hour to the next level.

See why we love The Rittenhouse, watch their Wedding Sizzle Reel below. 

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The Logan Hotel is located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with killer views of both the city of Philadelphia and the Art Musuem. It's no wonder why couples choose The Logan to host their wedding day. Stay tuned for three of our favorite spots in The Logan that can add some life to your wedding day plans!

Assembly Rooftop Lounge

Assembly is The Logan's rooftop bar with a beautiful view that overlooks the Parkway and the Art Museum. Modern decor fills the intimate space, along with plenty of seating. Guests enjoy the fresh air during good weather, and huge glass windows look out onto historic Logan Circle during all weather. Assembly is the perfect place for a first look with a view! 

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is described as a "lush and secluded urban oasis." The terraced levels create depth and intrigue within a deceptively simple layout. An ideal spot to have a wedding ceremony if you are looking for a touch of outdoor greenery to add to your wedding day, The Logan hosts many weddings with an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. A public yet private open-air space, couples can host medium to large-capacity guest lists alongside a spectacular modern water feature. 

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is the largest event space at The Logan. Servers and bartenders have easy access to keep the food arriving hot and drinks flowing. Featuring soaring ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and a neutral color palette to suit all your design aesthetics, the Ballroom offers 4,374 square feet of event space ready to host your family and friends.

Check out The Logan's Sizzle Reel to see the modern, sophisticated spaces available to future brides and grooms. 

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Julia and Nick were married on July 13th, 2019. 

Julia and Nick started their wedding day at Loews Hotel Philadelphia for their preparations. The mood was electric as Julia got ready to don her beautiful dress against the backdrop of the city skyline. Julia and her bridesmaids laughed and huddled together on the bed for a few group photos with champagne glasses in hand. Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me" played on repeat as a theme song for the bridesmaids' day. Once Julia finally got into her dress, her bridesmaids couldn't hold back their emotions. 

Julia and Nick wrote cards to each other to share their feelings before they would see each other in the sanctuary of St. John the Evangelist Church.

"To my Nick, I am so excited to take this next step with you and become your wife. You are my everything and my one and only. I love you so much and I will see you at the end of the aisle. Forever and always, Julia." 

After the ceremony, the couple rode over to Cescaphe Vie on their trolley to greet their numerous family and friends in the reception. The huge number of guests wasn't surprising to Julia's sister, who said: 

"You're the kindest person I've ever known, with such genuine love for everyone in your life, I mean look around you, you have more friends than anyone I know."

Our team certainly appreciated Vie's space-- they can always handle a large guest list. FabuFloras decorated Vie's tables and rooms with tons of fresh florals that kept the mood vibrant all night long. Masquerade had a very large crowd to please, and things certainly got rowdy on the dance floor at times. Every guest was jumping and dancing to live music all night long. Julia and Nick even had the mic at one point! 

Julia and Nick had their Coming Soon Trailer ready to watch within days of their wedding. They were ecstatic with the results:

We are obsessed with it!! We have been watching it over and over again! Seriously the coming soon video is amazing and we cannot wait until the full video comes out.

- Julia and Nick 

Congratulations again to Julia and Nick on hosting such a fun wedding with so many enthusiastic guests. The people you surround yourself with make you who you are; Julia and Nick are obviously set up for success!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Jeffrey Vincent Photography
Florist: FabuFloras
Preparations Location: Loews Hotel Philadelphia
Ceremony Venue: St. John the Evangelist Church
Venue and Caterer: Cescaphe Vie
Entertainment: Masquerade
Music licensed through Tracks Music

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It was a beautiful spring day on June 8th, 2019: ideal weather, budding spring florals, and Alyssa and Stephen's wedding had everyone buzzing! Alyssa and Stephen are a detail-oriented couple who wanted nothing more than to have their perfect day shine brightly for everyone to enjoy. Looking back on their wedding day, we felt like there were three details that stood out to us the most we just had to share.

1.) Bridesmaids keep it light (and matching!)
Alyssa's girls wore lightly colored matching pajama sets during preparations, and later matched in their off-white bridesmaid dresses. They matched right down to their nude-colored heels. Nothing says you're a good bridesmaid like coordinating your shoe color with several other people! Alyssa started the day in her singular bright white pajamas during preparations, and later dressed in a stunningly classic white wedding gown. The bridesmaids' being dressed in such light colors so close to the white of the wedding gown is a telling sign about how close Alyssa feels to her girls. 

2.) White peonies
Alyssa's bridesmaids' bouquets were filled with white peonies from Petals Lane, complementing the embroidery on their dresses. At the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, the scene was set with light pink peonies, roses, and white peonies. Even white orchids were used throughout the day. The mood was light, airy, and timeless: just like the romance!

