Having a baby changes everything...

Yes, that's the most obvious, cliche statement ever, but also completely true.  When a woman, who already carries the title of "wife" or "girlfriend" and "employee" or "co-worker", adds the title of "mommy" to her resume, a lot of things change quickly.  A new mom's priorities are completely shifted and she needs to revaluate how her time is spent.  She also needs to deal with the very real fact that when her baby reaches 12 weeks old, or even sooner for some women who cannot afford to take any time off, the mother may need to go back to work and start the constant juggling of work/life balance.  

All of these changes can be daunting, but now working moms don't have to do it alone!  Elyse Lupin, founder of the Elysium Marketing Group, and Sheryl Williams, co-owner of CinemaCake Filmmakers, have teamed up to create the Working Moms Network.  The focus of the Working Moms Network, or WoMo, is to bring the stories of inspiring working mothers in the greater Philadelphia area to women everywhere. 

Though short films shared bi-weekly, we hear first hand from the mothers who have been there and juggled that!  The interviews feature each mom's tips and tricks to work/life balance and gets honest about the struggles they face every day.  Combined with fun "Mom Fail" stories and words of encouragement, these films are designed to inspire and motivate working moms of any age.

The 2016 WoMo Select Participant group is an assembly of amazing women who come from various backgrounds and work in a variety of fields.  The CinemaCake team had the opportunity to interview each of the incredible members, such as Michelle Kichline, Chester County Commissioner, Nicole Cashman, President and CEO of Cashman and Associates, and Jamie Apody, sports anchor and reporter for 6ABC TV.  Check out the full list of participants HERE:

Creating these films has truly been a rewarding experience for the CinemaCake team and we can't wait to begin sharing these incredible stories with you soon!  WoMo just released a sizzle reel, which you can view below, and our first interview is slated to premiere early next month.  Being a working mom is one of the toughest jobs out there, but with the help of the WoMo Network, no one has to do it alone.


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