Tyler Knight

Studio Assistant/Editor

In May of 2014, Tyler joined CinemaCake as an intern while he was finishing his Digital Film and Video Production major at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.


When asked about his most memorable experience so far with CinemaCake, Tyler recalls, "In June of 2015 we had a Same Day Edit. Being part of the crew that day was insane, constantly running around to deliver footage to our editor, while still having to be sure not to miss any important moments of the day. The video was a surprise from the mother of the bride, so we had to be sure not to mention anything in front of the couple, as well. It all paid off though when the video played during the reception. The entire party, and most importantly, the couple, were in awe and that made me feel we all had done our jobs well."



Tyler loves skating, Instagram, and cookie dough ice cream.


Steve Rudick

Quality Control

As one of the founding fathers of CinemaCake, no one knows the CinemaCake culture better. Steve has seen and done it all, starting his video career filming paintball players in the hills of Pottstown.


Steve travels the world with his wife, Donna, and brings to CinemaCake a level of experience, maturity, and enthusiasm that keeps everyone inspired and on their toes.  Steve is also the "Mr. Miyagi" or "Green Thumb" of the studio, providing everyone with a regular source of naturally produced oxygen.  


Today, you'll most likely find Steve doing most of the quality control on films before they go out the door.  He puts the final bit of icing on every CinemaCake.


Matt Peck

Cinematographer & Editor

Matt received his Bachelors degree in TV/Film from DeSales University, making him the fourth DeSales graduate CinemaCake has hired. CinemaCake clients LOVE Matt, who takes on some of the most challenging projects. Matt's projects have taken him to many locations, including London,

LasVegas, Disneyworld, and New York City (Matt loves NYC).

Matt takes on jobs that would break most men, like Same Day Edits and grueling shoots, yet no one ever sees him sweat. Matt's favorite type of cake is chocolate with vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter icing.


Jessica Van Natten

Post Production Manager

After receiving her Film Studies degree from The University of Pittsburgh, Jess spent some time freelancing for other studios, including shooting surgeries in a hospital for educational films.  


Obviously not squeemish about anything, Jess now puts on many hats, including shooting, editing, and most importantly, managing all of the post-production at CinemaCake.  Out of the studio, Jess loves travel, tennis, skiing, and craft beers.


Taylor Price

Production Manager

Taylor attended Temple University and graduated with a degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media.  Taylor is not only the voice you hear when you call CinemaCake, but she has produced some of the biggest and most complicated jobs CinemaCake has ever seen, including a job she produced for the Philadelphia Mayor's Office of Sustainability, promoting the use of electric cars.


Taylor mostly keeps the owners and staff on task.  In her spare time, Taylor enjoys spending time with her husband Dan, family, friends, and her cat, Jack.  She also loves reading, going to Zumba classes, trying new craft beers, and seeing any Broadway musical she can get to!

Dave + Sheryl

Dave + Sheryl Williams


Dave has had a camera in his hand since the days of Super8 in the late 70s when he was the family documentarian.  When Dave and his best friend Steve started filming together professionally in 2001, they knew they had something special.  Now, with a full staff and over 1000 shoots under their

belts, CinemaCake is rich with experience and talent, attracting companies and families from around the country and around the world, to tell their stories. Dave is known for always being on the cutting edge of technology and for being the first to explore something new for the betterment of the

industry. He is an educator and an artist, and has inspired many young filmmakers to better their craft. He is as passionate about his work now as he was when he started the business many years ago.  




Sheryl is CinemaCake's "Behind-the-Scenes Wonder Woman". While she supports the team and caters to clients, from sales and lining up the shoots to comments on the final edits, she is the business behind CinemaCake. Sheryl's background in management and customer service (15 years with Enterprise Rent-A-Car) has been invaluable.  The

CinemaCake family wouldn’t be complete without Sheryl and they wouldn’t have it any other way.