March 20, 2019 in Coming Soon Trailers

Staci and Jared were married at the Downtown Club on February 23, 2019.

We started the day at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown Philadelphia for preparations, where Staci and her bridesmaids laughed and posed for pictures in their matching flannel shirts. Her bridesmaids wore red and Staci wore white, of course!  Shortly thereafter, Staci was laced up in her bedazzled Converse shoes, ready to see Jared for the first time at the Second Bank of the United States.

Following the ceremony, guests headed to the reception at the Downtown Club. The Downtown Club, as always, did an impeccable job with their hospitality and was lavishly decorated. In addition to the energetic and dancey entertainment provided by Ebe London Bridge, Jared played the violin beautifully during the processional. Cescaphe's rose-covered cake with gold glitter matched Staci and Jared's tastes perfectly and sparkled as bright as Staci's Converse shoes! Beautiful Blooms filled the ceremony and reception with white roses with pink accents that complimented the Downtown Club's space. Sarah DiCicco is always a wonderful photographer and friend to work with that delivers breathtaking images every time to our bride and grooms.  

I’m lucky enough to be making the best decision of my life, in marrying the only woman I’ve ever called home. I promise to choose you each and every day

- Jared

With you I’m the best version of myself, and I’ve learned to compromise, so that together we can be the best we can be.

- Staci

Congratulations, Staci and Jared!

Coming Soon Trailer: CinemaCake Filmmakers
Photographer: Sarah DiCicco
Venue: Downtown Club
Florist: Beautiful Blooms
Caterer: Cescaphe
Entertainment: EBE London Bridge
Music Licensed Through Soundstripe

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