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"I enjoy helping my clients preserve their stories for future generations. But I refuse to create something that will just sit on a shelf for posterity. I want everything we do to be entertaining and emotional now and then."

Dave Williams,


"Building relationships with our brides, grooms, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and their families has been exremely rewarding. I think our clients know how much we care and that we realize how important each production is to them."

Sheryl Williams,

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Behind the Scenes

From Prom to Pomme

July 09, 2015

It was once said that if you love someone, let them go, and if they come back thats how you'll know. This was certainly true for Stefanie and Larry, a couple whose wedding we filmed a little over a year ago. Their wedding was recently featured in The Knot Pennsylvania. From their high school prom to their wedding at Pomme, their love story was just as beautiful as their big day, and we caught it all on film in a love story video

This couple were high school sweethearts. Larry, who is one year older than Stefanie, left to attend college. They broke up and parted ways after two years of dating. Twenty four years later they reconnected on LinkedIn over their shared interest in politics. They picked up right where they left off, this time including their children from previous marriages. Stefanie has two children, Josh and Allie. Larry also has two children, Ethan and Halle. All of their kids are around the same age and formed close friendships, easily blending the two families. And the rest is history. (Photo courtesy of Marie Labbancz)

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Pomme, a secluded woodland mansion in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Their wedding drew inspiration from many of the family's vacations (where thankfully, according to their love story video, nobody forgot their boarding passes). The trendy rustic, wine country theme came from their trips to Napa Valley and Sonoma, California and Tuscany. They featured deep colors such as lavender, green, and red... right down to the Vera Wang wedding dress. 

"We wanted it to feel natural and fresh without being overly rustic," Stefanie said. 

The ceremony took place on the lawn, under the chuppah draped with flowers. Both Stefanie and Larry's children walked their parents down the aisle and served as their attendants, completing the theme of celebrating family. The reception was decorated with soft orange lighting, large wooden farm tables, and all the fragrant flowers you can imagine. Stefanie and Larry along with their family and friends ate, laughed, and danced the night away. The perfect ending to a perfect day.  

More of the setting, decorations, and all the other details that brought their dream wedding to life can be seen in their trailer below. 

Drones in Filmmaking

June 09, 2015

It is no secret that we live in an age of rapidly progressing technology. Many industries have been affected by the skyrocketing advancements in electronics, and the filmmaking industry is no exception. While new lenses or editing software is always exciting for us, one of our favorite new high tech tools at CinemaCake are quadcopters, more popularly known as drones. They help get those bird's eye view shots of events and venues. 

The Inquirer recently posted a feature article on the use of drones in this industry. In the article, multiple professionals were interviewed on their opinions of drones including our CinemaCake owner, Dave Williams. In the article, Dave discussed one of our recent projects that incorporated the use of drones; a promo for The Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. The film will promote weddings and other events in Montgomery County. Dave believes it will give the promo a little something extra to encourage engaged couples to choose Montgomery County venues for their weddings. 

"I think that the article was well balanced because it did the most important thing; it promoted professional pilots and safety first. Experienced operators are a must, not only for safety, but for the best shots possible." Dave said. To view the article from The Inquirer click here.   

Below is a still image of a wedding venue where we have filmed and it was taken with a drone. 

We look forward to seeing which kinds of new technology will be released in the future, and how we will be able to utilize them for filmmaking.  

Dave’s Daylight Savings

May 26, 2015

CinemaCake teams always try to capture people in their best light as they get ready in bedrooms, hotel rooms, and bridal suites. One of the most important aspects of filming is finding good light, and sometimes this can be challenging.

After years of filming on corporate sets, Dave has picked up a few tricks of the trade for filming brides, grooms, and family members as they prepare for their big day. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at one of those tricks.  

Most rooms have regular tungsten bulbs in the lamps on nightstands and in other fixtures.  Tungsten lights are much "warmer" or orange, compared to the sunshine (bluer light) that comes through the window while shooting. This means that subjects and objects are in "mixed light", which is not as flattering as evenly colored light in the room.  Dave discovered a quick and inexpensive (less than $10) solution to this problem and still uses this tactic today. 

If there is a chance of a mixed light situation, he makes sure to grab a pack of four 60W Equivalent Daylight CFL bulbs just in case the lighting clashes. These light bulbs can easily replace the tungsten bulbs in a room and match the color temperature of the sun. Instead of the orange lighting from the tungstens, the daylight bulbs provide a cooler or bluer light that helps make a more attractive picture on camera, avoiding the less flattering "mixed light".

"Tungsten bulbs and sunlight don't mix well. The daylight bulbs are powerful tools. Filmmakers can often feel like lighting is something that is out of our control, but it can suddenly be back in your control for a low price and minimal effort", Dave says. 

Dave has been using this tool so long that he has returned to the same rooms years later to discover the daylight bulbs he installed were still there. 

Below is a film where Dave used this technique. 

Disclaimer: Dave recommends getting permission before changing anyone's bulbs. 


Having some Slow-Mo Fun!

April 01, 2015

Everyone had a blast in our SlowMo Cinema Booth at Pierce's Bar Mitzvah! Mazel Tov Pierce!!

Getting ready for our next big shoot!

March 06, 2015

Craig and Angel are getting our crew set for our upcoming shoot at Catersource!

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