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Laura Eaton,
Laura Eaton Photography

Dave and his staff are true professionals - and definitely fun to work with! Paul and I are so proud to consider CinemaCake both colleagues and friends.

Carmen Tomassetti,
CTO World Entertainment Productions

Dave, what can I say - the cream rises to the top! You definitely take video to a higher level. CinemaCake's work speaks for itself. Just watch the videos, you will quickly understand and may not be able to pull yourself away!

Debbie Bilstein, Mother of the Bride

We received our Three-Layer CinemaCake. It's just amazing the way you filmed the house, the church, the Cricket Club, the children. . .you just did a fabulous fabulous job. My husband and I highly highly recommend you. Out of all my vendors, you were the best. You actually brought tears to my eyes.


Marketing Director,
Congress Hall Hotel

I strongly believe that his videos provide for a more accurate and comprehensive depiction of the magical mood and incredible setting of a wedding at Congress Hall. If photos speak “a thousand words”, Dave’s video montage is worth “a trillion”!

Dana Smith, Associate Producer,
It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle

Lynn Doyle, myself and the entire staff at "It's Your Call." would like to thank you for your participation in The Ultimate Wedding Series. Your contribution added tremendous value to the production of this project. It was wonderful working with you, both professionally and personally!

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From Jennifer and Greg, married 05.17.14

oh. my. God. All I can say is thank God I'm off for the next 3 days because i will be doing nothing but watching this video on repeat for 72 hours. (i might have to call in sick on thurs & friday bc i'm not sure 72 hours will be enough). Next to marrying Greg, having you guys as my videographers was probably the best decision i've made in life. I've brought my laptop with me in the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup, in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner & even plugged my headphones into my phone at the gym so i could watch it on the treadmill. Everyone i've shown the video to is insanely impressed. I knew you guys were fantastic but the video surpassed my expectations, you're all so great at what you do. And it was really nice having such a fun, easy going film crew around that day. Tony's cameo at the end? Amazing. Thank you all SO much! I would write more but I have to go back to rewatching the video.... 

:: April 19, 2015

From Nikoleta and Matt, married 06.21.14

After watching CinemaCake's videos on their website, we knew we had to hire them. The videographers and editors at CinemaCake are so talented. We had three videographers with us on our wedding day (we had a large wedding) and not only were they super friendly and easy to work with, but you could barely even tell they were there. We received a "Coming Soon Trailer" and "Shortcake" film from them and we could not have been happier with how they turned out. They beautifully told our story and helped us to relive our wedding day. They are so unique in how they tell each couple's story and they really try hard to work with you to make sure they edit your video in a way that feels like "you". We constantly get comments from our friends and family on how much they love our video!

I know that a lot of couples planning a wedding consider not hiring a videographer in an effort to save costs. If you are trying to decide whether or not to hire a videographer for budgetary reasons, I would suggest trying to save money elsewhere because you will regret not having a wedding video. It was some of the best money that we spent!

:: April 19, 2015

From Jennie and Kris, married 06.28.14

I have to be honest and say that originally we had not planned on a videographer. That was until we saw cinemacakes work on their website....  They wedding videos are unique, breathtaking and special.

Working with Dave and Craig was great. I never felt uncomfortable around them, or even like I was being filmed.  My husband, Kris, was impressed with how they were able to spend the entire day with us and go almost unnoticed. They blended in perfectly and were a joy to be around.  They were a fun crew and got along tremendously with my other vendors.  They do these beautiful voice overs, and during the interview my grandmother said that Craig made her feel very comfortable and was extremely encouraging about what she had to say.

For being someone who almost didn't end up with a videographer, I have to say that I am more than anxious to see their creative perspective come to life.

:: April 19, 2015

From Caitlin and Michael, married 09.06.14

Our experience with CinemaCake was beyond excellent. They were professional, flexible, friendly, and I was so impressed with the video they created. It is expensive, but truly worth every penny!! I highly recommend CinemaCake!!!

:: April 16, 2015

From Stephanie and David, married 09.06.14

CinemaCake was the first wedding vendor we enlisted for our big day, and we're elated we chose them. Dave Williams and his entire staff are courteous, professional and talented beyond measure. Simply stated, there aren't any cinematographers in the area that compare to the work they produce. Their attention to detail is impeccable. We know our wedding day wouldn't have been complete without CinemaCake, and we will happily recommend their services to anyone in need!


:: April 16, 2015

From Casey and Michael, married 09.13.14

To the whole CinemaCake Crew! Many many many thanks for capturing our day... We've been waiting in such anticipation to see this and as we are watching it (for the 3rd time tonight), we are just smiling! I thought it would be impossible, in one video, to capture all the fun, love, care between Michael and I — and all our amazing friends and family — on our wedding day. Thank you so much! Love it! — Casey & Mike

:: April 16, 2015

From Leslie Silver, mother of the Bat Mitzvah

Hi Guys, 
I just wanted to say thank you!  Craig, the montage was EXACTLY what I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier with what you created!!!!!!  

Joe, thank you for working magic in a few hours…the reveal was spectacular and Julia was super happy with it!!!!  

Dave, thank you for making it all happen in less than 24 hours during a very busy weekend for you!!!!

I was very happy….so thanks again guys!!!


:: April 16, 2015
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