Some of our favorite weddings have more than one CinemaCake bride in the family. On June 1, 2019, Amanda and her husband, Daniel, were married at The Logan Hotel. They popped bottled on balconies, walked down the aisle outdoors and had a beautiful ballroom reception with a confetti drop and a dessert room. Amanda is a sister of four and was the first of her siblings to tie the knot but on July 10, 2021, Victoria became the newlywed.

There are so many reasons we love filming "all the siblings" weddings. For one thing, we love seeing the different wedding decor, styles and locations. And of course, it makes our hearts grow three times the size when we see a family evolve over the years, we love building family relationships as CinemaCake was built on it.

Victoria's wedding is a great example of how two sisters can have such different tastes--which we love! Instead of having a city wedding in a hotel like Amanda, Victoria's day was held at her at her parents' home. Where Amanda's wedding was filled with whites, golds and spring flowers, Victoria's was covered in deep pinks, browns and moody folliage. Victoria and David originally planned on getting married at The Horticulture Center but like many couples this year they had to go a different route. Although changing directions wasn't ideal, in the end they hosted one the most elaborate backyard weddings of all time and Constellation Culinary Group still catered the event, of course.

We can't decide which style wedding we love more but we know we can't wait to see what the future holds for all four sisters!
With that said, here are some of our favorite siblings that had CinemaCake tell their story. Tell us in the comments which weddings are your favorite!

Victoria + Amanda

Casey + Quinn

Mia + Natalie

Lauren + Ali

Alexandra + Kaitlyn

Rianna + Alyssa + Mikayla in September 2022!

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