Clients' thoughts...


Vanessa and Ken, married 02.15.14

We couldn't love this video any more!!! It's fun to look back and see that so many of our wedding guests got in on the silly slow-mo action. It was a HUGE hit. We will treasure this video for many years to come! Thanks again to you and your amazing team!


Debbi, Tyler’s Mom

I not only got it but my whole family LOVES it.  CinemaCake is the BEST. Please tell Dave and Sheryl how thrilled I am.  Thanks so much!


Carly and Mark, married 10.05.13

Greetings from Hawaii! Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding trailer - Rick and the entire crew did such an amazing job!! I LOVE this trailer and can't wait to see more! CinemaCake is awesome to work with and truly captured the night.

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Bake Your Own CinemaCake

All CinemaCakes are baked à la carte. We have some suggested recipes:


The ShortCake comes with a crew of two.  These artists know what is important to tell your story in a Short Film, delivered digitally.  Also provided is the unedited footage and audio files on a hard drive so you have it for posterity!


Our Two-Layer CinemaCake comes with a cinematographer and an audio engineer.  Your audio engineer doubles as a second cinematographer during important moments like the vows, first dance, and toasts.  The Two-Layer CinemaCake is perfect for a smaller, more intimate setting or a single-location wedding.  


The Three-Layer CinemaCake delivers a three-person team, including a dedicated audio engineer who can cover a third camera during important moments.  Perfect for bigger events that occur over multiple locations.


The Wedding Cake delivers the best CinemaCake has to offer, including a stealthy team of filmmakers for up to 10 hours, a Coming Soon Trailer, a feature film, one additional service, and Blu-ray/digital delivery.


Our Same Day Film comes with a minimum crew of three; two cinematographers and an on-site editor.  The team creates and premiers the film on the same day.  Read more about the recent popularity of Same Day Films.  Same Day Films are also available as an add-on ($2500) to any of the full packages listed above.


Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Films go far beyond coverage of the event.  With CinemaCake, you are stepping into a world of creative freedom from hum-drum videography.  We also offer script-to-screen movies we call Youvies.  A meeting with our writers costs nothing, so call us today to set that up.


Our Slow Mo Cinema Booth brings your guests to life like no photo booth can.  See a sample HERE!

Slow Mo Cinema Booths start at $4000.  Call 610-989-0158 to customize YOUR booth.