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Jackie Bayne,
Jackie Bayne Photography

I think that was the best wedding video I have ever seen. I'm serious, now THAT is art, no doubt about it.

Mike Kehr,
mk photography

We simply cannot recommend CinemaCake's team highly enough! Their unobtrusive film making is a wonderful synergy to your other team who is also working to document your big event: your still photographers. The people of CinemaCake are warm, genuine, focused, professional, talented, and experts at what they do. We've seen them go to great lengths to capture special moments and words and put it all together into a gorgeous, tender film that will take your breath away and have you wondering "how did they get that?" because they were absolutely incognito. The day goes by so quickly- it's such a blur; CinemaCake immortalizes it in motion and music for you in a quality, heirloom product that you will love to watch again and again.

Sofia Negron,
Sofia Negron Photography

CinemaCake offers some of the most amazing films I have ever seen. Great to work with, unobtrusive and always works with the photographer to capture the best moments. The films are professionally and creatively edited and the sound is perfect. Very talented!


Laura Bianco,
MY BELLISSIMA Consulting, Coordination & Design

Hi Dave,

Ok, so I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much of a pleasure it was working with you on Gregg and Vanessa's wedding. You and your team of shooters are incredible and can't wait to get the link to the same day edit again..I didn't really get a change to watch it that night because I got pulled away. I did hear it was amazing smile I know this is the beginning of wonderful work relationship and can't wait to work with you again. If you ever need anything from me, please give me a shout!


Have a fabulous week!

David Mielcarek,

Contemporary wedding film making at it's absolute best! I couldn't say enough good things about Dave and his incredible company!

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From Sara and Sean, married 11.09.13

Hi Dave and Sheryl!  (And the rest of the CinemaCake team!)

Thank you so very much!  We absolutely LOVE it!!  You guys are truly talented professionals, and we really appreciate your hard work on our film.  So many great moments were captured, and thanks to you, we got to re-live our day with huge smiles on our faces.  

Our sisters (Julie and Colleen) certainly made the right decision by following our advice and booking CinemaCake for their upcoming weddings!  We look forward to seeing the crew at both of those weddings next year! 

Thanks again, you guys are the best! 

Sara and Sean

:: April 03, 2014

From Kristen and Jim, married 9.28.13

Using CinemaCake to film our wedding was an easy choice.

My brother and sister-in-law used CinemaCake for their wedding video in 2010 and I was beyond impressed. When I got engaged they were top of my list for videographer and was so ecstatic that they were able to do our wedding.

Initial contact was seamless, contract and deposit all done electronically through their website, super easy. Our production manager, Taylor, was a pleasure to work with. We had a preliminary phone interview to go over details about the wedding, voiceovers, and information about my fiancé and me. This preliminary part turned out to be so important because the things we discussed were exactly what was captured in the video.

Every wedding has its own identity and our video displays it perfectly. It really tells the story of our wedding without showing the entire day. The camera crew blended in perfectly to our wedding. They were great at coaching my husband and I through our voiceovers.

We opted for additional posterity chapters of the ceremony and first dance as well as all the raw unedited footage (highly recommend). Seeing the raw footage gave me an even bigger appreciation for how good CinemaCake really is at filmmaking. To film edit an entire wedding and tell the story so beautifully is really a challenge and CinemaCake delivered perfection.

The final product is top quality and very professional. No question a videographer is an added expense, but if you're considering it you should go with the best there is. Being able to relive the biggest day of our lives was absolutely worth the price. Thank you CinemaCake, we couldn't be happier with how our video turned out!

:: March 17, 2014

From Vanessa and Ken, married 02.15.14

We couldn't love this video any more!!! It's fun to look back and see that so many of our wedding guests got in on the silly slow-mo action. It was a HUGE hit. We will treasure this video for many years to come! Thanks again to you and your amazing team!
-Ken & Vanessa

:: February 27, 2014

From Bob Tomasso, Phoenixville Foundry

A master of wedding cinematography, Dave Williams has helped move the wedding video industry to artistic heights. With available same-day edits, gorgeous quality and a great editing style, their product offers couple’s a truly wonderful visual experience from their wedding day. They have lots of experience working here at the Foundry and can capture the couple utilizing the venue’s features to enhance the film.

