You can't spend more than a minute on your Facebook Timeline without encountering a video. The amount of videos being uploaded to the #3 site on the web has grown significantly in the past year, but the most interesting stat from the Top 5 Facebook Video Statistics for 2016 is the major jump seen in video viewing.

Back in 2014, Facebook registered 1 billion video views per day among their users. Then in 2015, the rate of views exploded to 8 billion views per day. Mark Zuckerberg was also recently quoted as saying: 

"In five years, Facebook will be videos"

For business owners, this simply means that if you aren't including video on your Facebook page, you are missing out! CinemaCake has been creating online video content for years now and the viewership has only continued to grow. If you want to fill your Facebook page with stunning and compelling video content, head over to our contact page and find out more!

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