Dave Does Dallas September 3rd

Dallas Forth Worth Videographers - Come on down!


September Meeting
September 3, 2009 at 7:00pm Hawthorne Suites
DFW Airport North
5000 Plaza Drive
Irving, TX

Join us for an interactive session with Dave Williams of CinemaCake. In this educational workshop, Dave will demonstrate the strategies and techniques his team employs to produce beautiful, top-end productions that keep the referrals coming in year after year. Attendees will learn techniques for stabilizing cameras and the newest tools being used in social and corporate environments where stealth and mobility is the name of the game. Dave will share his team’s experience with shooting DSLR HD movies as he demonstrates the methods they use to produce a look and feel previously only obtained with tens of thousands of dollars in gear. Dave is a passionate cinematographer and leader in wedding and event productions. His trademark fluid shooting and editing style have helped raise the bar for video production professionals around the world.

Dave has won several international production awards and has been named one of the top 25 videographers by EventDV magazine three years in a row.

Tiffen will donate $599 worth of goodies for this meeting’s raffle!

For more information visit the DFW-PVA Website and RSVP TO CHRISTINE MOORE

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