:: January 02, 2014

From Stephanie and Pat, married 07.20.13

As soon as the email arrived in my inbox, my heart started beating rapidly, and the excitement was too overwhelming not to click the link immediately. I watched it one time through and was so elated, I couldn’t help but forward right away to our parents, my sister, and my best friend Emily, who responded:

  • Best friend: I made it four minutes in before I started crying. Your high five with Vicki made me loose it. Finally made it to the end! Worth every freakin penny! Cried like a baby. Laughed until I cried. Perfection. The outtakes were great.”
  • Sister: “My face hurts from smiling so much while I watched it! I love it!!!!!!!! The "outtakes" at the end are probably the best part”
  • Mother-in-law: “I love this!  I can't stop smiling and laughing! and loving the beauty of this whole day (or many days). So beautiful and full of life just like the bride and groom and all who surrounded them this day......I'm off to watch it again.” She also left me a 3-minute message of just crying and laughing.

But I had to wait seemingly forever until Pat got back from a work trip for him to see it. I don’t think I could possibly convey how utterly thrilled we are with how you captured the best day of our life, but I’ll try. How cleverly and beautifully edited especially. A few of my favorite things:

  • My flowergirls are certainly a highlight of the entire video and rightfully so. The shot of them walking up the aisle is so absurdly adorable. I love the shot from behind of my niece Aubrey catching up. Amazing! And actually had no idea that’s how it happened.
  • I love how you used the b-roll of me and Pat’s father dancing post-somersault as Pat’s reciting his vows about wanting to goof around with me.
  • One of the things that I think sets you guys apart from so many other videographers is your use of audio. Not only did you capture it brilliantly. It’s so crisp. But I love how it’s utilized throughout the video – from our vows, to our niece screeching, to my goddaughters laughing, to the groomsmen's rather ridiculous getting ready conversations (which are so inherently them). I love Pat’s dad saying “keep pedaling, keep moving forward” with the moving shot of the ceremony – gorgeous and poignant.
  • I love the way our first dance was filmed!
  • The last section before the outtakes, 18:30ish, simply feels magical – like something out of a fairy tale. I feel like it’s our own major motion picture, our own Love Actually. The shot of us slow dancing is exquisitely dreamy. I adore the angle and the music as we walk back down the aisle. And I’m in the love with the concluding shot of us outside walking, smiling at each other – what a perfect ending.
  • Everything about the outtakes is phenomenal! I love the music, I love the compilation of hysterical clips, and the ending of his grandfather dancing is just epic.

I look forward to watching it over and over and over and over again. I, we, are absolutely in love with it. Thank you so, so, so, so, so much. And I’ll now end my massively long email. I know when I’ve worked on my own video projects for hours, weeks, and months, simply, "I love it" seems a little insufficient. So I just wanted to let you know just how much I love and appreciate everything you’ve done. I think it’s fair to say that in the sea of wedding decisions I made, you guys were my favorite. I frankly can’t imagine our wedding without you.

Thank you so very, very much,
Stephanie & Pat

:: December 18, 2013

From Bernadette and Casey, married 4.13.13

All the guys at CinemaCake were professional, fun to work with, and captured great videos of our wedding day! They were very accommodating to all my requests of what to include or not include, even after they had already created one finished piece.


CinemaCake Film

Cinematography: Dave Williams and Rick Stevens of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Editor: Gary Hanna of CinemaCake Filmmakers
Event Coordinator: Uncommon Events
Decor and Design: Uncommon Events
Venue and Catering: Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore
Photography: Melissa Tuck Photography
:: November 20, 2013

From Carly and Mark, married 10.05.13

Greetings from Hawaii! Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding trailer - Rick and the entire crew did such an amazing job!! I LOVE this trailer and can't wait to see more! CinemaCake is awesome to work with and truly captured the night.

Thanks again,

:: November 01, 2013
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