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Melissa and Buck, married 4.9.11

The trailer from our Two Layer CinemaCake is AWESOME! You are so good at what you do, and this exceeded my expectations!!! I passed it along to my bridesmaids and my coworkers (many of whom went to the wedding), and they are raving! They can’t believe the level of quality, and I can’t believe the number of memories you fit in.


Dana Smith, Associate Producer,
It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle

Lynn Doyle, myself and the entire staff at "It's Your Call." would like to thank you for your participation in The Ultimate Wedding Series. Your contribution added tremendous value to the production of this project. It was wonderful working with you, both professionally and personally!

Sid Miller Dance Band

Dave Williams is a very creative and talented video/film maker. His attention to detail and his artistic way of filming an event are amazing.

Craig Sumsky,
Cutting Edge Entertainment

Simply amazing. The video you will watch over and over again. Something your grandchildren will cherish... When you have them.

Melissa Paul,
Evantine Design

Okay, it’s official Dave. You rock! The entire office is all a twitter about your clip... from the look to the music, to the great shots... thank you!

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From Ken Lester, Father of the Bride, wedding on 05.31.14

To all at CinemaCake,                                    

Just watched the trailer for about the 10th time. You guys did a wonderful job. Here it is 4 am and I watched it again.  Brings a tear to the eye each time. Thanks for a job well done.

-Ken Lester (FOB)

:: July 03, 2014

From Liz and Greg, married 06.28.14

Dave and the CinemaCake team,

The trailer is AMAZING! We love it and are beyond excited for the film to come out. Please tell Rick a special thank you for having the trailer finished by Tuesday!

Thank you so much!!

-Liz and Greg

:: July 03, 2014

From Jennie and Kris, married 06.28.14

I have to be honest and say that originally we had not planned on a videographer. That was until we saw cinemacakes work on their website.... 

They wedding videos are unique, breathtaking and special. 

Working with Dave and Craig was great. I never felt uncomfortable around them, or even like I was being filmed.  My husband, Kris, was impressed with how they were able to spend the entire day with us and go almost unnoticed. They blended in perfectly and were a joy to be around. 

They were a fun crew and got along tremendously with my other vendors. 

They do these beautiful voice overs, and during the interview my grandmother said that Craig made her feel very comfortable and was extremely encouraging about what she had to say. 

For being someone who almost didn't end up with a videographer, I have to say that I am more than excited to see their creative perspective come to life.

:: July 02, 2014

From Nikoleta and Matt, married 06.21.14

Thank you guys so much for everything. The trailer is amazing! We are in Italy on our honeymoon right now and we were elated when we got the email with our trailer. We are not surprised at how amazing this video turned out, we knew you would do a beautiful job! We can't stop watching it and can't wait to see the full movie! It was so great getting to see these moments from the wedding so soon after, especially since the wedding day felt like such a blur. Thank you again, you guys are awesome! This clip really took us back to our wedding day--emotions and all. 

:: June 26, 2014

From Kristina and Tom, married 06.21.14

Dear Dave and Sheryl,

Tom and I are on our honeymoon and just came in to watch the coming soon trailer. We absolutely love it and started crying immediately. You all captured the day so beautifully and we are truly just in awe. We can't wait for our full wedding video! We are so grateful to you all.

Thank you for being apart of our special day!

-Kristina & Tom

:: June 25, 2014

From Larry and Stefanie, married 05.17.14


This trailer is INCREDIBLE!  We absolutely love it!!!!  The day and night of the wedding flew by so fast (as we knew it would), and now more than anything we're so excited and thankful that we'll have our CinemaCake films to remind us of everything that happened and to bring us right back to that wonderful day---almost as if we were there again---for so many years to come.  Between your amazing work on the Love Story and this trailer, you guys are gonna have your work cut out for you to try to top what you've done so far with the final film.....But don't worry, we have faith in you!   ;-)

Thank you!!!

Your friends,
Larry and Stef

:: May 30, 2014

From Amy Magzu, married 05.19.12

Hi Dave & Sheryl-

I just wanted to drop a line real quick (probably long over due) as we come to our 2 year anniversary!!  

For our wedding, we really could have had our pick of videographers and could have probably had something for free however, the investment we have made in you for our wedding on May 19, 2012 could never be matched!  Still, even now almost two years later, I watch the video as well as raw footage all the time.  It brings me right back to the day and I can feel the warmth, fun, and love all over again because of what you have captured for us.  Thank you for all that you have given us which is a lifetime of memories of a truly amazing day that can never be replaced.

Thank you so much again and hope all is well.

Amy (Tomko) Magazu

:: May 28, 2014
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