3.) Bright smiles and French fries! 
We can't begin to say how great of a couple Alyssa and Stephen are, and how much our cameras loved them! Their sunny personalities came through every event. When a couple has that "special something," we recognize it and we appreciate it. We especially loved seeing them feed each other French fries in front of the floral wall at the end of the night. It was the perfect combination of glamour, yummy food, and humor all at once!

Alyssa and Stephen celebrated their union at the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve with their dear family and friends, dancing the night away to The Sid Miller Dance Band's toe-tapping beats. Finley Catering as always, did an incredible job preparing the finest gourmet dishes for the guests throughout the night. Rafal Ostrowoski Photography was able to not only capture great moments as they happened; but also set up some wonderfully intimate moments between Alyssa and Stephen to create some stunning images they will enjoy for their whole lives. Thanks to The Styled Bride (who always does a great job), the many different ideas the couple had in mind for their wedding day all came together as one vision. 

Congratulations to Alyssa and Stephen on their new marriage and new beginnings! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Rafal Ostrowski Photography 
Ceremony Location: St Agnes Church
Reception Venue: Ballroom at Ellis Preserve
Coordinator: The Styled Bride
Florist: Petals Lane
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Sid Miller Dance Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Natalie and Jeffrey were married on June 15th, 2019 at The Lucy. For those of you who don't know, The Lucy is Cescaphe's newest venue located on Mt Vernon Street in Philadelphia. Cescaphe has several locations spread throughout Philadelphia. Whether it's The WaterworksVie, or any Cescaphe venue, their catering and party hosting skills are known far and wide as being some of the best in the city. 

Natalie and Jeffrey started their preparations for their big day at The Cambria. Natalie hung with her bridesmaids in her white "bride" robe and toasted with her friends with mimosas. We can't forget about her giant ring pool float she was wearing as she posed for pictures! Bravo, Natalie. Bravo. Jeffrey on the other hand, had Batman cufflinks and matching superhero socks with his groomsmen. We could tell from preparations alone that Natalie and Jeffrey were going to be fun to film!

Ten Pennies Florist worked their floral magic and created a beautiful room of white luscious flowers. EBE Barcelona kept all guests dancing throughout the night and played some incredible songs that kept huge smiles on Natalie and Jeffrey's faces. Phil Kramer always does a great job shooting next to us from start to finish, getting creative shots and being attentive to Natalie and Jeffrey.  Congratulations to Natalie and Jeffrey on your wedding day and starting your forever!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Alison Conklin Photography
Coordinator: Kaleidoscope Solutions Inc.
Reception: Philadelphia Country Club
Ceremony: St. Christopher's Church 
Florist: Valley Forge Flowers
Entertainment: Renaissance Orchestra
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Amanda and Daniel were married June 1st, 2019 at The Logan Hotel

Surrounded by her sisters and bridesmaids, Amanda stood on the balcony of The Logan Hotel looking out onto Ben Franklin Parkway and Logan Square. Amanda's sisters and bridesmaids cheered and called out down below, shouting to the world that Amanda is getting married! After careful preparations with her team of experts, Amanda was dressed to the nines. Amanda headed up to Assembly Lounge, on top of the Logan for her first look with Daniel. While surprised lunch guests looked on from their tables, Daniel stood ready to see Amanda for the first time..

"Oh my goodness, you look so beautiful," Daniel said to Amanda, looking at her in her wedding dress for the first time. Beke Beau and Amanda D'Andrea certainly created a vision! 

Seats were filled at the ceremony in preparation for Amanda and Daniel's vows. Bridesmaids and guests made sure to take a quick picture in front of Jamie Rothstein Floral Design's ceremony altar, made out of greenery and arranged white roses.

Dan, there's so much I love about you, especially how much you love my big sister. I trust that you will always look out for her, always take care of her, and always recognize the greatness within her.

Amanda's sister 

Gold confetti and sparkles rained down from above on Amanda and Daniel's dancing guests, while Hank Lane Band played like rockstars. Kyle Michelle Weddings made sure every wedding vision came true for the newly married couple. There's nothing like a dessert bar with giant gummy bears to take a wedding to the next level! Sarah DiCicco was right there next to us ready to capture stunning images of every event throughout the day and into the night. 

I've always wanted a little sister, and not only did I get one sister, I got four beautiful sisters.

Daniel's brother

Congratulations Amanda and Daniel! Here's to your new family and your new beginnings! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Event Coordinator: Kyle Michelle Weddings
Hair Stylist: Amanda D'Andrea
Makeup Artist: Beke Beau
Venue: The Logan Hotel
Florist: Jamie Rothstein Floral Design
Entertainment: Hank Lane Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Lizzie and Zach were married on June 1, 2019 at the Michener Museum. We were delighted to be a part of this wedding. Their day featured some of the wedding industry's most talented professionals working their magic to create Lizzie and Zach's spectacular event!  

