The Problem:
For the past decade, the team at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has been working tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research.  They host several events throughout the year and one of the largest events they manage is the annual Lemon Ball.  On Saturday, January 16th, 2016, ALSF was hosting the 10th annual gala and needed to create a recap film of the event.  This film would not only need to capture all of the major moments of the night, but also highlight many of the amazing and generous sponsors.  Finally, the film would need to showcase all of the fun and excitement of the event so that it could be repurposed as a marketing tool for next year's Lemon Ball.  Alex's Lemonade Stand reached out to CinemaCake Filmmakers to see how they could help.  

The Solution:
CinemaCake is well known for the work they have done with non-profit organizations and has created dozens of films that highlight the important work these groups do.  At the gala, CinemaCake had a group of crew members on site capturing the event in a creative, yet inconspicuous manner.  The team filmed guests enjoying the event, interacting with the event sponsors and giving to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  CinemaCake then worked with the ALSF to create a recap film that highlighted amazing moments from the speeches, live auction, and the fun on the dance floor!

The Results:
The recap film of the 10th annual Lemon Ball has already proved to be helpful to the ALSF.  Here is what Sarah Wright, the ALSF Special Events Coordinator, has to say about working with CinemaCake:

"I learned about CinemaCake through word of mouth, they have a wonderful reputation not only in the corporate industry but in the non-profit world. Their team was responsible for capturing the essence of our largest event of the year, The Lemon Ball. The crew members were professional, kind and non-intrusive throughout the entire event. After the recap film was complete, our team was able to make any changes we wanted and the CinemaCake team were extremely responsive. The film truly shows the spirit of the event and has helped us promote for next year. I would absolutely use CinemaCake in the future and plan to do so."

This year's Lemon Ball raised over $927,000 for pediatric cancer research and the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation looks forward to raising even more funds at next year's event.   

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