You can't spend more than a minute on your Facebook Timeline without encountering a video. The amount of videos being uploaded to the #3 site on the web has grown significantly in the past year, but the most interesting stat from the Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics for 2016 is the major jump seen in video viewing.

Back in 2014, Facebook registered 1 billion video views per day among their users. Then in 2015, the rate of views exploded to 8 billion views per day. Mark Zuckerberg was also recently quoted as saying: 

"In five years, Facebook will be videos"

For business owners, this simply means that if you aren't including video on your Facebook page, you are missing out! CinemaCake has been creating online video content for years now and the viewership has only continued to grow. If you want to fill your Facebook page with stunning and compelling video content, head over to our contact page and find out more!

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In one of our previous blogs, you heard all about our newest product: the SlowMo Cinema Booth.  Since the debut, we have brought the booth out to several events and have received some fantastic feedback.  Check out this great writeup that was recently posted on Philadelphia Wedding Magazine’s site!

Here is the video we created and shared with the audience that night!

NACE Philadelphia members sample the Slow Motion Video Booth SlowMoCinema from CinemaCake Filmmakers on Vimeo.

Don’t Forget, the SlowMo Cinema Booth is a great addition to any holiday event!  Give us a call at 610-989-0158 and find out how you can add some SlowMo fun to your next party, reception or corporate event.  Everything is more fun in Slow Motion!

Special thanks to the Philadelphia/ South Jersey/ Delaware Chapter of NACE, everyone who attended the meeting and especially our fantastic participants: Sarah Morrison (All About Events), Matt Blank (Eventions), Nick Waller (Valley Forge Casino), Christiane Lehman (Truly You Events), Gabriel Fredericks (Philip Gabriel Wedding Photography), Scott Goldoor (Signature DJs, Inc.), Bob Mills (Philly Event Group), Michael Sardanopoli and Steve Parsons (EventQuip), Dave Williams and Brendon Costello (CinemaCake Filmmakers), Vincent James (, Katie Thomas (Howl at the Moon), Leah Berry (Pennsylvania Convention Center), Casey Rose (Cricket Catering), Anne-Marie Constable (, Alexandria LaPointe and Joy Dickerson (Widener University Students)

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There are always times when we wish that we could fast forward; waiting in lines, commercials on TV, or sitting in traffic. While we are still waiting to be able to skip over some boring parts of real life like Adam Sandler could in Click, we have a tool in filmmaking that already does it for video footage. 

Time-lapses can turn days into minutes.  There is a growing demand for these types of films and the fast paced business world is loving fast paced films.  It is an effective and artistic technique used in famous title sequences, like House of Cards, for example.  

One of our most recent corporate time-lapses was for the 250th Celebration of the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine. The event was held on the upper deck of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The time-lapse ran from Sunday to Saturday and caught every moment leading up to and during the event: from the construction, to the meal prep, to the fireworks at the end of the night.  

"It's a lot of work that no one can really appreciate until the film is complete.  From the crew on the ground, to our drone in the air and from our editor to our graphic designer, our team worked hard to pull this vision together for all of the vendors involved.", said Dave Williams, Partner at CinemaCake Filmmakers.

Make sure to check out the time-lapse film below!

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