Here are six reasons why we loved Lizzie and Zach's wedding day:

  1. We love the romantic feel of museum weddings. The Michener has beautiful architecture and a timeless structure to it, making it ideal for bride and groom portraits. Philip Gabriel Photography did their usual expert work throughout Lizzie and Zach's wedding day, creating and capturing those intimate moments we love to see! 
  2. Penncora Events handled getting the beautiful flower arrangements in place, making it look easy. From Lizzie's timeless bouquet of white Calla lilies, to the individual white roses that decorated tables, their attention to detail was hard to miss. And let's not forget the white rose petals that lined the ceremony aisle and the flowergirl's rose halo! Bravo, Penncora. Bravo. 
  3. Catering by Design created a four-tier cake decorated with delicate white flowers. Once the guests had spent enough time drooling over the cake, Lizzie and Zach put on what looked like a professional cake cutting show.
  4. The band had every guest up and dancing all night long with timeless classics and unexpected jams. EBE Dream Time is a skilled band that we have worked with on countless weddings. They always know how to feel out a crowd and get everyone out of their seats and dancing to the music! 
  5. An elite planner meant that every detail was thought of and planned for. Kim Rosen Events was the glue that created this perfect wedding. Her guidance, planning, coordination, and attention to detail made the day into the production it was. 
  6. Lizzie and Zach were a great couple to film. The camera loved them! Their bright smiles and even brighter personalities were a thrill to film. Can we also acknowledge the fact that their website, created through The Knot, has everything from details about their wedding day to quotes from family and friends? Check out Lizzie and Zach's page here

CinemaGram Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kim Rosen Events
Florist: Penncora Productions
Caterer: Catering By Design
Venue: Michener Museum
Entertainment: EBE Dream Time
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Austin and David's wedding fell on a warm spring day, the 8th of June, 2019 at The Barnes Foundation
As Austin's father looked at her for the first time in her wedding dress, he told her 

"You will always be my little girl, but the thing that I love about you and that I've always loved about you is that you have the heart of a lion. I love your passion, your intensity, your drive."

The happy couple had a touching ceremony at The Barnes Foundation, where we could literally hear birds singing for their marriage. Once the marriage was official, the two love birds danced the night away with family and friends. Our longtime friends at CTO were on site to play everyone's favorite tunes, and even get the crowd involved in the show. The florists extraordinaire of Longstem provided fragrant, pastel-colored florals to fill out the room. Constellation Culinary's attention to detail and special touches made for a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Sarah DiCicco handled the photography, effortlessly capturing every loving moment between Austin, David, family and friends. The nighttime photo shoot was simply magical. After seeing this wedding, we view the Barnes Foundation in a whole new light! 

Congratulations Austin and David, on your beautiful wedding day and your marriage!  

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Venue: The Barnes Foundation
Coordinator: Laurel and Elm- Lora Hurst
Florist: Longstems
Caterer: Constellation Culinary
Entertainment: CTO
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Kristen and Christian strolled alongside the Merchant Exchange Building, looking into each other's eyes as Kristen's veil flowed behind her. That simple look was a visible display of a love between them that was absolutely delightful to capture. The wedding day is a pleasure for us because our vendor friends are experts in their fields. Our friends at Philip Gabriel Photography find it quite natural to create gorgeous photographs, and no less true with the picture-perfect duo of Kristen and Christian. At The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, seats were filled in anticipation of a lovely ceremony. The traditional Catholic service was something both Kristen and Christian will remember for the rest of their lives together. The church was a lovely backdrop for a stunning photo shoot after the ceremony ended. Later on at the reception, the dance floor was packed in The Crystal Tea RoomDon Eaton Band started to play and the guests couldn't help but tap their toes. Before long, every guest in attendance was hearing an old favorite or a fresh jam! 

Finley Catering provided five-star service and plating for all the guests, showing why they are one of the top caterers in Philadelphia. Carl Alan's fragrant bouquets of red roses and white lilies completed the scene for a movie star look. The reception looked like it was too good to be true! The amount of friends and family that came to celebrate Kristen and Christian's union was incredible. From far and wide, people came to celebrate their marriage and dance the night away!

Kristen's father toasted the couple, emphasizing that every guest at the wedding had a significant role in their family's lives and that he couldn't be happier to have them witness the new union.  Kristen and Christian once again walked hand in hand, to their last stop of the night, Broad Street. There's something about the city lights and speeding cars that sets the scene pefectly for one last intimate portrait session.

Congratulations to Kristen and Christian on starting their lives together!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photography: Philip Gabriel Photography
Ceremony Venue: Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Reception Venue: Crystal Tea Room
Florist: Carl Alan Floral Design Ltd.
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Don Eaton Band
Music licensed through Soundstripe

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Katie and Ryan were married on May 4, 2019 at the Rodin Museum. Katie's friends and family always knew she would end up getting the things she wanted from life: “Katie is smart, and she is generous, and she is trustworthy, and she is kind, and even ten years ago, living in a dark basement dorm room, we all knew Katie would achieve everything she has today: her dream job, a wonderful life, and the perfect person for her to spend it with."

The Rodin Museum never disappoints; it's easy for us to get great images with the gorgeous grounds and garden in full bloom. Lamsback Floral Decorators created timeless floral centerpieces filled with countless lively pink tulips and blush-colored roses, just to name a few. Let's not forget about the staircase bannister draped in dreamy florals. The floral arrangements created an unforgettable and timeless wedding environment. Finley Catering knocked it out of the park with their spring-inspired cake design. We love the detail work that always goes into their cakes. BVTLive All About Me had every guest up and dancing all night long, and put on a memorable show! Guests were moving and grooving to some of their favorite hits. Sarah DiCicco was there by our side ready to photograph every moment of the action. We always appreciate Sarah's ability to not only seize the shot at a moment's notice, but she is truly talented at creating opportunities for beautiful images. 

Katie and Ryan spent their reception at The Ballroom at the Ben, dancing the night away with family and friends. There's nothing like having everyone you love in one room, just to help enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime party! Congratulations to Katie and Ryan! 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Ceremony Venue: Rodin Museum
Reception Venue: Ballroom At The Ben
Photo: Sarah DiCicco
Event Coordinator: Tina Lamsback
Florist: Lamsback Floral Decorators
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: BVTLive All About Me
Music Licensed through Soundstripe

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Christan and Leon celebrated their wedding at the Wilmington Country Club on May 4th, 2019. 

The happy couple will be giving them two CinemaBooks so they can relive the wedding celebration over and over. Flowers By Yukie created lovely florals and bouquets. We loved the white Calla lilies!  Wired Up Entertainment knew how to read the crowd and played tunes that kept all guests moving to the music. Wilmington Country Club provided us with the perfect backdrop for Christian and Leon. Their ground are constantly tended to with care and expertise, so the club always looks green and manicured. Kelli Wilke did a wonderful job capturing Christian and Leon's special moments throughout the day and into the night. WCC-Christine Jordan was there for Christian and Leon every step of the way. Her organization and expertise did not go unnoticed! 

Congratulations, Christan and Leon on your beautiful wedding day and your new forever. 

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Kelli Wilke
Event Coordinator: WCC-Christine Jordan
Florist: Flowers By Yukie
Caterer: Wilmington Country Club
Entertainment: Wired Up Entertainment
Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph's On The Brandywine
Reception Venue: Wilmington Country Club
Music Licensed Through: Soundstripe

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Stephanie and Mauricio lounged in their New York City apartment, smiling ear to ear, while telling us the story about how they met online. "Our relationship will never work because you are an Eagles fan and I’m a Cowboys fan," Mauricio messaged to Stephanie. Stephanie quickly replied, "Well, we can go out on a date and just break up before football season starts." If you think that’s cute, their Love Story only gets better! We strolled around New York City with the couple, hearing about how they met, what they love about each other, and their awesome proposal.

If Stephanie wasn’t already excited enough about the Eagles winning last year’s super bowl, she was about to be in for another surprise. During the Eagles parade, Mauricio was going to pop the question. He was looking for an opportune moment, but couldn’t find the right time to do it. Later that night, after the parade, Stephanie and Mauricio would have dinner with her parents at the Union League, before they headed back to New York. All dressed in her Eagles attire, with family all around, Mauricio got down on one knee and asked Stephanie if she would marry him. With tears of joy filling her eyes, she happily accepted.

"We are, quite literally, speechless. And we love it! You guys are wizards!" 

- Stephanie and Mauricio 

Stephanie and Mauricio were married at the Ballroom at the Ben on February 23, 2019. “Classy flamingo is my style,” Stephanie explained. From her pink shoes, to her flamingo bouquet detailing, to their gold, flamingo embossed invitations, we couldn’t help but agree that “classy flamingo” is the perfect way to describe Stephanie.

It wasn’t just their flamingo wedding details we loved; the vows Stephanie and Mauricio exchanged were beautiful.

I don’t know what I did to have you in my life, but I am, and will continue to forever be grateful that you and I are best friends.

- Mauricio

Look at where we are look at where we started. You push me, inspire me, fascinate me, balance, and support me, and for that, I promise to love you endlessly. Now and forever. 

- Stephanie

Congratulations to Stephanie and Mauricio and go Eagles!

Love Story and Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Venue: Ballroom at the Ben
Bride Preparations: Loews Hotel Philadelphia
Groom Preparations: Union League
Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography
Event Coordinator: Kaleidoscope Solutions Inc.
Florist: FabuFloras
Caterer: Finley Catering
Entertainment: Cutting Edge Entertainment
Music Licensed Through Soundstripe

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CinemaCake has captured a lot of fun surprises at weddings in the past.  From our couples breaking out into a perfectly choreographed first dance, to a spontaneous fireworks display, we had thought we had seen it all!  That is, until Lisa and Paul's wedding reception.  This beautiful reception started out with a traditional first dance and a fabulous dinner served to all 500 guests in attendance at Vie.  Then, when the Father-Daughter dance began, everyone was blown away!  Check out the ending of their Coming Soon Trailer, HERE!

"It's WONDERFUL!!! Oh my goodness!!!! It's fantastic!! Thank you so much!! We have been honored to work with you!!"  -Lisa and Paul Getz

Months before her wedding day, Lisa had selected the song "My Little Girl", by famed country singer Tim McGraw, for her first dance with her father, thinking it would be a touching song for the BVTLive!'s JellyRoll to perform.  Little did she know that her dad, Dave, had much bigger plans!  Dave had secretly communicated with the song's co-writer and had McGraw sneak onto the stage and surprise Lisa at the reception!  Alison Conklin was there to snap some beautiful shots and the CinemaCake crew was ready to capture some amazing footage, which you can check out in the sneak peek we released the day after the wedding!

Of course, it isn't every day that a three-time Grammy winner stops by a wedding for an impromptu concert!  Philadelphia Wedding Magazine gave everyone the behind-the scene scoop an interviewed each of the vendors involved in the wedding.  You can check out their article HERE! This story also became national news fast and Lisa and Paul were interviewed by a couple of news outlets about their out-of-this-world reception.  Here is an interview they did with Fox 10 in Phoenix, complete with some of our clips of the jaw-dropping performance!  

McGraw stayed at Lisa and Paul's reception after the Father-Daughter dance and performed a full set of songs for the newlyweds and their guests!  Special thanks to all involved, including Cescaphe Event Group, the amazing team at VieAlison Conklin Photography, Beautiful Blooms, and BVTLive!'s Jellyroll!

This summer, CinemaCake has sent crews out all over the "City of Brotherly Love" to work with amazing couples and capture some truly beautiful wedding days.  One of the best parts of filming in Philadelphia is all of the gorgeous and unique spots that this city has to offer.  We have had the chance to film in several beautiful ballrooms, a green house, and even a museum!  Here are some of our favorite trailers from this season of weddings.  

Gabriela and Mike's Timeless Wedding at the Bellevue
Upon first review of Gabriela and Mike's wedding website and their beautiful engagement photos from Paris, we knew right away their wedding day would be nothing short of elegant.  This adorable couple planned a traditional day and added personal elements throughout their reception at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, located in the heart of the city.  Guests were seated at tables named for the couple's favorite Dave Matthew's Band songs and their card box resembled their adorable pooch!  We loved working with Gabriela and Mike and we were thrilled to hear from them after we shared their trailer!

"We LOVE it! I have watched it five times since we first opened the email and keep picking out new things. Thank you so much for capturing our day and personalities so well, we couldn't be happier with the result! We loved working with your team this past Saturday, they were fantastic!"
-Gabriela and Mike

Madeline and Dan's Fun-filled day at the Horticulture Center
When we first met with these high-school sweethearts, they told us that their wedding day would be a fun one; and boy did they deliver!  From a lively morning with Maddie and her bridesmaids during preparations, to the amazing dance moves at the end of the night, this sweet couple had a great time and made sure everyone around them did too!  Maddie and Dan each wrote to us after they saw the trailer for the first time and both sent such heart-felt notes.

"Literally watched it the second I got home for lunch. Dan and I CANNOT stop smiling! Didn't think it could turn out that amazing!!!"
- Madeline

"I wanted to take a second to echo what Maddie said. I know this is only the trailer but we could not be more thrilled with how it came out. Every shot is gorgeous. I also just wanted to say that the film crew on wedding day was incredible. For the most part, we barely even noticed they were there! 
Thanks again for the great work."
- Daniel

Lyndsey and Vincent's upscale affair at the Rodin Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

When Lyndsey and Vincent first reached out to us about filming their day, we knew this was an event that could not be passed up!  They had decided to host their wedding at not one, but two of the most iconic art establishments in the city and their day was sure to be filled with love, beauty and elegance.  The couple said, "I do!" in the gardens of the Rodin Museum and took photos with their guests in front of an enormous and gorgeous flower wall.  From there, everyone traveled to the Perelman Building and each was greeted by traditional Taiko drummers.  The guests then dined at one long, beautifully laid table that stretched nearly the length of the gallery.  They danced to live music performed by a CinemaCake favorite, JellyRoll!  The night was truly a spectacular one and you can check out all the moments in their Coming Soon Trailer, below.  

We didn't just get to film in Philadelphia this summer!  Check out our collection of trailers from the summer and see some of the beautiful weddings we captured throughout PA, the Jersey shore and Delaware!

Wedding Season is officially upon us and our crews have already had a chance to work with some unique and amazing couples!  We were so thrilled when each of our recent brides personalized their CinemaCakes with a Coming Soon Trailer.  They can’t get enough of the cinematic sneak-peeks, which we deliver within just a few days of their wedding celebration.  Here are a few of our latest trailers!

-Lauren and Ben

On March 25th, Lauren and Ben said "I Do" under a whimsical canopy of pink flowers, before dancing the night away in a beautifully adorned ballroom. We shared their Coming Soon Trailer just a few days later and were thrilled to receive the happy couple's simple response:

"We loveeeeeee it!"

Event Designer and Coordinator: Arrangements Unlimited
Photography/Photo courtesy: Baiada Photography
Venue: Westin Hotel Philadelphia
Entertainment: The Stingers
Music licensed through


-Amber and Sean

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, but Amber and Sean took their spring wedding to a whole other level when they were wed in the Horticulture Center greenhouse in Fairmount Park!  We couldn't wait to share their beautiful trailer with the happy couple and they responded almost instantaneously:

"Jess, Craig, Dave and Sheryl, you all did such an amazing job capturing one of the most incredible days of our lives! Not only was your team fun to work with but it seems like they are an extension of our family. Was so great to share the day with you all and even more touching to see what you all shaped from the raw material captured... Excited to see the rest as it come!

Thanks again!

Amber & Sean"

Event Designer and Coordinator: Uncommon Events
Photography/Photo courtesy: Mary Dougherty
Venue: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
Catering: Starr Events
Entertainment: Elan Artists-Nation
Bride Prep Location: Hotel Monaco Philadelphia


-Christina and James

This couple’s day was nothing short of spectacular!  Christina was stunning in her classic gown and tiara as she walked down the aisle of St. Agatha and St. James church to James.  After the couple exchanged vows, they were joined by over 250 guests at the Union League of Philadelphia for a night of dining and dancing to an incredible band.  Check out the happy couple’s response to their trailer:


I was so excited to see your email. While watching the video I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh this trailer is absolutely amazing"! James and I are speechless. We keep watching it over and over again! Thank you so much for sending this to us. We can't wait to see the full video and relive the bet day of our lives.  


Christina and James 

Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony Venue: St. Agatha and St. James Parish
Reception Venue/Catering: The Union League
Event Coodinator: Gina Sole the Wedding Planner
Floral: Kremp Florist
Live Entertainment: Sid Miller Dance Band 



As we say goodbye and good luck to the current Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, Sheryl and I, with the entire CinemaCake team, decided to reflect back on some of the memories we have by watching a collection of films.  

For over a decade, CinemaCake has been shooting films for Four Seasons clients and for the hotel itself.  The people of Four Seasons Philadelphia have been so pleasant to work with, from the doormen who greet us to the entire catering staff.  It has truly been an inspiring experience for us because rarely do we see the level of service and consistency The Four Seasons has demonstrated over the years.

As the Four Seasons moves into the next phase, we look back through our films to celebrate the events and the people who have touched so many lives.

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Matt Peck, and Danielle Redenbaugh
Editor: Jason Edelstein
Photography: Sarah DiCicco Photography
Venue: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
Catering: Starr Events
Event Coordinator and Decor: Uncommon Events
Entertainment: Right On Band
Bride Preparations Location: Le Méridien Philadelphia 
Music licensed through

Thanks so much to Style Me Pretty for featuring Liz and Greg’s Coming Soon Trailer in their latest post!  This couple’s wedding was a true family affair, filled with many heartfelt moments, and we could not wait to share their trailer with them.  Here was the happy couple’s response:

“Dave and the CinemaCake team,
The trailer is AMAZING!  We love it and are beyond excited for the film to come out.  Thank you so much!!"
-Liz and Greg

You can see several of the beautiful moments in their cinematic sneak peek, below, and you can check out the full post about their wedding day HERE!

Cinematography: Rick Stevens, Noah Stoner, and Tyler Knight
Editor: Rick Stevens
Reception Venue and Catering: Overbrook Golf Club
Ceremony Venue: St. Agnes Catholic Church 
Photography: mk Photo
Florist: Tish Long Flowers
Entertainment: CTO 5th Ave
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Joseph Anthony Spa and Salon
Music licensed by Songfreedom 

Featured on Style Me Pretty: No doubt about it, The Lord Thompson Manor knows how to throw a wedding. Like the kind that has immaculately manicured grounds, elegantly arranged florals and perfectly personalized details – so yeah, basically the BEST kind. But, don’t take our word for it. Browse Tara Lynn Sen’s beautiful shots in the full gallery and Cinemacake’s sweet film!

Since the beginning of May, our team has accomplished some pretty amazing things!  We have filmed a total of 27 weddings and more than half of our couples have ordered and received their Coming Soon Trailers!  Our brides can’t get enough of the cinematic sneak-peeks, which we deliver within just a few days of their wedding celebration.  We can’t fit all of the amazing Coming Soon Trailers into one blog post, so here are just a few of the first films of the season!

Stephanie and Jonathan’s Coming Soon Trailer:

We met Stephanie when we filmed her sister’s wedding last year, and we could’t wait to create a beautiful CinemaCake film for her big day as well!  Stephanie and Jonathan held their wedding at The Reeds, in Stone Harbor, and we delivered their Coming Soon Trailer just a few days later.  Here is Stephanie's response:  "It's amazing!!!! We just watched it 3 times in a row!”

Kristina and Bobby’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Kristina and Bobby celebrated their wedding in May at the Union League of Philadelphia. This day held a special meaning to our team because we had worked closely with this couple on other projects before we arrived to film their wedding. For the past two years, we have created films for the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, which is the non-profit organization Bobby's family created in honor of his sister. We were thrilled to be a part of their wedding day and hear that both Kristina and Bobby loved their Coming Soon Trailer!  

Stefanie and Larry’s Coming Soon Trailer:

When we first met Stefanie and Larry, we knew right away that they had an incredible love story (check out their Love Story film in our post: We also knew their wedding day would be a beautiful celebration as they brought their two families together and we couldn't wait to give them a glimpse of their final film. We shared the Coming Soon Trailer and here was the happy couple's response:  

"This trailer is INCREDIBLE! We absolutely love it!!!! The day and night of the wedding flew by so fast (as we knew it would), and now more than anything we're so excited and thankful that we'll have our CinemaCake films to remind us of everything that happened and to bring us right back to that wonderful day---almost as if we were there again---for so many years to come. Between your amazing work on the Love Story and this trailer, you guys are gonna have your work cut out for you to try to top what you've done so far with the final film.....But don't worry, we have faith in you! 

Thank you!!!

Your friends,

Larry and Stef” 

Caitlin and David’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Caitlin and David celebrated their wedding over Memorial Day Weekend and we sent them their Coming Soon Trailer the following week. They had such a beautiful day and we wanted to make sure we included as many perfect moments as possible, so we were thrilled when we received their response:

"Dave! We LOVE the trailer!! It is perfect!!!


Jennifer and Greg’s Coming Soon Trailer:

Jennifer and Greg celebrated their wedding in May and their day featured a great cast of characters, from Tony the Cat to the University of Delaware's mascot, the famous Blue Hen! Even with all the excitement, this couple really shined on their wedding day and our crew had a great time working with them and the rest of their amazing team! They received their trailer within days of the wedding, and this was their response: 

"Sheryl & Dave, thank you guys so much! we love it. We've been in Hawaii & just got back yesterday- what a pleasant surprise! Sooo well done. Thank you guys so so much! I have to say, I really really enjoyed the videographers, they were a lot of fun to be around, very nice guys. Thanks again guys!” 

Be sure to check back for our next set of Coming Soon Trailers soon!

On the night of Sara and Sean’s wedding, there were many speeches given about the happy couple and the attributes each of them possess.  Kevin, Sean’s little brother and Best Man, talked about everything that Sean had accomplished in school and now in the workplace.  Sara’s family talked about her creativity, her determination and her clear love of fashion and design.  Sara’s eye for style was evident throughout the wedding, from her ornate wedding dress, to the time and energy she put into the look of their reception. 

Sara, who has an extensive background in fashion design, not only picked the decor that was used throughout her day, but she actually designed specific pieces as well!  When we asked the couple what they were most looking forward to, Sara wrote the following:  “We are pretty excited about our decor that we have worked closely with Evantine on. I designed three prints that were printed on fabric that was then sewn into the dinner napkins for the ballroom, as well as into a few throw pillows in the lounge area outside of the ballroom.”  She also created the long skirt that each bridesmaid wore over their sequined gowns, giving the dresses a totally new and elegant look.  Throughout their entire Coming Soon Trailer you can see the effort that this couple put into making their day perfect and uniquely their own. 

Cinematography: Dave Williams, Rick Stevens, and Taylor Duscha of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Joseph Storch of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Reception Venue and Catering: The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia
Floral Design: Evantine Design
Event Coordinator: I Do, Wedding Consulting
Photography: Sarah DiCicco
Ceremony: St. John The Evangelist Philadelphia
Entertainment: Vincent James Band
Hair: The Studio CL
Makeup: Victoria Roggio

We filmed Ashley and Chris’ wedding in September at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Our crew was really looking forward to this event because over the years, we have produced several films for this family, including weddings, commercials for the family business, and a non-profit film for the American Heart Association.  We have worked with the family so much over the years that Ashley even listed “Seeing our long lost family member, Dave Williams!” as something she was looking forward to most on her wedding day!  Check out the Coming Soon Trailer of Ashely and Chris’ beautiful day below:

Before the end of the reception, we were able to get all of our clients together for a photo.  Just look how many of our brides and brides-to-be were there! From left to right, here are 5 CinemaCake Brides and 2 CinemaCake Brides-to-Be in one place! We love working with this family!

Cinematography: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Cinematographers: Dave Williams, Rick Stevens, Joanna Banks Morgan
Editor: Rick Stevens
Venue/Catering: The Grand Sandestine Golf and Beach Resort
Event Planner: Savoir Faire Weddings
Photography: Paul Johnson Photography
Makeup: Paint Me Pretty
Live Entertainment: Bobby and the Aristocats
Music Licensed Through: The Music Bed

Stephanie and Pat were married on July 20th, but they just saw their Coming Soon Trailer this past weekend.  They had no internet access during their honeymoon and had to wait nearly 3 weeks to see their trailer.  It was definitely worth the wait!  Here was the letter we received after they viewed their film:

Hi Jonathan, Dave, and Sheryl,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so sorry for the huge delay! We didn’t have any reception or internet access while we were away on our honeymoon.

Thank you for enabling us to re-live the best day of our lives. God I can’t wait to see the final product!! This made me so utterly happy. I can’t stop smiling. I just watched it 5 times in a row. I especially loved being able to see the reactions of my family and friends and to see so much captured that I didn’t get the chance to see that night. I love it. Pat loves it. And we’ve only shared it with a few people so far, but they are absolutely crazy about it. I’m outrageously eager to see the final product!

I hope you guys had a good time at the wedding! I hope you were able to have some fun and were entertained by some crazy dancing! The whole day exceeded my expectations and my hopes. I was pretty devastated about the ceremony not being outside in the courtyard as I had planned for and dreamed of, but I think it was incredibly special and intimate inside the ballroom. Our florist, lighting, and the Four Seasons did unbelievable job transforming the room - which you certainly captured. And we worked so hard on writing the script so to speak and our vows for our ceremony, and I think it was all worth it. And then to see how they flipped the room for the reception and the massive amount of time we spent picking out table cloths and glassware and centerpieces - it was more stunning than I could have imagined. Oh, and guests adored our Love Story! So many people commented on it.

I’m so thrilled Kathy (The Wedding Factor) introduced us to you. I’m so happy and honored to have worked with you. And I can’t wait for what’s next!!

Thank you so very much,
Stephanie & Pat

The Love Story that Stephanie refers to above is actually the pre-wedding film we produced and shared with all of the guests at the beginning of Stephanie and Pat’s reception.  Hear the amazing story of this couple’s relationship below!

“I may or may not have watched the trailer at least 15 more times 😊 And everyone who has watched it I think has had a similar tendency. My cousin, my grandmother, and one of my coworkers said they’ve watched it a million times. ” - Stephanie

Planning: The Wedding Factor
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
Photography: Susan Stripling Photography
Live Entertainment: EBE LA Starz
Florist: Rhodes Garden
Paper: The Paper Umbrella

Often our clients opt for the Coming Soon Trailer which can be delivered online in less than 48 hours of the event.  It just so happens that this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday’s clients wanted that instant gratification.  Here is a peek at both weddings.

If playback stutters, be sure HD IS OFF in the upper right corner of the player.image

[Mobile Version] Sara and Michael’s Coming Soon Trailer from their One-Layer CinemaCake, edited by Jimmy Shelton

If playback stutters, be sure HD IS OFF in the upper right corner of the player.image

[Mobile Version] Cydney and Matt’s Coming Soon Trailer from their One-Layer CinemaCake, edited by Josh Gold

We have been commissioned to shoot Brad and Kate on September 13th as they marry on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, which is part of the exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Yes, the couple will be in costume.

Meet the lucky couple who entered the contest to win this wedding.  Kate is from Phoenixville, PA and Brad is from Denville, NJ.

Hi, we’re Brad & Kate. We met almost three years ago at a Star Trek convention in Chicago, never suspecting we would meet the love of our lives there. Our relationship continued after returning home, and in March of 2008, Brad proposed to me on stage at a Star Trek convention in New Jersey. We began planning our dream wedding in Las Vegas, on the bridge of the Enterprise D. We hesitated because our father would be unable to travel so far. Our decision was made for us when, in the fall of 2008, the Enterprise-D bridge replica was torn down. Then when Brad’s father passed away earlier this year, it became essential for us to make sure my father would be able to attend our wedding in Pennsylvania. We realized it would be impossible for us to live the dream of getting married on the Enterprise bridge. But when we learned of the opportunity being offered at The Franklin Institute, we were ecstatic. Nothing would make us happier than to be able to pledge our lives to each other in the Star Trek universe, among our family, friends, and fellow Star Trek fans.

George Takei (Star Trek’s ‘Sulu’) really enjoys the choices of cakes presented by Frog Catering. (Photo by Faith West)

At the August 20th cake tasting with George Takei, less than a month before the wedding, film crew - Jordan, Dave, and Josh - take a break on the bridge.